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  1. Almost a love kiss my Oranda and juvenile Ryukin
  2. thanks folks! An update... I had for 7 ~ 8 years only goldfish in this tank(red/white fish have this age). And in this last update I try to put Black Tetras and Ottos in this tank, as you see. Despite knowing the "goldfish only with goldfish", I try... for 3 weeks and it was working Ok. But recently Black Tetras started to torment goldies fins... I have to make a donation of black Tetra fishes... The Ottos(2x) are still in the tank, I really like this two small creatures, but the risk of your so small size will make me remove it of this tank too... I think it will be very risky to keep them even being friends without disagreements.
  3. This is my third major modification in this tank in 7~8 years, converted to bare bottom aquarium.
  4. Thank you, now I understand these words! My english is not good. More one photo of the Calico in question, 4 years later It was quite different.
  5. No, when keeping live plants I not used CO2 or supplements. I used low requirements plants. Seachen line is avaliable here. For example, all parcial water change I use Prime, and in canister I have Matrix. I dont understand why you said "Your calico fantail is to die for"?
  6. now ~4 years 3 years 4 years 3 years 4 years - in the last 1.5 years, I increased food volume and only serving NLS food. my tank in present, not have more any plants artificial or natural, not have rocks. only a little gravel in deep. almost only glass. to ease cleaning. .
  7. thanks! This other I made with more shutter speed 1/100 sec. and more ISO to compensate low light. ISO1600. ISO 1600 = very noise, and very editing to reduce.
  8. hello all I'm using a dslr canon t3i(600D). mode manual always. if only photo of the fish, not necessary big aperture, not need focus in background. hold camera with hand(my case), time to exposure must be little. to not shake the photo. this little time of exposure cause dark photo, but I compensate* in high ISO. * ISO 800, for take more detail with light of tank, but take more NOISE too. after photo usually, I edit(lightroom) .RAW file, remove some noise, and adjust dark background and more. I use for this photos exposure time 1/60 seconds apperture f/5 ~ f/5.6 ISO 800 no flash quite photo in necessary to select some best.
  9. thanks all new pics, of Kinguios Home. clean visual.
  10. it's a china filter, canister Aleas 1300L/h.
  11. this guys have now ~3 years... no plants more in last 2 years
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