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  1. Please get your water tested as stakos suggested. "fine" is not adequate, we need the exact numbers in order to help you and your fish. When I started out I was also told my water was "fine".., it was not. Pet store employees more often than not are poorly trained and have absolutely no idea what they are talking about unfortunately. Please get your water tested again and write down the exact values for the Params stakos listed
  2. I cannot see the yellow orange spot behind his eye, I unfortunately can't see much detail in the video due to the quality. I do have one question, does the tele have a ring around his eyes that looks like it is filled with fluid? (I am seeing some whiteness around the eye, just wondering if you could describe what that is for me and if it is new or always been there etc.) In the filters, is the carbon separate from the filter media or are they cartridges? (are you able to remove the carbon without removing the other filter media?) I also just want to clarify that prazi is not an antibiotic It's a pretty gentle anti-parasite med (as flukes are parasites)
  3. If you chose to have it uncycled, then you would just need to add prazi back in every time you did a water change when the prazi should be active... Day 1: add prazi Day 2: 100% wc, add prazi Day 3: 100% wc, add prazi Day 4: 100% wc Day 5: 100% wc, add prazi Etc Prazi is active for 3 days so you would want to add back in prazi those 3 days, the. Give the fish a day off the next day be not adding it.
  4. I am going to merge this with your other topic
  5. I'd like you to get the salt up to .3% asap if it isn;t there already (even if it hasn't been 12 hrs yet)
  6. fungal infections are pretty rare in goldfish, so not the first thing we would jump to in terms of diagnosis. Pics will definitely help Please keep an eye on whether the patches are becoming larger/spreading. would you mind checking your tap Ph as well?
  7. You will need to have a second tank available at all times in case you ever do need to QT a sick fish. You can use a tank (10-20 gallons) or you can use a cheap large sterilite storage bin. In terms of your first fish, you have a couple options. You can either QT in the 55 gallon, or you can QT in your smaller spare tank. I would probably go ahead and QT them in the smaller tank because this will make the frequent water changes you need to do with new fish easier, and will also mean adding less salt/prazi to the tank. You can certainly QT two fish together assuming they came from the same source. If they are small fish (under 3 inches) I think you would be fine to QT them together in a 10 gallon as long as you keep up on water changes. However, for two medium-large sized fish I would recommend a 20 gallon QT. You will need a filter for your QT tank. You have a couple options with the filter. You can either run the QT uncycled and do daily 100% water changes, or you can seed your QT filter with cycled media from the main tank to cycle it. Several here do not use a cycled filter during QT http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/101834-does-a-qt-tank-for-new-fish-need-to-be-cycled/ I personally like the safety net of a cycled filter, just in case I miss a water change, and it makes it easier to treat with prazi if you do not have to do a daily water change during treatment. In terms of medications for QT, the only things we recommend are salt http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/94546-on-the-use-of-salt/ and prazi http://www.amazon.com/PraziPro-oz-treats-480-Gallon/dp/B0006JLPC2 I typically salt to .3% for the first week with daily water changes (assuming the fish is not showing any obvious symptoms of flukes that need to be treated asap), then drop the salt to .1% and treat with prazipro for a few weeks (4-6 rounds) Prazi schedule is as follows: Day 1: add prazi (and .1% salt, keep salt at this concentration for duration) Day 4: big water change Day 5: big water change, add prazi Day 9: big water change Day 10: big water change, add prazi (and repeat until you've added prazi 4-6 times)
  8. could you please post a picture or video of this? What are your current water parameters, including Ph?
  9. Hello, not trying to hijack this thread! But I just read this and I always use 1tsp per gallon of the pickling salt, is this not correct? I thought in all the threads I read it was 1tsp per gallon? Or is it that you use more of the aquarium salt then 1tsp per g? You know I think we have honestly been a bit lax about stating this difference, probably primarily for ease of calculations. But if you look at this article on salt http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/94546-on-the-use-of-salt/ you'll see that if you're using a finer grained salt the technical measurement is indeed 3/4 tsp rather than 1 full tsp. It is not a really big deal, but is certainly worth noting, and something we should probably be more conscientious about in the future!
