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  1. do you have any idea what test kit they used for the kh? (did you go to a pet store?)
  2. I just remembered you are still cycling. If you cannot go those first 3 days without a water change safely, then you will need to add back in the prazi you take out each time you change the water during those days of the cycle. Please let me know if you have any questions on this.
  3. I need to check with others regarding your kh reading, I have never seen it expressed like that and am not sure what that even means Here is the prazi schedule (make sure salt is at .1% for the duration of treatment, any higher and the prazi will not be as effective) Day 1: add prazi Day 4: big water change (50-80%) Day 5: big water change, add prazi Day 9: big water change Day 10: big water change, add prazi Repeat this until you have dosed the tank with prazi 4-6 times If you have carbon in your filter you will need to remove the carbon. The prazi degrades on it's own within 3 days
  4. I understand, just have to lay out the risks on the off chance that you don't know them
  5. I know it's hard when there are people telling you different things. But honestly, I will tell you that the members here are very knowledgeable and (as I'm sure you can tell ) very serious about goldfishkeeping. I absolutely guarantee you that you will not get better advice anywhere else on the internet. Even other goldfish sites are not as thorough as we are here We have nothing more in mind than the best interest of your fish. Whenever my fish are sick, I trust the members here to help me figure things out and come up with a treatment plan. We all need a little help sometimes I really do appreciate you sticking it out with us, I know we are asking a lot and pointing out things that others have said were okay. I know you have the best interest of your fish in mind as well we'll wait for the water params tomorrow
  6. It's possible your nitrites are already being converted to nitrate efficiently and you won't see a rise. Check your ammonia in 24 hours and see if it has dropped to 0. You are likely very close to cycled
  7. Ugh, I want a cigarette now. lol j/k. 2 years this November! Have you thought about increasing the number of plants? lol. sorry! congrats on your sobriety though!
  8. lol... that sounds scary! Protruding teeth My apple snails have never done anything for my algae. They appear to 'eat' on the tank walls, but I have never seen a real decrease in algae from whatever it is that they do which is why I got some nerites. But they are really fun to watch. I know you probably already know this but I just quickly have to say it. The cory cat is a really bad idea with the goldies. Goldfish can get the barbells of the cory cat stuck in their mouth, and have to be manually removed resulting in injury to the goldie and injury or death to the cory. They are on the list of incompatible tank mates.
  9. Oops looking back I see you've already gotten nitrites in this tank, because of this you'll want to drop ammonia down to 1ppm (too much ammonia at this stage can stall the cycle)
  10. Have you gotten a nitrite reading at all previously?
  11. I have to agree with everyone else. This is like saying I'm going to smoke cigarettes to prove that they don't give you cancer. Some people get cancer, some people don't but why would you knowingly put yourself at risk when the odds are stacked against you? ( I hope I don't offend any smokers out there with this analogy, I understand how difficult it is to stop once you start)
  12. Im so sorry about amber What are you using as a source of ammonia in the tank to keep the cycle going?
  13. Pet stores tend to label apple snails mystery snails
  14. For apple snails I leave about an inch at the top. For nerites you don't have to do this
  15. I hope that happens! My betta tank needs some cleaning up. But I hope they will eat algae wafers once the algae has run out! EDIT: come to think of it, when I had them in QT I fed algae wafers and they did eat them, so that's good! Hmm. Maybe mine have never been hungry enough. I haven't seen any sign that they ate the wafers I gave them in the tanks. well, they were in a little critter carrier with nothing else, so they had no other options for 2 weeks they must have been desparate sorry to have stolen your thread a bit mike!
  16. I hope that happens! My betta tank needs some cleaning up. But I hope they will eat algae wafers once the algae has run out! EDIT: come to think of it, when I had them in QT I fed algae wafers and they did eat them, so that's good!
  17. an easy way to get a good top view pic is to scoop the fish into a tupperware container of tank water and take the picture from there so that they are still and you can get a good shot But I don't see anything from the pics you posted that suggest dropsy. If it were dropsy you would usually see bloating, and then also scales sticking out like a pinecone.
