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  1. UPDATE: So, he was doing pretty well - bloating down, healthy appetite until I noticed he started to get really floaty. I did a switcheroo with my tanks by moving my other goldie to a 10 gallon and moving him to the filtered and cycled 5 gallon, thinking that maybe the less than ideal set up wasn't helping. Also decided to lower the temperature back down. He was doing fine in this set up and although struggled a bit to stay at the bottom, he was eager to eat the pea that I gave him. Next morning, he was the same - still floaty but would wiggle around to free himself. When I got home in the evening, he was dead and almost fully pineconed! Looking back now, I supposed the tank move and temperature change at the same time might not have been the best idea, but he was eating fine so I assumed he was okay. I don't really know what happened to make him pinecone and die so suddenly, but I assume the stress of the move might have triggered it. Anyways, just wanted to give a brief update and thank you guys for your help
  2. Hmm, my goldies are always up before I am... ...I wonder what that says about me. Lol.
  3. I love how fluffy her fins are. She looks very elegant .
  4. Why don't you add a piece of wired mesh to the top? That way, kitty will be kept out abd the cooler air wouls still reach the surface. Better safe than sorry right?
  5. Fourth post of the day. Lol. So here is my plan: Discontinue adding Epsom salt for now so I can observe if there are any changes. Continue with 100% water changes daily. Hopefully clean water and heat will make him a happy camper.
  6. Actually, looking at all the top-view pics, you can see what I mean when I say the whiter side is floatier. That's why, he's always at an angle - white side facing more upwards, other side facing more towards the floor.
  7. Okay so I pulled him out to get a closer look. The thing is, his scales are definitely still not sitting completely flat: I know it's hard to see but if you look along the top side, you can tell that it's not a smooth line. Is it possible that this is just the way his body is? Do all goldfish have scales that sit completely flat? 5 days of Epsom salt - they should be flat by now right? You can also see the vein in his tail that may or may be a symptom. His poof side: The pic is at an angle rather than a complete top view so it appears bigger than it is. I really don't know . Sometimes I look at him and he looks perfectly fine, other times it seems like it's practically the same from when I first got him.
  8. I'll take that as good news. Maybe I'm just paranoid. There definitely is a change in the bloated side. It's still not completely even with the other side but I wouldn't say it's necessarily bigger - more like it's just more angled. The side used to also effect his swimming and he would be slightly slanted upwards towards that side, kind of like how we look when we twist our neck and can only look one way. This also seems to be a good deal better, although it does seem to come back more in the evening? I guess it's more of a gut feeling, like something about him is just a little bit off. Maybe I'm imagining it. I'm thinking I should just stop adding Epsom salt for now so that I can observe if there are any changes?
  9. Managed to get a pic that shows how his abdomen is unbalanced! Notice how it's almost hollow-ish near the front close to his head, and the bulk of his belly seems to be weighted at the back. Is it possible that this is partially just that his anatomy is slightly deformed?
  10. Gained a little weight much? Neat idea.
  11. Loving his wen as well. Seems to match his "bull"ness.
  12. Hmmm, correct me if I'm wrong but I think that the bug eyes and black colouration of black moors are considered recessive genes which means if a black moor is bred to a comet, it would be unlikely (although not impossible?) to exhibit those characteristics. So, I think he is more likely a single-tail black moor than a cross.
  13. Haha, he's so cute! The pic actually made me smile!
  14. I'll have to reach a Big Als to get some then (darn, I was just there yesterday!). I didn't grab any because, for some reason, I assumed it was an alternative to use when the other brands couldn't be found. I guess I automatically equated 'harder to find' with 'works better', since it seems to be the case with some other meds. Lol. Thanks again for quick replies btw!
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