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  1. Really nice! If I was a fish I would love to live in your tank!
  2. O.O That is the coolest tank I have ever seen! Great work!
  3. Yes, I treated the pond with prazipro.
  4. I took some postmortem pictures of my Ryukin. Here are a few things I saw that developed before he passed away. First off he developed these black spots on the underside of his stomach He also developed these red streaks under one side of his gills. I suppose it is also important to note that his underside of his stomach felt mushy. I examined the rest of his body and everything else looked fine. The black marks that are seen under his belly were also seen on the belly of my other fish that passed away a few months ago. Not sure what could have caused those black marks to appear.
  5. Yes she is a pond expert. I try to follow her suggestions the best I can.
  6. I just went to feed him and he is gone . Rest in peace little Ryukin, you were one of my fav. I wish I knew what was wrong with him, can a bacterial infection kill a fish so fast? On another note I removed my bog filter today, it's smelled horrible when I removed the lava rocks so i'm assuming the smell was coming from anaerobic bacteria growing in there. Hopefully this solves all the prob. I have been having. Should I be worried about the other fish? They all seem to be acting normal, but yet again my Ryukin was acting normal until a few hrs before he got really bad and floaty.
  7. Poor little guy, instead of getting better he is doing worse . He won't even eat today.
  8. His scaled did seem to be a bit raised yesterday. Today they did not look raised at all. I also managed to get him to eat the presoaked pellets so that's a good thing .
  9. Shakaho said the prob. is mostlikely my bog filter. I'm planning on removing it tomorrow, don't want anymore fish to get sick.
  10. It seems like this little guy wont make it :'(. He is no longer active, he is just floating in the same spot. I'm trying to feed him more metro meds. BTW his poo was transparen/ white today is that a sign of bacterial infection?
  11. Ok sounds good. It seems like my ryukin is having a hard time chewing the metro-meds. He keeps the food in his mouth for 5-8 min and then spits it out. Is there anything I can do to help him with this? I'm giving him 6 pellets twice a day.
  12. I guess I kinda did. Ok, so I will not salt the qt tank and will just feed metro-meds for 14 days. Is there anything I should feed after the metro-meds treatment is done?
  13. I guess I'll just start on the metro-meds. Not really sure what to do. Can I salt and feed metro- meds at the same time?
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