  18. Maybe you should try a snail and just see how the bioload is and go from there. This in itself would be a worthy experiment, I would love to know just how much bioload a snail adds to the tank!
  19. This is exactly what I would say. I ended up putting all my horned nerites in the betta tank bc I have been too scared to try them out with Edie's big mouth in the goldfish tank. They are so teeny. I am hoping they will grow a little then I can maybe try transferring them I was concerned at first too. One of mine was very small. But I saw Eggbert check one out, get poked by a horn and swim away, and I haven't worried since. Please keep an eye on them. They will run out of food quickly in the small tank, and I can't get mine to eat anything besides algae. I move them around from tank to tank if one gets too clean. Thanks My other concern besides Edie actually eating them is her checking it out with her mouth and then getting the thing stuck in her mouth. Right now they are pea sized, which is the perfect size to either get munched or stuck lol. I will wait it out a couple months and see if they get any bigger, then transfer them over. Luckily, the back wall of my tank is pretty much all algae, which should keep them busy for a little while. I have also been throwing in algae wafers occasionally, not sure if they are eating those or not though so I will keep an eye on them
  20. I ended up putting all my horned nerites in the betta tank bc I have been too scared to try them out with Edie's big mouth in the goldfish tank. They are so teeny. I am hoping they will grow a little then I can maybe try transferring them
  21. nerites and apple snails are certainly the most popular with folks here. Nerites are good for algae, while apples are just for fun really. I have never had a snail snack on my plants. The type of apple snail sold commercially in the states is one that generally does not eat plants (but may snack on decaying plant matter) For feeding you can set some cucumber/spinach/algae wafer in the tank for them, but if your goldfish are greedy you may need to separate them in a breeder basket or separate container with food a couple times a week to make sure they get their fair share. I always QT my snails for 2 weeks with daily water changes. The main concern is if they are holding water in their shells with parasites etc., so the daily water changes help to flush them out. You should check out http://www.applesnail.net/ if you end up going with apple snails. There is a lot of great info on care on the site.
  22. great idea shawn I have no idea if an apple snail would be enough bioload or not (I want to say it wouldn't be, but that is a total guess). What you could do though is a fishless experiment and just add ammonia to the tanks and let nitrates build up. That way you would be able to control the ammonia and you would know that the ammonia in each tank is exactly the same etc. This would be an easy way to get good nitrate build up without worrying about anything living in there. But then of course you couldn't look at the snail growth. EDIT: but then of course you would have to think about nutrients for the plants.... hmmmm
  23. This does not look like dropsy, but if you can get us a pic of the fish from the top we can confirm this. Do you see raised scales? Also goldfish cant really be pregnant in the traditional sense as the are not live bearers. The females drop eggs into the tank and the male then fertilizes them. We will be able to provide a more specific diagnosis of the issue once we have the water readings for now you are doing the best thing by keeping her/him in a separate tank and doing water changes
  24. If you feel like the other employees can do the testing part and provide you with accurate numbers I would go ahead and get it tested tomorrow all you need are the numbers
  25. Just like people, fish can take awhile to show symptoms of illness. People can smoke for many years without symptoms of illness, this does not mean its good for them or that they won't eventually get cancer. In the same way goldfish can endure bad conditions for quite awhile, years even without any outward symptoms of illness. This does not mean damage is not being done. Goldfish can grow over 10 inches and live over 10 yrs. when kept in a small tank or in overcrowded condition they become stunted which can result in a significantly shorter lifespan, if the water quality doesnt kill them first. This is the difference between thriving and surviving. Most of us ended up here overstocked because we did not do our research or were misinformed by pet stores. It's okay that you're in this situation, we all understand, but it's what you do with the information you receive here that really counts If you cannot provide adequate housing for these fish asap you will need to consider rehoming some. If you leave things the way they are you will have serious issues down the road, and it is just really not fair to your fish.
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