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  1. Ok, thanks:) Also, i know i already asked this but how exactly do i do the salt thing? No prazi. Just salt please. My API salt says "Add 1 rounded TABLEspoon for every 5 gallons or 1/2 rounded teaspoon per gallon" How often should i do this? And since my QT tank is instanly cycled, how often do i have to do water changes? Sorry if i already asked this i just want to confirm:) It is 1 teaspoon of salt per gallon. Those instructions only gives you about 6 teaspoons in your 10 gallon, which isn't really enough for the fish. It would be easier to add just 3 tablespoons. Of course, API salt might be different than mortons canning salt but I don't think so. You will want to put back however much salt you took out. So a 50% change would need 4.5-5 teaspoons of salt. But to cycle your QT you are going to want to run the QT with the seeded media for about 2 weeks to cycle, and until it's cycled you won't need to put salt (; I don't know how much water you will have to change because my QT isn't cycled so someone else can answer that for you (: thanks:) the API salt is very large and not like table salt.... but isnt it an instant cycle if i added the gravel and filter from my main tank?? Seed your Qt filter with cycled media from the main tank. Then test the water daily for at least the first week and do water changes as necessary (the more the better in QT). I personally find that I get a pretty much instant cycle with a seeded QT filter, but I also have a stable established cycle and I keep lots of extra media that I can move over. Each system is a little different so it's just a good idea to keep a close eye on your QT water quality also, skip the gravel. It's a good idea to leave a QT bare.
  2. It's always a good idea to rinse new biomax because of this... Not a big deal though Yes, you need to add more ammonia. You want the ammonia to read 4 ppm at the beginning stage of your cycle.
  3. I love my Eheim Ecco pro (2236). It is incredibly quiet (sometimes I have to lean down close to it to make sure it's on) and I haven't had any issues with it in the past year. The only issue is cleaning can be a pain when you are first getting to know the canister... I ended up with water on my floor more than once early on, but it is a breeze now
  4. Seachem Stability is another one that some have had success with recently http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/102841-help-sick-fish/page__fromsearch__1
  5. it won't hurt your cycle At best it will help and at worst it won't do anything. I say go for it if you have the extra money
  6. were you able to get your kh tested? Did you order the prazipro?
  7. Yep. 9 tbsp not 10 tbsp because we assume that no tank actually holds the amount of water it claims to. We assume yours holds 9 gallons, not 10 EDIT: if you need more salt grab some from the grocery store, it's cheaper than aquarium salt! Just make sure there are no additives/anti-caking agents. Morton's canning and pickling salt is a good one that's widely available
  8. I know right!? I was so impressed by the water quality. Steve does good work
  9. sounds like it must be something in the floss... which should in theory be harmless since the stuff is made for aquariums. What kind are you using out of curiosity?
  10. hmmm... I'm no good at DIY stuff. I would personally probably return it and get one that fit the tank. Drs Foster and Smith actually have good customer service in my experience and may be willing to refund you even though you cut into the plastic if you explain the situation
  11. okay, I ask about the buffer because that might explain the sediment. Your tank is relatively new, so it is possible you are just having a bacterial bloom, which should dissipate on it's own within a week or so. The only thing that I'm a little confused about is the sediment on the bottom. I wonder if there was something in the filter floss? Did you rinse it before putting it in? What I would do is a big water change (suction out any sediment from the bottom) and clean your filters. I know it's a little scary, but it's a good idea to give the media a rinse in tank water on about a monthly basis once your tank is cycled. Just keep a close eye on your params after doing this to make sure you don't have a cycle bump (I think you'll be fine, but just in case).
  12. I just want to add to this to also keep nitrates below 20 ppm... these are going to start to rise What size is the tank? (sorry if I missed this above)
  13. bacterial cysts can potentially be a red flag for bacterial issues in the tank. Do you have anything like gravel (edit: how deep?), hollow ornaments, driftwood. What's your filter cleaning schedule like? It is not really contagious until it pops, at which point bacteria/pus will ooze into the water. This is why QT along with frequent water changes is important.
  14. are you using a buffer by chance? When's the last time you cleaned the filters? How long has the tank been running? What kind of filtration/tank size? Sorry for all the questions
  15. Yes. Always always QT no matter where the fish comes from. It's one of those better safe than sorry situations. It saves you potential headache and also provides your fish some time to settle in and acclimate. No breeder can guarantee their fish is disease/parasite free... even a careful breeder like Steve at RG who checks for flukes etc. before shipping out fish cannot guarantee this because things can be missed with a microscope.
  16. thank you sakura! I am hoping for some fry! I am also curious to see what his color change will turn out as... I think he may end up white thanks fang! thank you Thank you He seems like a pretty steady/strong swimmer so far... fingers crossed. thank you thanks narny She better be excited! I got her a mail order husband! thank you!
  17. Wait I am confused I thought 3teaspoons = 1 tablespoon so wouldn't it be 3 tablespoons for .1% oh my yes.... you are absolutely right math was never my strong subject lol... I'm going to go ahead and edit that
  18. Hi there, I am going to merge this with your previous thread. Please continue to post in that thread when you need to update us, it is difficult to keep track when there are too many threads going on and info can get lost in the mix this way which can lead to us making decisions without having all the information If you post in an ongoing thread we will see it If your fish is still active and eating I would not worry too much. I think it is important to get the prazi as soon as you are able though. Do you have any idea when you'll be able to order it?
  19. the 1 tbsp per 5 gallons is what the aquarium salt box recommends. What you want is 1 tsp per gallon, which as Karen noted would be 3 tbsp total for your 10 gallon to get to .1% Hope that cyst goes away quickly!
  20. they are adorable I love how they all line up like that (I think you have posted other pics of them in that same pose before)
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