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  1. lovely fishies!! And it looks like they had a nice feast of green beans
  2. feel their bellies back toward the vent gently (near the anal fins). Let us know how it feels (firm, soft etc.)
  3. hehe I come for one issue and get answers to ALL my issues cool I've had a problem with PH drops, probably when i was trying to find a good ratio of tap water to mix. Tried 'Tetra Correct PH', which worked but would continue to drop down over time. I've since added some seashells hoping it would act as a natural buffer (was trying to find some crushed coral), 1) because the ph products seemed like they were going to start getting expensive and 2) I read that scaless fish like loaches don't handle many chemicals too well (not sure if it applied to the ph stuff). Even so, something I'll need to get sorted out soon Aquatic plants are a great suggestion, I haven't jumped into that world yet.... but if it helps with nitrate then it's probably a good time to get some! I'll check out the Pothos, any other good nitrate reducing plants out there? uh oh, I knew someone would mention I was overstocked! the pleco I have is a common albino pleco....my jaw dropped to the floor when I brought him home and found out how big he would get. duly noted, I will probably pick up a secondary tank in the future I'll make sure to do this, thanks! I also like anubias, they are a great beginner plant, but not the best choice for nitrate reduction specifically. Thinking about nitrate reduction I would choose fast growing plants, things like pennywort, water sprite, water wisteria, anacharis, these plants can all be floated (or planted if you prefer) and will be better at sopping up nitrates than slower growing plants like anubias. But I think the pothos will get you the most bang for your buck The common pleco unfortunately needs to go I would either grab him a separate tank or rehome him. Commons are known to suck the goldfish slimecoat at night when the goldies are resting and you are not around to see. This can lead to injury and death. For a somewhat graphic depiction of just what can happen check this link http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/95615-samwise-sucked-on-by-a-plecoblood-in-poop/ Goldfish compatible plecos include rubbernose and bristlenose plecos. These ones tend to be smaller and less aggressive than commons. You could start a great tropical tank with the pleco! (see, this is just a good excuse to get another tank! )
  4. I like to do a week of .3% salt prior to the prazi treatment outlined above (you can raise salt slowly .1% every 12 hours until you get to .3%, .1% = 1 tsp per gallon). Then, drop it down to .1% when you start prazi. Whenever you do a water change remember to add back in the amount of salt you took out (for example, if you have a 20 gallon with 60 tsp of salt and you do a 50% water change, you'll want to add back in 30 tsp of salt etc.)
  5. I always rinse mine in tank water once a month
  6. I have a 25 watt on a 40 gallon and still have brown algae!
  7. that's great!! Algae that is any color than green is a PITA!
  8. check out your local petco! Some appear to be having their dollar per gallon sale right now so you could get a 20/30 gallon for cheap. If you cannot fit the tank in your dorm right now, is there a family member or friend that could take the fish for awhile that would have room for an appropriate sized tank?
  9. gotcha, no problem. No, QT does not need to be set up all the time. I personally keep an extra bag of biomax in my main filter just in case I need to set up my QT, then I just grab this bag and put it in the QT filter (along with a new sponge for the QT filter) and I'm good to go (always throw away or sterilize QT media, don't put it back in the main filter). Your fish can be QT'd in the 29 gallon, but it is up to you. You may find it easiest to QT it in the 10 gallon if you only plan to get one fish to start because the frequent water changes you need to do during QT will be quicker in the 10 gallon. If you choose to use the 10 gallon as a QT, just grab some of your cycled media from the 29 gallon, and make sure you 'feed' the 29 gallon ammonia during the QT process to keep the cycle going in that tank. If you are getting two goldfish at the same time, then I would personally plan to use the 29 gallon and not the 10 to QT them, depending on how big they are. If they are little you could use the 10 gallon as long as you kept up frequent water changes. Some medications can definitely kill your cycle and this is a good thing to always check out before adding anything to your tank. However, the typical QT process that we recommend here will not negatively impact your cycle or plants. We generally recommend one week of .3% salt, followed by 4-6 rounds of prazipro (you can buy this on amazon) and .1% salt to treat for flukes, with a total of about a month of QT at minimum. When you get your fish let us know and we can walk you through the QT process in more detail
  10. What type of filter do you currently have running on the 29 gallon?
  11. I am a little confused why you need the QT set up? Are you planning to have fish in the QT right away? EDIT: I assume you are doing a fishless cycle in the 29? (or do you have fish currently?) Because you don't have any fish yet, your first fish can be QT'd in the 29 gallon tank together. Then, if one of the fish gets sick, you would use the 10 gallon to QT them outside of the main tank. The vast majority of people do not keep their QT up and running, but instead keep a little extra filter media in the main filter and whenever you need to setup your QT, you can grab the extra sponge or extra bag of ceramic media you put in your cycled filter. This will give you a pretty much instant cycle for your QT.
  12. Just catching up on this thread and wanted to stop in. You guys are doing an amazing job with this little one I know frustrating these chronic issues can be I really hope the MMs get to the root of the issue!
  13. I'm not sure I understand. Is it possible to get a video? (or maybe a pic)
  14. most pet stores carry aquarium specific ones that come with a suction cup attached so you can suction it to the glass. They are often called seaweed clips http://www.petco.com/product/13112/Ocean-Nutrition-Feeding-Frenzy-Seaweed-Clips.aspx
  15. I would be wary of the buygoldfishonline site as well, primarily because you are not buying the fish pictured, so you ultimately really have no idea what you are getting. Here's a discussion about the site: http://www.kokosgold...nline-new-site/ Alex was referring to the goldfishconnection site, which is quite trusted. The buygoldfishonline site is not one that (to my knowledge) is well known, and well, you often get what you pay for. I think you would be better off getting a fish from your LFS where you can actually see what you are getting or a site like rain garden or goldfishconnection that shows you the actual fish you are purchasing. EDIT: if you wanted to buy from them, I would go through the ebay site as opposed to the website. Through ebay you can actually see the exact fish you are purchasing. Shawn ordered from them awhile ago... hopefully she will see this and fill you in some more on her thoughts http://myworld.ebay.com/buygoldfish/?_trksid=p4340.l2559
  16. gorgeous!! Congrats!! I have one additional suggestion Grab some filter extension tubes for the AC's, you're going to want them to reach down toward the tank floor more than they are now so that they can do a better job gathering waste. This is the main reason I am not a fan of the AC50's for a 30 gallon, the tubes are just too short. But you can get extensions online (my LFS even carries them)
  17. How come I've never heard of this? wow but I think I need to upgrade asap 'cause my fish can't handle the 10 gallon anymore. you might want to check your petco right now, mine is for some reason having the sale again right now (but they may just be doing this because of overstock, I don't know, worth checking out though)
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