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  1. I do a 2 week QT with snails. Put them in a separate container (I use those critter keepers with a top) and do a water change daily. What you are basically doing if flushing any contaminated water they might be holding in their shells. And like shawn said, if you are looking for algae eating, get nerites, not apples Apple snails are really fun, but not great at eating algae.
  2. I actually think that looks like an albino bristlenose pleco, I would get at least one other confirmation though because I am certainly not a master pleco identifier If someone doesn't comment in this thread to confirm you can start a separate thread in the tropicals or compatible fish section of the forum just asking others to identify the type for you I think you're okay though.
  3. thanks shawn thank you! He seems healthy so far thank you! I have a lot of feeding to do he's such a little guy! Thank you! I am curious to see what he will look like when he begins to fill out some thank you! I'm not sure, my bf usually names the fish thank you I hope they get chubbier!
  4. I'm so sorry he's not doing well. He's pretty bad off you are doing absolutely everything you can right now
  5. fish, especially young ones, are often mislabeled at pet stores You might have an oranda on your hands!
  6. My new fish came today! (from raingarden) He is so teeny compared to Edie! I will probably keep him in QT for a couple months to fatten him up some. As much as I love the look of a deep bodied fish, I purposely chose a long bodied one in order to lessen the chances of SBD.... having dealt with a floaty fish for the past year I want to do everything in my power to avoid having another one! I couldn't get many pics because he is very skittish and began darting around when I turned on the light, so I'll have to do a more formal intro in a few weeks once he is settled (and once I have a name!) I was really impressed by the water params. Ammonia was about .25, and Ph was about 6.6-6.8 (which means there was essentially no toxic ammonia in the bag)
  7. yes, I need a shirt that lifts and separates!
  8. Thanks. He seems much better now, (no more stringy poo all over the tank and sitting on the floor of the tank on and off like he had a belly ache). How is the duration decided? Should I post to my d&d thread after the two weeks is up to get advice on discontinuation? yes, post an update in your thread around 2 week mark so we can assess the situation and decide whether to continue or stop One possible situation in which you might feed a full 30 day course is if the fish just began to recover at 2 weeks, then continuing would make sense, but it's all case by case. Most fish don't need more than 2 weeks on meds
  9. this made me giggle between "eggy weggs" and "BAM! now you have new disgusting friends" lol. No one thinks your tank is dirty! These things happen. Fish tanks are by nature damp environments that provide the perfect habitat for all sorts of icky things no matter how meticulous we are. It's just the name of the game!
  10. progold is basically like MMs without the medication, but like has already been said, it is the meds that alleviates the floatiness, not the food. But it might be worth it to try pro gold if you haven't already It's a good food.
  11. Ok, I'm off topic here, but I really want a koko's bumper sticker. I want to show off my goldfish crazyness. AHAHA There is only 3 of them left... Oh yes I used to make them what!? these exist!? I want one! We should make more koko!!
  12. If you are using a buffer I really don't think this has anything to do with soft water. I also have very soft water (that I buffer) and have had no issues with my anubias (some I have had over a year). There may be something else in your water though that is lacking for the plants, some nutrient that they need. Or perhaps it is just ammonia exposure (although I'll say I also cycled with anubias and they did fine). I remember Mandie (pandamanda111) also had a lot of trouble with her anubias, not sure that we every figured that out though. How did they look when you got them? Any brown spots? If it's just the end part of the rhizome that is rotting, I might try trimming this off and any roots etc. that might be rotting.
  13. lol. I thought that but didn't want to actually say it
  14. yeah, they unfortunately look like maggots to me as well (having had an unfortunate experience with these once not in the tank though). Yuck, that sucks. I would just give the lid a really good cleaning, maybe use some bleach, and check out the rest of the tank/filters I doubt they will be in the filters, but it's a good idea to check
  15. With canisters you can arguably get by with a little less filtration just because they hold so much more media than a typical HOB. The range 5-8x gph has been thrown out as a suggestion for canister filtration here before. But we also know that canisters do not actually run the claimed amount of gph once they are full of media etc. So, for me personally I would aim for closer to 8x. You are right between 7-8x gph, and also not overstocked (perfectly stocked IMHO), so I would say you're okay as long as you keep up on regular water changes and keep an eye on the params That said, extra filtration never hurts!
  16. Welcome to the forum!! Im glad you found my videos helpful You've already gotten excellent advice I've got nothing to add.
  17. I'm so sorry you lost her its terrible when it's so sudden like that
  18. ok i will im glad to hear my ph is fine I'll get a ten gallon QT tank ASAP! check out your local petco, they are having a dollar per gallon sale right now most places
  19. You can certainly keep the Rid all if you like, just to have on hand... the main ingredient is acriflavine I believe, which is used occasionally, but it is pretty rare that this would be recommended. If you would like to get some good meds to keep on hand order metromeds and medigold from http://www.goldfishconnection.com/shop/listing.php?parentId=5 These are more frequently used (metromeds more so than medigold, but they are good to have on hand since they need to be ordered and there is nothing worse than waiting for meds to ship when your fish is sick). And of course you should always have salt on hand. If one of your fish ever becomes ill and needs to be QT'd please post here and we can help you problem solve and figure out what the best treatment is. It's best not to jump to medications right away as many issues can be solved without medications or even with just salt
  20. There wouldn't be any parasites in the tank. But just in case 'something' comes with the fish or to prevent disease breakout. definitely treat the fish with prazi and salt, but there is no need to treat the tank before you get the fish Maybe I am just confused in the wording
  21. why would there be parasites in the water though if there hadn't been fish in the tank?
  22. I personally would leave out the cucumbers. The pumpkin is for beta carotene which can enhance color. You might add some leafy greens like spinach or kale to it instead of the cucumber You also don't have a protein source (fish) in this recipe, so you'll need to feed primarily pellets still, and give this gel food as an additional snack. As far as measurements it is honestly kind of hard to say. A gel food recipe takes some trial and error to figure out usually in terms of getting the exact measurements down. Hopefully someone else might be able to give you more direction of that though. Have you checked out any of the already made up gel food recipes on the site (we have lots!) that way the measurements are already there for you and someone else has already done the trial and error And then you can always modify a recipe a little to your own liking. Here are some links: (in the recipes containing agar agar, gelatin can be substituted) http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/97760-share-your-gel-food-recipes-for-floaters/ http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/92654-a-simple-gel-food-recipe-for-beginners/ http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/page/index.html/_/goldfish-food/gel-food-r250 http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/page/index.html/_/goldfish-food/gel-food-for-beginners-r255
  23. Some are certainly more sensitive, but if you're just getting anubias they will be fine. They are very hardy plants
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