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  1. I let the guppy out of the cup and she is doing the harassing . I hope it stays that way because those barbs can cause real damage if they wanted. I will be keeping a close eye on them though.
  2. Got some new rosy barbs and a guppy for my tropical tank. They are currently in qt. Do you guys think the guppy will do well inside that betta cup for a couple of weeks? I made holes in it for water movement. I just don't want to risk it getting attacked by the rosy barbs since they are currently in a 5 gal. Anyways here is a short video of the fish.
  3. Yay so I bought three more rosy barbs, I would have bought 4 but they only had 3 left. Now I have a school of 5, I hope they get along fine.
  4. DARN IT! Every time I make up my mind about returning the barbs I see those little guys swimming around so happily and then change my mind about returning them. >.< They are so active and look so nice swimming up and down. They would look great in my 20 gal.
  5. Ok I decided to return the barbs and just get two more guppies. I've had barbs before and they look nice swimming in schools, but they are so problematic.
  6. Lol I would love a guppy tank, but I must resist the temptation. I think I might just buy 4 more barbs and keep the guppy. If it does not work out I guess I can keep the guppy in the 5 gal. qt tank and move the barbs out to the tropical tank.
  7. Are rosy barbs generally as aggressive as tiger barbs? If not do you guys think it would work out if i get 4 more tiger barbs and keep that 1 guppy alone. Do you think they would bother her in the 20 gal?
  8. Darn it those Rosy Barbs look so nice swimming together! Now I want to keep them and buy more, but then I have no idea what to do with the little guppy. She is a really nice bright orange and I think she is pregnant. AHHHHH what to do, what to do......
  9. Really nice! If I was a fish I would love to live in your tank!
  10. My tropical tank is only 20 gal. I currently have 5 black neon tetras in there.
  11. Thanks! I checked out a few rosy barb pictures and they look exactly like the ones I have. Now i don't know what to do! I guess I can take the barbs back, and exchange them for guppies. Or maybe get 4 more rosy barbs and exchange the guppy.
  12. My little cousin (she is 2) decided to buy me fish today >.<. It was very nice of her to think of me but now I don't know what to do with the fish. I'm setting up QT at the moment and I guess they can go into my tropical tank. Now the problem is that I have no idea what species two of the fish are. She got me one guppy and two other fish that look like barbs. Can anyone help identify these two fish?
  13. Thanks everyone. This little guy is really mellow. I'm actually impressed at how non-aggressive he is.
  14. Thanks! I'm really glad I bought him now .
  15. iHere you go . Ain't he pretty! I even got a video for you guys lol.
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