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  1. tithra
    Hi all! With the new addition I wanted to begin tracking his growth and also update on Edie's growth which I haven't done in a few months.
    I am really happy with Edie's growth And I can't wait to begin fattening up my little tiny skinny guy!
    First Edie:
    Length (body only): (not much growth in body length, although I think there may be some tail growth )
    2/26/12 - 3.4 inches
    9/25/12 - 3.6 inches
    2/2/12: 95 g
    2/26/12: 103 g
    4/14/12: 111 g
    6/1/12: 115 g
    9/25/12: 136 g




    And now for our unnamed guy:
    9/25/12: 3.4 inches
    9/25/12: A sad sad 65 grams


  2. tithra
    Here is a quick update on everyone/everything
    Edie is doing wonderfully. She is always so active and seemingly healthy She has started hand feeding a bit, although she usually doesn't actually get a pellet in her mouth because she runs away so fast, but it is nice that she is finally start to warm up to me a bit more.

    Puff is still a complete mess unfortunately. He is floaty/head standing/bottom sitting most of the time, and the MMs do not seem to be helping this time around. He also has an ongoing wen ulcer issue which I have been trying to treat with oxolinic acid, but it is not helping thus far. The ulcer actually got larger today He also managed to rip his dorsal fin in half, I have no idea how because there is close to nothing in his QT tank.
    I really hope he recovers soon. It is a bit exhausting to have him sick all the time. I am thankful that he is still eating well and excited to see me though.

    Mr. Betta has been named 'Campy' by bf because he likes to 'camp out' in the plants lol. He is a super weird little guy. He is very skittish and really likes to wedge himself in the low lying foreground plants. Today I found him trying to eat a piece of hairgrass!
    He developed some fin rot a couple weeks ago, I think this is because my apple snail kicked the bucket and I did not find him for what must have been at least a few days (he did not look 'fresh' when I found him), so I think there may have been some bacterial issues in the water due to that. I have been doing water changes every other day and the fin rot appears to be resolving on its own

    Finally, I got a UV sterilizer for the main tank! I made a video of it, so I will post more about that at some point.
  3. tithra
    A couple days ago the new fish books I ordered came in the mail and I am enjoying them thoroughly (great recommendations made by the kokos team!)
    I got Fundamentals of Ornamental Fish Health (Edited by Helen Roberts)

    and Fish Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment (by Edward Noga)

    I have decided to start with the Roberts book. I don't have a ton of time to read for pleasure until the end of May, but I have started reading about 10-15 pages a night.
    I am not a biology major in any sense so all of the concepts are quite new to me and google is my best friend for looking up unfamiliar terminology, but I love how technical the Roberts book is while still being accessible to my non-biologist brain. Our fish truly have amazing anatomy and physiology!
    Anyway, if you can't tell I am totally geeking out on these books. Interestingly, much more so than I did when I got my Fancy Goldfish book (which is also a great book, but for some reason I am enjoying these ones much more).
    I highly recommend both if you are looking for some summer reading!
  4. tithra
    Puff cannot seem to kick whatever infection is going on in that big head of his! His wen was really red about a month ago, so he got medi gold, the redness went away. Then it came back, took him off the meds and it went away again, now it is back again today! It is driving me insane. I need this fish to get his act together and be healthy for me!
    Edie is like an absolute rock, nothing ever phases her. She got a little woozy one time I did a big water change without realizing my tap Ph had dropped a bunch, that's about it.
    Anyway, just wanted to vent a little without adding to my never ending diagnosis thread I am doing daily water changes right now, so I'll just continue to keep an eye on it.
  5. tithra
    A quick update. First, I finally ordered the noga and roberts books today they were expensive but I am excited to finally have them
    My swords are doing great and I really love the way they look They are already putting out little baby swords!

    Hairgrass in the betta tank is finally beginning to spread on its own to places I didn't plant it! Yay! The floating HC has been completely taking over the tank. I have been having to take some out every few days or else it gets so thick that it blocks light. I also am getting a ton of green algae in that tank right now. I plan to let it grow in on the back wall, but I really need to clean the front wall! Task for this weekend!

    Puff's tail was really red yesterday. Alex suggested stopping the MG and he looks amazing today (thanks Alex )! There's still a few veins, but it looks so much better, just in 1 day! I am really surprised by that. He is getting so big. I can't wait to weigh him again when I take him out of QT in a couple weeks. Here's some pics of my handsome boy
    eating some jumpstart

  6. tithra
    The duckweed I ordered from Aquabid came in the mail today
    I bleached it to sterilize, and I half expected it to turn white (someone? posted a video over the summer of duckweed they had bleached that turned white/yellow), but it didn't It is currently in a 2 gallon container. I am going to go look for a longer shallow container to keep it in this weekend, and this summer I plan to put it in a big tub outside to grow (with mosquito netting over the top so that it doesn't turn into a larvae pool).
    Before bleach:

    After bleach:

    It reportedly came from a 'fish free' aquarium (part of the reason I bought from this seller), but it came with some ride alongs nonetheless. I am curious if anyone can identify them? They look like maybe they are some type of shrimp? The bleach did not kill them so I spent a half hour transferring the duckweed from one clean bucket of water to the next until I got rid of all the ones I could see.

