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  1. Almost a love kiss my Oranda and juvenile Ryukin
  2. thanks folks! An update... I had for 7 ~ 8 years only goldfish in this tank(red/white fish have this age). And in this last update I try to put Black Tetras and Ottos in this tank, as you see. Despite knowing the "goldfish only with goldfish", I try... for 3 weeks and it was working Ok. But recently Black Tetras started to torment goldies fins... I have to make a donation of black Tetra fishes... The Ottos(2x) are still in the tank, I really like this two small creatures, but the risk of your so small size will make me remove it of this tank too... I think it will be very risky to keep them even being friends without disagreements.
  3. This is my third major modification in this tank in 7~8 years, converted to bare bottom aquarium.
  4. Thank you, now I understand these words! My english is not good. More one photo of the Calico in question, 4 years later It was quite different.
  5. No, when keeping live plants I not used CO2 or supplements. I used low requirements plants. Seachen line is avaliable here. For example, all parcial water change I use Prime, and in canister I have Matrix. I dont understand why you said "Your calico fantail is to die for"?
  6. now ~4 years 3 years 4 years 3 years 4 years - in the last 1.5 years, I increased food volume and only serving NLS food. my tank in present, not have more any plants artificial or natural, not have rocks. only a little gravel in deep. almost only glass. to ease cleaning. .
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