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  1. we have several members here who are younger! We don't discriminate You guys are the ones we need to support and educate the most so you can spread the word on proper fish keeping!
  2. please keep asking questions! This is how we all learn The vast majority of us found ourselves here because we had been misinformed by pet store employees about goldfish care and had sick fish in overstocked tanks. Everyone here is happy to help You really won't find a nicer forum
  3. I prefer to buy fish online because there are no decent LFS near me. If I had good options locally to get healthy fish, I would probably do that, but I don't so I have ordered my fish from raingarden. Steve at raingarden does QT the fish for a few days to make sure they generally look healthy and are ready to ship, however as others have said you still absolutely need to QT them (and any fish for that matter). QT should be a minimum of 3-4 weeks so that you can really get a good idea of the fish's health and if there is anything you need to treat for prior to introducing them to the main tank, there are issues that can show up over time and a nice long QT period will increase your chances of catching these before you expose the rest of your fish. EDIT: some LFS definitely carry ranchu, it just depends. You can call your local stores and ask, and some may even be willing to order some for you if they don't typically stock them
  4. Okay Can I just say, you guys are the best,giving me all these tips, but I do think 80% water changes is a bit too much, wouldn't that take longer for the water to cycle? The ratio's are wrong Hi there! You have already gotten excellent advice. I just want to back up what Karen has said above, an 80% water change is not too much and is absolutely necessary if you want to keep your fish healthy until you are able to get a larger container for him. I do an 80% change on my fully cycled 40 gallon tank with two fish every 3 days because they are such big waste producers It is a myth that water changes will harm your cycle. The bacteria that make up your cycle live in the filter media, not the water, so changing out the water does not harm them. Additionally, in a tank this small it is unlikely that you will ever be able to cycle it fully because it is just too small and the filtration/water volume is just not adequate for the amount of waste a goldfish produces. Testing the water is absolutely necessary as well. 90% of goldfish issues/illness can be traced back to poor water quality and in a tank this small this is the most likely issue that is resulting in stress for your fish which often shows up as white stringy poo. Granted, there may be other things going on as well, but you need to fix the water quality/tank size issue first, this is the most pressing concern at this point. A large storage tub is a great option until you can upgrade your tank, you may even have one lying around at home
  5. That's terrible! They shipped one of my orders to the wrong address and resent it immediately when I complained
  6. I found this site after losing my first two fish to ich and total ignorance. I learned so much here and am so happy that I now get to help others like so many here helped me when I was starting out and I continue to receive wonderful advice and support from our members here and am learning something new from all of you all the time! I decided to subscribe because I wanted to support the site, but I also really enjoy the social aspect that subies are afforded I have met many people here that I care about and consider friends I would like to thank koko and all those who donate their time here to help myself and others!
  7. I'm so sorry you had to let her go Peter that is a tough thing to do. I look forward to seeing your Tv appearance!! that's exciting
  8. the fluval media does essentially the same thing as the biomax, so you may use whichever you prefer. You actually may even be able to fit both in the filter I usually keep two bags of biomax in my AC70, along with some filter padding in place of the carbon.
  9. yep, it has a long shelf life (several years), so it's good to have around.
  10. it's gorgeous! You are a patient woman to have this tank sitting fishless for so long
  11. oh what a cutie, I am so jealous that you can find that locally! congrats!
  12. very beautiful as always I am loving those chus such cute little faces
  13. very nice! I am so happy to see that miss donna noble is still going strong
  14. brown algae If your tank is new it may go away on its own. Do you have any other plants besides anubias in the tank? If not you could try adding some fast growing plants to suck up excess nutrients (even a pothos would be good), anubias are slow growers and therefore not great at sucking up a lot of nutrients in the tank, which leaves some leftover for algae to grow. But, like Jenny said, easiest way to deal with it is to clean it off at each water change (I also use a toothbrush ). Nerite snails will help with eating up algae. I know for apple snails (pretty much useless in terms of algae) a minimum of 2.5 gallons per snail is recommended, not sure what the recommendation is on nerites though, but I believe they tend to be a bit smaller so you could probably get away with giving them a gallon or two
  15. I don't know how I missed this thread. Congrats on the babies! They look like they are developing nicely
  16. This is exactly what I do as well. I'm so excited I do exactly the same thing The AC filter media is really good, and those marineland bonded filter pads are good to replace where the carbon media would typically go. Congrats on the new tank!
  17. very pretty I'm glad it is working out
  18. congratulations!! A cycled tank is an amazing feeling
  19. wow!! what a gorgeous fish, I love the body formation and the coloration and great growth too! nice work
  20. eek. I'm glad you are keeping an eye on these fishies do you have more media you can share with her? It might be best to give her a little extra and risk a cycle bump in your tank because at least you will be vigilant about water changes etc.
  21. what a gorgeous fish and a wonderful story! I also really like the thread title
  22. ^ I would stick with 2 in the 40 gallon. I think this is really the max for a 40 (for adult fish anyway), speaking from experience. I actually feel it is a bit crowded with my two as they have grown (they are 6-8 inches). I do a water change (80%) every 3 days, which helps to keep the water nice and clear I would try upping your water changing routine (and I assume you have enough filtration?)
  23. thank you for sharing this it really does help. I know I will be relieved after as well, it has been a long long time of worrying about this fish.
  24. Thank you so much for your input I really do appreciate your honest opinion. It has been so hard for me to decide what to do, I am super attached to this fish and it just breaks my heart to think of euthing him, but it also breaks my heart to watch him. I know the right thing to do is euth I got out the clove oil on sunday, but just couldn't bring myself to actually do it But your advice helps.... I know I have to just suck it up and do it, he really has no quality of life laying on his side all day
  25. Oops! One more thing With two goldfish, the dojo loaches, and pleco in a 20 gallon you are quite overstocked (don't worry, most of us found ourselves here overstocked ). For the two goldfish alone you will need 30-40 gallons, the dojo loaches need an additional 10 gallons, and the pleco will add to the gallonage more. May I ask what kind of pleco it is? You'll want to begin thinking about upgrading your tank at some point and in the meantime the storage tub is a great way to lighten the load in your 20 gallon a bit
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