    I am super paranoid about bringing anything nasty into my aquarium from this stuff, so I think I will just let it sit for a couple weeks before I try feeding it to the fish. Hopefully the bleach was enough to take care of anything, but the fact that it came with things swimming around in the water freaks me out a bit.
  7. tithra
    Since the brown algae has taken over my tank my crypts have been in seriously rough shape. They had been growing really nicely before, they had even doubled in size and I had to break them up into a couple more containers. But the algae totally took them over and since they have little dimples in the leaves (retrospiralis crypts), I often damaged them trying to clean the algae off.
    So, I decided to order some new plants that will hopefully be easier to clean the brown algae off of.
    I got:
    3 amazon sword (only ordered 2)
    3 aponongeton crispus (only ordered 2)
    1 anubias frazeri (did not order this, but there were some issues getting the crispus and I was going to get these instead, so I think she threw this in just because of the issues with the crispus )
    1 brazillian pennywort (hoping this will help some with the brown algae)
    Anyway, PAC is awesome. They have amazing customer service and the plants always come super healthy (at least in my experience so far). I am blown away by the swords, they are tall and beautiful, hopefully they will stay that way!
    I ended up putting the crispus in the betta tank bc I really wanted some tall plants for the goldie tank and the crispus was only like 3 inches tall.
    Oh, I should also add that I put Puff back in the main tank. I took some video of their reuiniting which I will post later when I get it uploaded Anyway, here's some pics:


    anubias frazeri (and anubias nana next to it)

  8. tithra
    And I thought I'd never write in this blog, lol.
    Just have to share Puff has some little breeding stars again. Very light faint ones on his cheeks, slightly heavier ones on his pectoral fins. So cute!

  9. tithra
    I decided to try measuring the fish tonight. I taped a ruler to the front of the tank and attempted to hold them against it (easy with Puff, not so easy with Edie).
    I am really surprised at how little they have grown in length! According to the Rain Garden site Edie was 6.7 inches and Puff was 4.9 inches when I bought them in August. It was difficult to get a very exact measurement but Edie is maybe 6.8/6.9 and Puff is just about 6 inches. Which is just so odd because all this time I have felt like Edie has grown a ton and Puff hasn't grown at all! Perhaps Edie has done her growing width wise!
    I wish I had taken weight when I got them, but I didn't, so here are the measurements I have:
    1/17/12 = 59 grams (before starting MMs)
    2/2/12 = 63 grams (after finishing 2 weeks of MMs)
    2/26/12 = 74 grams (after about a month of Jump Start)
    2/2/12 = 95 grams
    2/26/12 = 103 grams

  10. tithra
    With much hesitation I decided to start a blog lol. Not sure how good I'll be at updating it because not many exciting things happen with my tanks (which I guess is generally a good thing), but we'll see.
    I got a new Eheim canister today. I bought it to replace the Zoo Med 501 nano canister that I have been running on the betta tank. I really like the 501, but my bf's music studio is in the same room as the betta tank and he complains that it is louder than the AC used to be. So, I bought an Eheim 2211, it's the smallest canister they make, it's quite cute. I am not sure if it will be too much flow for the betta tank or not, but it does come with a spray bar so we'll see. BUT the crappy thing is that it came with a chipped piece, so now I need to ship it back and get a new one
    I also finally got my Drs Foster and Smith order that originally got shipped to the wrong house a couple weeks ago. I ordered the Fluval 88 g co2 kit for the betta tank because I didn't like how big the diffuser was on the fluval mini co2 kit. I also got some different seachem flourish products like Trace and Iron to try out. My baby tears have started looking a little brown in spots so I am hoping one of these things will help to perk them up.
    I also noticed this morning that puff has a little funky spot on his wen, it's a little whiter than the rest of his wen, but not in the typical wen growth sort of way, so I need to keep an eye on that and make sure it doesn't turn red like those two other spots he had before. I am very happy I decided to keep him in QT longer this time! I hate not having them together, but he may be in there for awhile just so that I can ensure he is stable before he goes back in the main tank.
    I have been using an auto feeder to get him 1% of his body weight in jump start the last couple weeks (it feeds him 4 times throughout the day when I am gone and then I do a couple more feedings when I get home at night). I am really excited to weigh him again soon and see if he's put on a little more weight. He gained about 4 grams when he was on the MMs, so I am hoping the jump start will also help with his growth. He needs to catch up to Edie!
    Anyway, that's all that is going on here right now
  11. tithra
    So, I got a few things today that I had ordered. First.... a spray bar!! Pretty excited. I wasn't sure if it was going to fit my canister or not when I ordered it, but it fits perfect. I just wish it was a little longer, but I'm sure I can get an extension. It's so nice not to have that one big blasting current stream coming out of the canister. Here's a couple pics

    In the background you can see where my dear Edith has taken to ripping the crypts out of their pots. Not something she was really doing until just recently. Between her and the brown algae invasion those poor plants have really taken a beating.
    I also got my fishmate f14 (I believe it was sakura that recommended this one), I bought the Eheim Feed air (or whatever it's called) so that I could feed Puff his jumpstart in lots of little meals throughout the day when I am gone at work, but I hate how variable it is... sometimes 2 pellets come out, sometimes 6! So, the fishmate is nice because you can put in exactly how many pellets you want to come out at each feeding.
    I am hoping that since Puff has been able to handle a diet of primarily jump start for about a month now, that he will be able to handle some other pellets as well once he goes back into the main tank. If he can, then my plan is to give them 4 small feedings of pellets during the day using the auto feeder and then they will get gel food at night
    Here's a quick video update of Puff. He gets slightly floaty at times still, but nothing like it was before (crosses fingers!!) I can't wait to get him moved back into the main tank, but am also pretty nervous to do so.

    My last bit of news is that the microscope I ordered also came today. I was super excited to try it out, but lo and behold the screen did not turn on (it has an LCD screen to look at instead of an eye piece). I am undecided if I will order the same one again. It didn't have great reviews, but I bought it anyway because I really wanted one that would take pictures and this was the only one that I could find that people said would work with a mac! So, I am on the fence.
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