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  1. I have the smaller size, and I disagree. It's not easier to clean this tank, but it's not really much harder either. It might be for a short person. And I never saw signs that the fish were oxygen deprived. There are openings on the top. You have to be careful when cleaning and you can't have huge ornaments. Those are the downsides to acrylic. I'm not saying the fish would be oxygen deprived. I personally just prefer to keep my tanks more open on the top than this tank would allow for to allow for better gas exchange.
  2. Yeah, I was looking at Rain Garden, and they didn't seem to have any. I'm not really sure if Buygoldfishonline has an ebay store... they do have an ebay store, if you choose to buy from them I would get them there because you can see the actual fish you are buying. On the site you are just ordering that type of fish, you do not get to see what you are actually buying which is not a good idea. A couple people have ordered from them. There has been at least one bad experience where the fish came headstanding (possibly from internal parasites) and the seller refused to do anything. Others had okay experiences. Have you asked if you LFS would special order some for you?
  3. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/89533-buy-goldfish-online-new-site/
  4. haha yeah, he really did not want to be touched. He was not happy about the weigh in either!
  5. Ohgosh, that would be amazing! ;A; I would definitely need the 50 foot one. ahaha xD ohgosh. But at least you're paying it off! that is what really matters. alright! PM me your address and I will order it asap... I will also send you some Edie pics (and again, please take your time, you must have quite the list now, I am in no hurry )
  6. check out http://www.plantedaquariumscentral.com/ Many here have ordered from them. I buy almost exclusively from them (because I can't get much locally), the plants always come in good condition and are a good size
  7. I agree with what everyone has said. Assuming you are not planning to add more fish, that tank will be fine. But I also agree with courtney in terms of the configuration of that particular tank. The limited top opening may make it difficult to clean, and will also limit oxygen exchange more than a more open top tank.
  8. sorry for not seeing your earlier comment sooner! I'm glad you and your daughter enjoyed my videos I am trying to get better about posting them more regularly. And thank you so much for your condolences
  9. Hi all! With the new addition I wanted to begin tracking his growth and also update on Edie's growth which I haven't done in a few months. I am really happy with Edie's growth And I can't wait to begin fattening up my little tiny skinny guy! First Edie: Length (body only): (not much growth in body length, although I think there may be some tail growth ) 2/26/12 - 3.4 inches 9/25/12 - 3.6 inches Weight: 2/2/12: 95 g 2/26/12: 103 g 4/14/12: 111 g 6/1/12: 115 g 9/25/12: 136 g 2/26/12 9/25/12 2/26/12 9/25/12 And now for our unnamed guy: Length: 9/25/12: 3.4 inches Weight: 9/25/12: A sad sad 65 grams 9/25/12 9/25/12
  10. Your kh is still pretty low. I'd like to see it at 6 drops (100 ppm). You can try adding more crushed coral ( if you have room), and if that doesn't work you may need to consider a commercial buffer like seachem gold or API proper ph. The concern with the kh while cycling is that the BBs consume the minerals as a part of the cycle. Some people are very lucky and cycle in a month, other systems just take longer. I spent a lot of time here and decorating my tank while I waited lol. But I do find it very odd that the ammonia isn't starting to go down yet. Are you using a heater?
  11. It took my tank more than a month before I even got a hint of nitrites. Remember, a full cycle sometimes takes 3 mos Is the ammonia at least beginning to go down?
  12. In this case we are treating for external parasites so the prazi is best administered in the water, not in the food. But, yes, the repashy is a great way to make medicated gel food if you ever need to. It is fantastic stuff Thank you for the info/dosages, I will make note of it
  13. I would be happy to order you an Aqueon water changer for a sculpture of miss Edie if you think it's a worthy trade. Do you need a 25 or 50 foot one?
