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  1. Thank you! I really love this tank too...it's going to be sad to have to tear it down in a couple months when I move [emoji20]
  2. Just thought I'd share my most recent pic of this tank. Due to life drama it has been pretty neglected - no ferts for a couple months now so there's some algae and plants are stunted, but all in all it looks ok since it's mostly moss anyway
  3. Looks good! I had the white moonlight sand too for awhile, I loved the look but like Amanda said the poo stands out in it and it's hard to vacuum bc it's so fine
  4. I have so many tank updates to do! I've really been working hard on my tanks lately. We'll start with an update on my 20 long. Just one betta and a bunch of snails in this tank first pic is from about a week ago, second is from tonight. Hope you like it!! I'm really happy with how it's turning out. Haven't trimmed anything yet so the background plants aren't doing what I envision yet, but you get the gist
  5. You could always try one of those little Fluval kits. I really hate those kits. They totally work, but they're so expensive in the long run that you might as well save for a real regulator with solenoid and decent needle valve and a tank that doesn't require constant changing [emoji14]
  6. Very pretty! Congrats! I expect more pics when he's in his tank
  7. Beautiful!!!! Definitely a good idea to hold off on the fishies until everything gets established
  8. I would still try to contact the store, maybe they have a record? My store was able to look up based on credit card once when I had lost a receipt
  9. I don't think my fish could make it out of the water if they wanted to, they can barely gulp at the surface anymore
  10. Prime will be really helpful here, it's also cheaper than the majority of water conditioners out there because it is so concentrated, it's good stuff when you get the prime I'd like you to stop using the ammo lock. Prime will make the ammonia into a form that is not harmful to your fish but that can still be used by your beneficial bacteria so that your cycle can recover. Getting the water conditions under control is first order of business, but I'd also like you to get some prazipro so that we can treat for flukes once water conditions have been sorted out. You can check your local pet store but you may need to order online. Edit - just saw Lisa already posted about the ammo lock
  11. Hi! So sorry you're having these issues I'd like to clarify a few things: 1. 10 gallons is unfortunately not enough for two fish, it's really not even enough for 1. Even small Goldies are big waste producers as you're seeing now. If you cannot afford a larger tank now you can actually use a large sterilite storage bin as a temporary tank until you can upgrade don't worry, many of us started where you are, I also started with two in a 10 gallon (it did not end well unfortunately) 2. What kind of filter do you have? 20-39 gph doesn't make sense, even small filters typically run 100-200 gph. General rule of thumb is you want a filter that runs 10x the tank volume in gph 3. Could you test your tap water for us as well? 4. What kind of water conditioner are you using? 5. How large is the QT? Is there a filter or airs tone running? 6. Can you get a quick video of the fish in QT? 7. Do you see any raised scales on the fish in QT? I unfortunately have to head to bed, but this info should helpful to others
  12. If you have a basement you may be able to go down there and look to see which way the boards are running and if that walk is load bearing load bearing walls that are not exterior generally have posts running from floor to ceiling in the basement
  13. Beautiful! I love your oscars
  14. It's been 2 days I believe so please do a 100% water change and replace the meds. For the next 10-14 days (depending on how it's looking) you're going to do a 100% change and replace meds every 48 hours
  15. It probably would have been fine in the tank etc, pimples and small cysts are generally not a big deal, but QT and salt gives you a little extra assurance glad it's looking better!
  16. That's weird. Test some bottled water just to make sure you get a 0 reading
  17. Great. The redness reducing is a really good sign. The holes will be there for longer because that tissue will take longer to rebuild. What we want though is for them not to get any larger/deeper. Would you mind testing your water for me?
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