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  1. Hey Tithra, just an observation but... (and I am by no means an expert or anything)But to me if it were an ulcer, it would be an open wound or a hole of some sort. That looks to me more like inflammation with some fluid underneath (hard to tell from the video). In humans typically such things are either removed or drained and then treated with topical antibiotics. I'm sorry about puff, I hope he gets better! (I'm quite fond of the little guy) :)

    Yeah, I know it is kind of funny to refer to it as an ulcer, but it is a sort of ulceration that is very deep and has not yet reached the surface. We could just call it an infection :P

    You could potentially do surgery on it in order to expose it, but I am just not interested in messing with that. I started out using medi gold which contains oxolinic acid which is really good for penetrating tissues. The infection went away but came back right after.

    He got floaty again too so I had to treat with MMs after that. While he was on MMs I used oxolinic acid in the water (it is supposedly good at getting into tissues even waterborne). Once he stopped MMs I put him back on MG (after consulting with others). The infection has nearly disappeared again, but I am not sure what will happen when I take him off.

    Alex and I have talked about this a bit, and apparently these wen issues are some of the hardest to treat. It can be kind of a chronic thing unfortunately :(

    Anyway, thanks for thinking about Puff :). Alex was saying that thai breeders often go right for the surgical route when these wen issues occur, but I am just not comfortable draining or cutting at this point :P I would do it if I had to, but only as a last resort.

  2. You have such pretty fishies. I hope Puff feels better!

    Thanks courtney :)

    Aw, edie is SOOO gorgeous!I'm so sad to see puff still sick :( if mms aren't working, is there anything else you could try? Do you think he'll ever get to go back in the main tank? Poor guy :(Your betta is very pretty, and the tank looks GREAT! You're amazing at decorating! Want to come over and decorate my tanks? :PI agree with Fang, the flame moss is SO cool! I wonder if it would work with my 5g's LED lights. When you clean your betta tank, do you gravel vaccum, or since you have so many plants, do you just suck water off the top? (did that make sense? :P )Anywho, lovely tanks! Thanks for sharing :)

    Thanks Mandie :) I will send you some flame moss when I send the other plants ;) you can try it out!

    When I vacuum I just run over the plants and try to get any waste that I can see, but the vac does not go in the gravel since it is so heavily planted.

  3. I can't get over Edie! She is really pretty :)Hope Puff recovers well, so sad to see him ill :( But Campy looks well, and I really like the blue colour he has, reminds me of clouds :P My betta, Artemis usually gets bacterial rot after he nips, but it also just seems to resolve itself if I increase the water changes a little :) Hopefully it won't be a big issue, I thought mine was a one-off fin rot fishy...16 months later... :PGood luck with Puff! The tanks look really nice :)

    Thanks Narny :) I hope Puff will recover soon too!

    Edie is so gorgeous and so unique looking, you gotta love her! I hope Puff gets better soon. It's such a shame to see him like that :( Fishies (and animals in general) should never be ill. :(But I know he's in good hands with you, so he can count himself very lucky!And I absolutely love that betta tank. What plant is that in the left back corner? I wish I had proper light to do nice planting projects like that :D

    Thanks Fang :) Edie is definitely a unique fishy in many ways :P The back left corner of the betta tank is flame moss tied to drift wood. It has grown a ton, I have actually had to start trimming it recently. It's my favorite plant in there. I got it from PAC, I don't think flame moss needs very high light being a moss ;) You should get some! Really the only plant that requires much lighting in there is the hairgrass.

  4. Have you thought of doing an HP dip? Hydrogen peroxide doesn't get much use on here, but I've seen it used to good affect in other forums. I'm no expert at all, but it is just an idea.Good luck. Sorry Puff is having troubles.

    thanks for the suggestion mj :) I am by far no expert on HP dips (never done one!), but I'm not sure it would work as the infection is way underneath the wen and not superficial, but I don't know. I am going to try some oxilinic acid I think if it doesn't go away on it's own in a couple days. Alex has said in the past that it is good for getting deep into tissues.

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