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  1. I do too I hope it stays this way I can say that Edie's color has been really stable over the past year and a half, besides loosing a tiny bit of red in her wen in places Hehe she does look like she's wearing a red bonnet! Your new fish encouraged me to finally place the order, after the perfect water parameters and such, I'm a little hesitant to have a fish shipped. I have been going back and forth for a few days now. I don't mind the yellow so if the red disappears a bit that's fine with me Steve does a great job with his fish my other two came safe and sound from him too. Now, you're in for a long week of waiting
  2. I ordered mine on ebay because I only wanted a small quantity and couldn't find a small amount anywhere else http://www.ebay.com/itm/POTASSIUM-PERMANGANATE-99-1-Lb-Lab-koi-pond-Chemical-/190723260250?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c67fdff5a. But if you want to look locally check your local hardware store/sears (I think it's used in water heaters?) http://www.sears.com/pro-products-pro-products-kf02n-pot-perm-potassium/p-SPM6256483203P?pageInd=product&PRODUCT_TITLE_BRAND=pro-products-pro-products-kf02n-pot-perm-potassium&currentProductTitle=pro-products-pro-products-kf02n-pot-perm-potassium&prdNo=3&isSEOCanonURL=true&catgroupId=SPM6256483203P&catalogId=12605&blockType=G3&storeId=10153&partNumber=SPM6256483203P&blockNo=3&i_cntr=1348348298653 To disinfect you can either eyeball it or weigh it out out. To eye ball it, put in enough for the water to turn purple, to weigh it you need 4 mg per liter of water (4ppm). Then soak the plants. I am personally still a little confused on the true recommended soaking time... I have seen recommendations ranging from 30 min to 3 hours. I personally do only 30 min. Once you're done soaking you can add water conditioner to the solution, which will detoxify the PP in the same way it does bleach, then rinse the plants well. Be careful not to get it on your skin or on clothing it will stain, and always keep away from your eyes as with any chemical.
  3. hehe she is so cute. I looked at her when I was picking out my new guy recently. She looks like she is wearing a little red bonnet Congrats! I do too I hope it stays this way I can say that Edie's color has been really stable over the past year and a half, besides loosing a tiny bit of red in her wen in places
  4. Thanks! Her name origin is actually a fun story. Remember when a few years ago Wendy's came out with the Spicy Chicken Nuggets? We had just bought some before we went into Petsmart, and her color reminded me of these spicy seasoned things, so I decided to name her Spicey that is a good story. She's a spicy fish nugget
  5. it's so funny, I never even notice the smell of Prime unless I stick my nose down in the bottle. I actually didn't even know it had a smell until I saw all of you complaining about it on this forum! I must have a terrible sense of smell!
  6. Her color really is beautiful and her name is fitting her color reminds me of cumin or some other spice. You've done a great job growing her
  7. tithra


    I try not to go to that aisle in walmart. Last time I did the bettas had barely any water left in their cups because it had all evaporated from sitting there that long so sad.
  8. very nice!! I hope we'll get some tank pics once you figure out where they are all going
  9. Thank you Jess should i use a strainer? sure, you can do that
  10. rinse the tuna first though, this will get rid of some of that sodium
  11. Could you maybe move the gravel to one side to clear out a bare bottom space for him to lay? If it were me personally I would go ahead and just remove all the gravel at once, then just keep a really close eye on your params and do extra water changes as necessary if you get a cycle bump from removing the gravel. Typically you want to remove it slowly, but because you have a fish that has no choice but to lay on it I would get rid of it asap. The redness in the fin may be due in part to the gravel, but unfortunately because he is laying to one side this is likely going to be an ongoing issue. Sores and fin rot are not atypical in sinkers because they are sitting on the bottom of the tank, having their slime coat rubbed off, fins/body irritated, and being exposed to all the bacteria that is inevitably in a tank. It is a lot easier when a fish sinks on their belly, when they sink to one side I found from experience that it is trickier to keep them healthy and provide them with quality of life I recently had to euthanize my fish Puff because he had begun to lay on one side and was within a week showing signs of fin rot and irritation on his face. He was also unable to eat without me holding him upright, your fish at least seems better off in that regard, and the fact that he is able to pull himself up off the tank floor even for a short time is a good thing People have also made slings for sinkers to help them be upright at least some of the time, but this is unfortunately not a long term solution because they cannot be in the sling all the time and the sling itself comes with it's own issues, such as further irritating the body/fins of the fish. But there are several threads on this around the forum if you are interested. Sorry this has happened to your beautiful fishy
  12. Seachem Prime! (amquel plus is basically the alternative to seachem prime... those two water conditioners are the best, prime is more popular though) Here's a recent review of Prime http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/98662-review-of-prime-by-seachem/
  13. thanks molly! I know his eyes are so big I am hoping it isn't a sign of stunting and he just hasn't grown into them yet I can't wait to see what he looks like in a couple months when I begin feeding him lol. sorry! In a couple weeks I will do a more thorough intro. He's super skittish right now and did not like me being near the tank pointing a camera his way
  14. Thanks here's a video on changing your profile (you have to have 25 posts first though) http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/100274-using-gravatar-to-make-an-avatar/ thank you I was wondering the same thing but didn't really know where to ask! http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/100274-using-gravatar-to-make-an-avatar/ thanks! lol. more photos once he isn't so tweaky These RG fish are so skittish. If I look at him wrong he begins to dart and has already lost a couple scales doing this. RG fish definitely aren't show quality, but I would rather know that they are well cared for than to have a perfect looking fish And my LFS options here in VT are not good.
  15. thank you! I am excited for him to settle in so I can start stuffing him full of food thanks cindy thank you thank you alex, yes he will definitely be spoiled thank you! eek, well I figure my chances are at least lower! I don't want another floaty fish
  16. the ph is low because of shipping exactly. that is not my tank Ph, it is the shipping water Ph, and a lower Ph is not a bad thing when shipping since it means the ammonia that builds up will be less toxic to the fish.
  17. I try, they love peas so they get those every time I feed them. They also like zucchini and I just picked up another one this week. They can't seem to eat beans, they spit them out. I worry I may feed too many greens and they will be lacking the protein they need in their diet. Have you tried leafy greens like Kale? Peas can still cause floatiness and really aren't good for the fish other than to clean them out. I also feed nori (seaweed) on occasion as a treat and they love that. You can buy it plain and dehydrated at any asian market and then you just rehydrate it and feed it to them! I will try and find the seaweed. How do you prepare the Kale? Just boil the kale (either stove top or microwave) to soften in, then put it on a veggie clip in the tank
  18. She looks like a fantail She's very pretty.
  19. I don't bother with them either, way too difficult and the extra oxygen exchange you get by leaving them off is good IMO
  20. crypts are great, along with anubias and java fern. Vallisinaria (Val) and swords are also good possible choices Plants are a lot of trial and error.
  21. Thea I'm so sorry you're going through all this right now, it's a lot to deal with. We're always here to listen and support even if you just need to talk it out. I know how hard it is to lose an animal you love. Hang in there.
  22. I keep an extra bag of ceramic media in my main filter just for QT purposes. When I set up my QT filter I just grab that bag out of the main filter and replace it with a new bag. At the end of QT I throw the QT media away.
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