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  1. Hashi has been a serious fin nipper a few times in the past. I've had to separate him a couple times because he ate Edie's tail down so much. How does the tail of the fish being nipped look?
  2. Your fish are getting chunky Red! [emoji4] they make that 40 look small! Sorry the sand didn't work out
  3. Went to get my puffers today and they didn't come in the shipment! Have to wait until next week! I posted on a puffer forum asking a question about sexing juvenile puffers and was told I could have 8-12 in a 20 gallon! I was actually made to feel kind of silly for only wanting 2-3, because I'd have trouble finding them [emoji14] this info honestly doesn't seem right to me though so I'm sticking with 2-3.
  4. Thanks! That's very good to know. Glad you were able to make it work!
  5. If you got prazipro salt should be 1tsp per gallon (20 tsp for your 20 gallon). When you do water changes replace the salt you took out (so 50% water change you'd add back in 10tsp)
  6. Being a sinker suggests that the swim bladder is really totally shot. With floaters there is some function left, its just not working properly. With sinkers there really isn't any treatment at that point (which you already know). I had such a bad experience with my fish being a sinker, that I tend to feel this is worse/less manageable than a floater, but unlike Googs (who has done quite amazingly as a sinky fish ), Puff was sunk to one side, so he was unable to move or eat without assistance, and laying on one side on the tank floor resulted in infection on that side of his body. I'm sure an upright sinker like Googles is a more manageable situation. But yes, if things progress, a floaty fish may eventually become a sinky fish But the fact that the floating in this case has been intermittent certainly is encouraging.
  7. That's great news! Perhaps we should play around with her diet when you get back from vacation [emoji4]
  8. Sharon, does vitamin c treat both chlorine and chloramine? I know a lot of people just buy straight sodium thiosulfate and use that, but I have to say I do like prime/safe for it's other properties, not that I need to safeguard against ammonia on a regular basis [emoji6]
  9. I think you have to buy a small bottle to get the scoop (they're assuming you're dosing small tanks if you get a small bottle)
  10. She's on my list too I'll shoot her a message today
  11. Lol. Why am I not surprised. Do you also have gallon tubs of safe?
  12. I've known about safe for quite some time, but for some reason hesitated to make the switch. I finally did so and couldn't be happier. Safe is Primes powdered version, so it's more concentrated and thus even less expensive than Prime. Here's a little cost breakdown I did of several popular water conditioners. Safe comes out on top in terms of cost. Price is how much it costs to treat 10 gallons.
  13. I would personally just fast to start but it probably won't make much of a difference either way.
  14. You might also want to rub a little Vaseline on the exposed part of her belly before you leave
  15. I feel so guilty when I skip days. I'm gone for four days down for a fun weekend in Chicago. I could set it up to feed once or twice while I'm gone and leave the other days empty. I just left my fish for 4 days and didn't set up an auto feeder if it's under a week I don't worry too much, they'll be fine.
  16. One of our members recently had some success with this treatment for BBA, so this might be something to consider after you've done some manual removal. You'd need a QT tank to hold your fish while treating the tank though so they aren't exposed to the h2o2 http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/showthread.php?t=203684
  17. I'm still on the fence a bit, but probably falling to one side lol. I've really wanted these guys but could never find them locally so it's super tempting. I don't see Fang here that often these days, maybe I'll facebook stalk her if she doesn't see this
  18. My LFS is going to have dwarf puffers in stock on friday. This has been a fish I've had an eye out for for a long time now, and I am seriously toying with getting some. I have done some reading and I think I have a general handle on their needs, but I'm wondering if anyone who has these guys or who has kept them in the past wants to give the basic run down and any tips/advice? I have a 40 gallon or a 20 long that I could make available to them (I'll move one of my bettas to a 5 gallon). I'm leaning towards the 20 gallon, and am thinking either a male and female or 2 females and 1 male (from what I read 1 male to every 2-3 females is recommended, and at least 5 gallons per fish is recommended). I have snails readily available in all my tanks at this point (I must have gotten lazy and let some through at some point). Tank is heavily planted and has a heater etc. etc. Thoughts? Advice?
  19. It's of course ultimately up to you, however typically we try some sort of treatment first. Typical course is to rule out constipation and food sensitivities, then to possibly think about trying treatment with an antibiotic if other strategies have not worked. If you want to, post a video for us and fill out the form, and maybe give us a little history on Bilbo regarding the floatiness - does it seem to get worse at certain times, what has helped in the past etc.
  20. can you post a pic of what the finnex light legs look like before you mod? I am very surprised that the don't fit Curious what the design is!
  21. what do you have for filtration? BGA loves low flow areas Does the tank get natural sunlight?
  22. it looks like you have both black beard algae (BBA) and blue green algae (BGA) from what I can tell. Your plants are definitely not very happy. I actually do think adding a little more light to the tank and some fertilizers would be a good idea. Are you dosing excel regularly right now? Do you have a comprehensive fert? I am going to go the Tom Barr route on this one and say you need to focus on growing the plants. The holes in the leaves, yellowing leaves etc. all suggest some deficiency. BBA tends to really attack both slow growing and unhealthy plants. I have dealt with it before and it always ends up on my slower growing plants, or those that have unhealthy growth. Do you know what type of plants you have? Right now you have quite low light, so I am wondering if you maybe have some plant types that would like a little more light. What I would suggest first is to manually get rid of all the BBA that you can. Throw away plants that are totally infested with it, pick off any heavily infested leaves, and trim off any dead or dying leaves you see. Despite the algae, your tank is quite beautiful
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