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  1. beautiful!! congrats How many tanks do you have going now?? I wish I had room for more finned friends..... I'll admit I am slightly jealous but am enjoying living vicariously through you cindy EDIT: posted at the same time as Karen I agree I would love to see video/pics of all your beautiful fishies together! You always pick out such pretty ones, your tanks must be gorgeous
  2. I would go ahead and start feeding the meds now though, then just let us know the weights when you get them and we can get more specific about the exact amount to feed
  3. thank you, very strange situation!
  4. nope, no sign of him!
  5. I wouldn't add any more ammonia. In fact, you may want to do a partial water change to get that down to 1-2 ppm. Once you have a nitrite reading (as you do) you want to bring ammonia down to 1-2 ppm, as too much ammonia at this point in the cycle can slow things down
  6. aw, thanks for sharing! what a cutie It is really fun to wonder what color he/she is going to be (and you're definitely right about gender, you never know when they are this small!) He is maybe 3/4 of an inch? about as big as the first joint to fingertip of my pointer finger maybe? His is very little
  7. cm is fine black Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Thank you Sakura! Narny, I assume these lengths are including tail? Would you mind measuring head to peduncle (no tail) for me? (or estimate ) Anyone else have stats for me? I know there's more of you with scales out there, my spreadsheet is still pretty thin
  9. that's okay I can get it from here I am planning to compile the information once I get some more and will post it on the forum in a more organized fashion
  10. will you give us a measurement (from head to peduncle... no tail) of each fish? that way we can estimate amount to feed
  11. very nice growth! Because I am keeping data on weight/length of fish, can I ask, is the 2 inch length from head to tail, or head to peduncle?
  12. how long ago was your last prazi treatment?
  13. I have yet to actually feed carrots. Maybe I will try it tonight and see what the fish think
  14. I would personally not feed them if they are salted. Extra salt is not good for the fishies. The peas might be okay since like you said you are deshelling them etc., but I would just grab some unsalted veggies
  15. I think you can wait for the MMs to come. If you ordered them fri/sat they should get to you very soon. Let us know when you get them 1/2 inch deep is okay as long as you are vacuuming it well. It looked deeper to me in the video, but video can be so deceiving
  16. I would definitely avoid the corn. The carrot you may need to cook a little extra and/or break it into small pieces before feeding just because they can be tough if not cooked enough. Otherwise this is safe as long as there is no sauce or seasoning on the veggies
  17. I think that given Gadis' symptoms/death and the fact that the others continue to bottom sit we need to consider treating the remaining fish with metromeds. The redness on Gladis' body/fins suggests something internal going on. Have you gotten the metromeds yet? Do you have a kitchen scale available to weigh your fish by chance? (if not we can estimate the amount they need to be fed) We also need to consider if there is anything in the tank that may be a source of bacteria. How deep is the sand? Any hollow ornaments? What is your filter cleaning schedule like?
  18. did the prazi come? For the nitrates I would look into using a pothos. They are kept out of the water, with just the roots in the water, so they are really easy to care for and difficult to kill here's an article on this: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/95321-the-amazing-pothos/
  19. how is the prazi treatment going?
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