  14. Doubtful. I would take them out and find them a separate home for now
  15. Here is the prazi schedule I'd like you to follow (its a little more aggressive than the directions on the bottle, and what we typically recommend here): When you get the prazi you're going to drop the salt back down to .1% and leave it at this for the duration of treatment (prazi is not effective at higher concentrations of salt unless you double dose it) Day 1: add prazi Day 4: big water change Day 5: big water change, add prazi Day 9: big water change Day 10: big water change, add prazi And so on until you have added prazi 4-6 times
  16. This is a great question. I have absolutely no idea what type of probiotics gf foods like jumpstart use. When I make gel food I use the same probiotics that I take I will be interested to see if anyone has any information on if we know anything about the effectiveness of probiotics for fish etc. I have a feeling that it's probably one of those things we hope works, but don't necessarily have hard evidence to support (but perhaps I am wrong)
  17. new fish stuff is the best. Sometimes I get frustrated because I am running out of things to get for my tank
  18. lol, I am absolutely terrible at math, and oh so totally lost with all those numbers
  19. Are we talking about the same praziquantel? (cute, my iPad just filled in "praziquantel" for prazi . . . ). Anyway, my bottle says "1 gram treats 100 gallons". I was planning on using 0.5 g. Is that right? Also, I just reread a previous post of mine. I didn't bring it down to 0.1%. I brought it down to 0.2%. I'll bring it to 0.1% tomorrow for all fish involved! I believe our human calculator just did the math for you So, you will need 7.8 mg per gallon (as opposed to 1g per 100 gallons)
  20. Alright, I cannot tell much from the pics unfortunately because they are a bit blurry. Any chance you could borrow a video camera from someone in the next couple days? I would like to see their behavior, which is tricky to do in a photo If you cannot get video, clearer pictures of the fins would also be helpful When you say the moor floats about, does he float at the top of the tank (like he is stuck there?) or does he just float mid-tank? Here's what I would like to suggest to start: 1. Salt the tank to .3%. You can do this by raising the salt by .1% (1 tsp per gallon) every 12 hours, until you get to .3%, make sure the salt is dissolved before you add it to the tank. Because no tank holds the amount of water it claims, we can assume your tank holds about 50 gallons, so your first dose of salt will be 50 tsp or about 16-17 tbsp. You can use aquarium salt, but you may also want to look into picking up some salt from the grocery store, as it will be cheaper. You can use any salt that does not contain any additives or anti caking agents. Morton's Pickling and canning salt is a great one that is widely available. You will need to take the snails out during this treatment and put them in a separate container (also be warned that some plants are sensitive to salt, so if there's any that you are concerned about you may want to remove them as well). Remember to add back in the amount of salt you took out with each water change. So, if you have 50 tsp of salt in the tank and change 50% of the water, you'll need to add 25 tsp back in. 2. Up you water change routine. Even though you only have two fish, a 5 gallon weekly water change is just not enough. The water parameters may be OK, but there is still organic waste that can build up in the water and cause bacterial issues in the tank. A minimum 50-80% water change weekly is recommended. For now, I would actually recommend even more frequent water changes just to promote healing. Daily water changes would be ideal if you are able, if not, try for every 2-3 days. Pristine water conditions are really important in the healing process 3. Feed just spinach and/or green beans for the next couple day and keep an eye on his poo (we want it to be a nice thick green). 4. Finally, would you be able to grab some prazi pro? If you haven't treated for flukes yet, now would be a great time. I am not sure that this is the root of the issue here, but your description of Goldie swimming and bumping into things sounds like it may be flashing, which is one symptom of external parasites, such as flukes. You likely will not be able to find the prazi locally (but you can check), so you can order off of amazon http://www.amazon.com/PraziPro-oz-treats-480-Gallon/dp/B0006JLPC2
  21. okay, I am not familiar with the Lee's one, so hopefully someone that has one might be able to give you some advice. I don't know if your tank is bare bottom or gravel, but in my bare bottom tank I sometimes will take the extension piece off the WC and vacuum up poo/debris just using the tubing, which creates stronger suction this way. I do however hate to recommend doing this because if a fish got sucked up by the tubing it would be reallllllly bad. You could put some netting over the tube, but even then it could cause damage to a fish if them got too close. I keep my tube touching the tank bottom at all times when I use this method so there's no chance of anyone getting caught by the suction (my fish also tend to stay far away during water changes). The other thing you could always do is to use your regular gravel vac just to vacuum the bottom of the tank and then use the WC for the rest.
  22. sounds good! Keep us updated on how things are going
  23. those plants should be just fine with .1% salt
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