  10. you're welcome Check in when you get the prazi (or if anything changes before then) and we can go from there
  11. karma is soooo pretty and so is little willow
  12. Hi there Your oranda is absolutely adorable. I would go ahead and treat the whole tank for flukes since you haven't already. It's a pretty common parasite, and your goldie does appear to have something irritating him. You'll need to get prazi pro. Most LFS do not carry this but you can check. If you can't find it locally you can order from amazon. http://www.amazon.com/PraziPro-oz-treats-480-Gallon/dp/B0006JLPC2 Until you get the prazi lets go ahead and salt the tank to .3%: - You can use either aquarium salt or any salt from the grocery store that contains no additives or anti-caking agents. The morton's canning and pickling salt is a good one that is readily available (and it will be cheaper than aquarium salt). - Salt the tank to .1% tonight (or whenever you get salt), .1% = 1 tsp per gallon. Dissolve the salt completely in a separate container before adding it to the tank. All tanks hold less water than they claim, so we'll assume your 55 gallon holds 50 gallons, so you will add 50 tsp of salt. - In 12 hours add another 50 tsp of salt (to get to .2%) and 12 hours after that add another 50 tsp (.3%) - In the end you will have 150 tsp of salt or 50 tbsp. Each time you change your water you will need to replace the amount of salt you took out (for example if you do a 50% water change, add back in 25 tbsp) Once you get the prazi let us know and we can outline how to treat One last thing just regarding your general setup/maintenance. You do not want to wait for ammonia to rise before you do a water change. Water changes should be a minimum of 50-80% on a weekly basis. This is because we are not only worried about ammonia/nitrite/nitrate building up in the tank, but also the build up of other things we can't test for. Weekly water changes help to keep the organic load in your tank low, reducing bacteria that can cause issues for your fish if left to build up over time. You are also underfiltered for this tank size. The AC70 only runs 300 gph. For goldfish, 10x the tank volume in gph is recommended since they are such heavy waste producers, so 550 gph for your 55 gallon. I would recommend adding a second AC70 Plus two filters is always better than one in case one ever fails.
  13. I'm sorry you are having so much trouble!
  14. Whats your YouTube user name? Any chance you could get us a pic when you get home?
  15. Welcome! We're really not scary here we just need all the information in order to give you the best help possible. We are thorough wouldn't you rather have a definitive answer than a bunch of random guesses?
  16. You already know mine but... http://www.youtube.com/user/tithra33?feature=guide
  17. Hey there my youtube friend! Glad you were able to get on the forum As GreenTea said above, pics or video of the spots would be very helpful just so we can confirm that it is indeed ich. Here's a link about posting pics http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/95717-how-to-post-pics-photobucket/
  18. oh wow, it looks like they don't have any fish for sale right now
  19. Here's the link to the ebay store http://myworld.ebay.com/buygoldfish?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 they have generally good feedback so it may be worth a try Sounds like your LFS has no idea what a bubble eye is maybe you should show them a picture lol
  20. nah, no baby babies for me he is pretty tiny compared to Edie though! only 1/3 of her!
  21. Here is the reply I got from Seachem.... I was hoping for a little more explanation than they provided "Thanks for the email. Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to use Prime during a fishless cycle, as the ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate will still be 100% available for the beneficial bacteria to consume." It's certainly not necessary to use prime during a fishless cycle and there could definitely be something we don't know about how it effects the BB's or how well the ammonia is consumed when it is converted vs. typically, I have no idea the extent of the research seachem has done, who knows
  22. Here's a video by Sakura about hand feeding http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/103326-training-fish-to-eat-from-your-hand-video/page__fromsearch__1
  23. Here's a video I made on how to weigh your fish. You just use a kitchen scale For gel food I would aim closer to 2-3% of body weight because it isn't as dense as pellets, so you need to feed more to get the same nutritional value You don't have to feed separately, but if you feel like your moor isn't getting his share you can do a couple things: 1. throw food at either side of the tank (distract one at one side of the tank, so the other can get food at the other side of the tank ) 2. hand feed your moor 3. use a tank divider at feeding time (or just at certain feeding times if you like)
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