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  1. They're all gorgeous! I hope the first one's fins heal quickly for you, good luck with the QT
  2. They are all beautiful! Titan has some fantastic colouring, how I'd love a Ranchu like that... you're very lucky, congrats!
  3. Thanks guys! Glad you like the pics I can't wait to see how big Kuchi will grow this year, I have no idea how much growing to expect so hopefully next year I can make another progress chart ^^ Lenny is a crazy guy alright, right now he has his head under the pink tube with his butt in the air! I used to be worried he'd think he was a goldfish and not a loach, apparently he seems to think he's an ostrich....
  4. Aww she is adorable! Congrats!
  5. Wow they are both beautiful! You are very lucky to have them Congrats!
  6. Hey guys! So today during a water change of Artemis and Midas' tank, I figured it would be a good time to get some new photos! I didn't have a spare bucket, so I put them in with Kuchi and Lenny during the WC, so was able to get some group shots, and thought you guys might like to see! Lenny coming out to say hello! Artemis, Midas and Lenny chilling out by the silk plant. Kuchi, all big, strong and handsome! And then I was looking at old photos of them, whilst uploading these to facebook and that's when I realised just how much he had grown! I mean they all have grown, but Kuchi's growth is crazy in just a year! (It feels like I've had him forever!) CRAZY, right? But still just as adorable Sorry there aren't more pics, but they just don't stay still long enough! XD I can't wait til they are all in the big tank together! Hope you enjoy!
  7. Aww she's adorable! :3 Can't wait to see what colours she ends up being! My ranchu started with a white tummy, now he's completely yellow! So you never know
  8. Congrats! She sure is cute! Also loving the Land Before Time reference ;D
  9. Wow that looks amazing! Congrats on getting it, I can't wait to see it all done up and full of goldies!
  10. My Ranchu changed colour in about 1-2 months? It started slow the few weeks or so, and in the last few the colour changing sped right up! I didn't take progressions pics (if I did I can't find them!) but it's amazing how quick they change and grow! :3
  11. I bought a new tank for them! Can't wait to set it up. And I will be feeding them later, of course :3
  12. Sorry for such a late reply guys, I was busy starting college and there has been some stuff at home going on so only just got the chance to reply! Either way, his eye has cleared up now and gone back to normal and he is healthy and eating well like normal! Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for taking the time to read my problem anyway and being on hand if I needed help, I do appreciate, honest!
  13. So about 2 weeks ago I bought my first Betta fish, Levi. He's been fine since I've got him, but today I noticed a problem with his right eye. He has a sort of white patch on the eye that appears to be in the film like bit? Not the actual part with the pupil on it. Also, from front view, you can see that film/lense is a different shape, and from the top, it looks almost like it's a pimple, as it isn't round the like the other eye, it has a sort of point in the middle. I will try and get pictures asap, but I'm worried as yesterday the lid slipped in when I went to feed him, and it is just a glass panel it sunk to the bottom. He dodged it and wasn't caught underneath the panel, but I'm worried this isn't a disease and that the panel hit him on the way down and tore his eye. I've heard of "cloudy eye" so I am about to look that up now. But if anyone has had anything like this with their Betta, please tell me what it is most likely to be, or what your experience of it was! Thank you! ^^
  14. I went to visit my friend the other day, and in her tank she has her betta as well as several different types of tetra and shrimo, including cardinals, and they all got on fine. So I'm sure you have nothing to worry about, just like everyone else has said too. ^^
  15. Thanks guys I sort of wish he'd stay the colour he is now, 'cause I've never seen another Ranchu like him personally, but if he changes colour I will love him none the less
  16. So Kuchi is out of QT (just over 2 weeks) so he is now in company. He has grown so quickly I can't believe it! He's such a handsome boy. My question though is what colour is he? I'd heard of blue ranchus and thought that's what he was. But sometimes in the right light he may have a purple hint to him, but his colour has gotten darker and he looks more chocolate (after I compared him to pics on Google images). Also his underside is very bronze, stronger where the blue/purple/chocolate part is and fading downwards to white right under his tum, in case the pictures aren't good enough for you to tell, sorry. >.< heh So yeah, what colour is he really classed as, and as his colour is getting deeper does that mean he will stay this colour in the long run? Thank you ((Sorry if it's in the wrong section, I was just gonna do the update originally and then decided to ask the question at the same time.))
  17. She is changing so fast! She's still gorgeous either way though heh
  18. She amazing! Gorgeous little Ingrid... well, she's not really little but you know what I mean
  19. RIP Spike I'm sorry for your loss.
  20. He's gorgeous! His name is very fitting too, go HP!
  21. Heh thanks guys! All the other photos were blurry! I'll try again tomorrow once I find my camera though. ^^
  22. So the other day, my mum and I went to the pet shop to price some large fish tanks, as all the ones on classifieds lately are either too small or too expensive. We decided to go check out the fish too, just to see what they had. I saw the most gorgeous little Ranchu, and I wanted him so badly, but knowing I was already overstocked I had to leave him there, and we headed home. Next day, my mum went to the supermarket in the afternoon, and came back with the Ranchu! She stopped off after shopping to pick him up. He was easy to pick out, he was the only one like him in a tank full of orange Ranchus! That's how I spotted him in the first place. My mum has never kept fish, it's always been "my dad's thing" so she doesn't know about the 10g per fish rule or anything, and to her my tank looked like there was room for more fish. I felt bad knowing I shouldn't have him 'cause I'm overstocked but my mum didn't know, and she was just trying to cheer me up (after the whole "finding Kronos" situation) and to just give me a treat, really for finishing my A Levels last month and getting that spot at Art College. Even if we were to take him back, they don't do returns on anything unless it's faulty equipment you know? No one I know would/can take him either so he is with me in the old tank QTing it up. It is great he's with me as I do adore him so much and can't believe he is mine, but I just feel bad that he's kinda come into this. It just means I REALLY need a tank now, BADLY. He will probably still stay in there after QT, but I might add Pandora for company and to give more space between the two tanks for now. I explained to my mum after why I had to QT him and the 10gal rule and stuff, and she was like "OOPS" but now she's helping me as much as possible on the fish tank hunt. I didn't mention him here straight away in case he didn't make it, I didn't wanna jinx it or something, but he's doing okay, he's very lively, he's eating, he's just adorable. I've put lots stuff up for sale and mum and I are doing a carboot sale soon (mum said anything of hers she's sells, I can have some of the money too for the tank!), AND I'm making jewellery and stuff hoping I can sell some of that too, so they will all have a good home very soon, I promise. I'm a girl on a mission! I'm not gonna let them live in squalor! Me and my bro called him Kuchi cause of his cheeks! We sat there going "COOCHY COO!" watching him swim, and we were pinching each others cheeks XD hah but yeah he's a stunner is Kuchi!
  23. They're both beautiful!
  24. We don't have Craaigslist here (I don't think?) but we have local classifieds. Someone want to sell a 55g tank with all the stuff for ?650! But then someone was selling one that was 100g for ?350 and it came with more stuff and live plants. I was like PFFT you aren't gonna sell that, only unless the buyer is a total imbecile who doesn't get out much XD
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