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  1. Did you receive the prazi I sent? Let me know and we can go through the treatment schedule in more detail (it is different from the directions on the bottle)
  2. Having never really kept teles/moors before I had no idea this could happen! I was discussing this with Helen and she also said that the ring is likely just from his eyes rubbing against something in the tank, such as the tank wall when he is excited to see you. See, learn something new here every day It sounds like this is nothing to worry about and that picture helped a lot, it is definitely not pop eye
  3. just wanted to check in and see how things are going
  4. how are things going? Any changes in the white patches?
  5. I really have no idea about that kh reading, and none of the other mods/helpers appear to know what that means either, so I am not sure how to advise on that. Usually kh is in terms of drops (e.g. 4 drops) or ppm (e.g. 100 ppm), I have never seen it expressed this way and cannot find any information online on how to read that
  6. ahhh! I was avoiding this thread because I knew how jealous I would be You have the most gorgeous fish! They are all so freaking cute and wiggly
  7. oooh what cute cheeks!!
  8. I had no idea spicey was an oranda! How did I miss that this whole time!?
  9. tithra

    Cool new betta

    very pretty coloring!
  10. unfortunately it is very difficult if not impossible to get meds in the UK the UK alternative to prazi is Kusuri flukesolve (they make a product called wormer plus as well that also works for this purpose). In terms of metromeds these are not available in the UK to my knowledge unless you can get someone in the states to bring them to you.
  11. I was just wandering how do you hand feed pellet to them, I tried but in vain. My black moor have difficulty searching food. sakura's video is good check that out It can take patience to teach a fish to hand feed. My first oranda that I taught took a couple months before he would. My new fish has actually been really quick to learn, just depends.
  12. If it is a cartridge you can actually cut open the cartridge and dump out the carbon, then put the soft media of the carbon back in the filter. (hope this makes sense ) Thank you for the picture. I am going to have the rest of the mod team take a look. My worry is that it might be pop eye, but I'm having a little bit of a difficult time telling for certain.
  13. It might not come in until next week sadly since I'm ordering it online. I was just wondering how long I should keep this much salt in my tank? that's not a problem. .3% salt for the next week will not be an issue then we'll drop it down to .1% once you get the prazi
  14. this is great guys! Thanks so much, keep them coming! I am going to organize them into a spreadsheet by size/type and will write something up for the forum this would certainly be great
  15. Edie is named 'Eaty' for a reason she gets very pushy and dominant with food. That's why I had to start hand feeding Puff. Edie was so quick that Puff could never get a bite! I will be curious to see if the new guy stands up to her at all I have been teaching him to hand feed just in case
  16. I love the spider webs! It looks really nice
  17. it makes me think of something like this where the extra teeth come out!
  18. yes, that is the issue with length is that fish, especially fancies grow a lot width wise as opposed to lengthwise. Like Edie is pretty much the same length as she was 6 mos ago, but has gained like 25 grams. That's why pics might be helpful, and even type is definitely a good idea too. I figure we can at least compile a general range for each length
  19. So, this is kind of a weird request, but I was wondering if those of you with scales would be willing to post both the weight and length of your fish (length without tail, mouth to peduncle). I am not sure if this is a silly idea (feel free to tell me if you think it is ), but I am interested in compiling a general list of respective weights and lengths in order to help with feeding amount suggestions for those members who do not have access to a scale and are interested in knowing how much they should feed. We could at least provide a general range based on the length of their goldfish (guessing it is within the typical weight range) I hope this makes sense I am personally really curious how much little fish typically weigh, not having had any really little guys myself to weigh. So, if anyone is interested please post below (if you wanted to add a pic of the fish as well that might also help with size comparisons)
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