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  1. Yes, that sounds like a great plan - antibiotic and prazi
  2. You could take off the plastic strip on the back and either set the feeder hanging off the back or slide the top all the way back and hang the feeder off the front (and I mean without using the clamps etc)
  3. This is just stunning Lis! Really really good job
  4. That's really weird. It's not dependent on being disturbed/planted/replanted is it? I've noticed my hydrocotyle tripartita always seems to melt away when I replant it, but then it grows so quickly it's not that great a loss. Nope, haven't touched them I'm hoping they're adjusting to make tank or something and it's going to stop Thank you!
  5. So, it all melted away and has now almost fully come back. It's such a weird unpredictable plant. Fine one day, and then suddenly starts losing leaves. It was pretty much bare stalks at one point, I left it alone and it grew back. I've read about this sort or die off with repens and it seems no one has a very good answer
  6. I think it worked out to 3/4 tsp per gallon for the fine grained salt. And yes, .3% for about a week sounds like a solid plan
  7. Thank you! That's exciting about your 20 gallon! a betta sorority was too much stress for me, but I envy those that make it work!
  8. I know, they're so difficult to photograph especially in a big tank! The corys are very cute, quite shy still though, they don't care for me being near the tank
  9. Please go ahead and add both meds according to the directions and let's check back in tomorrow
  10. Salt generally recommended after a cyst or pimple bursts, it would be ideal, but you're also not an inexperienced fish keeper, and you know what to keep an eye out for
  11. I totally agree that it is a blue oranda. I just think, based on those bronzey patches, that it will eventually go through a color change and if you look closely at the tail tip, you can already see it lightning/fading toward white just like moors with bronze bellies, that color showing through to me suggests a less stable coloration...but you never know!
  12. Just a little update for you guys. I moved some plants around, and added some juli corys Before/after most recent rescape Betta girl, who literally just ate all the Cory food and is about to burst! Cory (there's more than 1) And for fun, betta girl in my 20 gal
  13. Oh gosh, I vaguely remember this coming up before, maybe around a discussion of preventing color change, but no, I can confidently say no one uses UVB lights for a goldfish tank here, and it's not something that's necessary. If you're just looking to maintain the plants you have, I'm sure you could put together something cheap at the hardware store, unfortunately I'm no good with DIY so hopefully someone else will have some guidance for you on that
  14. Clean water as noted already, salt if you like as well and keep an eye on it
  15. Also what's your tap and main tank ph?
  16. Would you do me a favor and get a video of him swimming? You may need to nudge him a bit to get this. You mentioned the floatiness previously so I'd like to his behavior swimming. I'd also like you to get some kanamycin and prazi pro, these might need to be ordered online, but you may want to call around and see if you can get them locally first
  17. No problem, let us know what you're able to get. if you can only find the bifuran we can start with that while we wait for metro to be ordered
  18. Okay, it's difficult for me to see for certain what's going on, but because you're reporting redness in the holes and progressive deepening I would like to go ahead and treat. Please pick up powdered metro (you might be able to find this locally, I'm not sure. The chains usually don't carry it but a local store might, call around) and also bifuran (this you should be able to find locally, most chains carry it)
  19. I'd go for the one that goes up to 4lbs. Adult size aquarium fish might weigh anywhere from 250-500 grams, but you have to take into account that you will be weighing the water they're in as well And since it goes to .1 grams you can use it for both food and fish
  20. I'm so sorry you lost Wilbur :(
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