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  1. Hi guys, Just a note to let you all know that we unfortunitly lost Cake during the week. Thanks to you all for your help and advice. J
  2. Stakos, Excellent thanks very much. J. Tithra Will do. J.
  3. stakos, Thanks for your reply. Yes please could you please dispatch. I will try and send payment now via paypal. Will customs be an issue.
  4. Sorry yeah meant to say, I will leave him in the bucket if the tanks are to expensive but I will be looking for at least a 30 litre tank.
  5. Ok thank you for the advice. I have moved him into a 30 litre food grade bucket until I get the new tank tomorrow. I will also get a syringe and try feeding him. With regard to the water I always try and keep the ammonia and nitrites down but the nitrates I am lucky to get below 50 ppm at the tap and have been using bottled water and bringing water home from work which is a bit better (I work about 130 miles away so it's a different source). Thanks again J.
  6. Ok thanks Tithra. Not interested in food at all, last ate approx two weeks ago now. Hospital tank currently 15 litres. Getting a 20/25 litre tank tomorrow. Thanks. J.
  7. OK Time for an update. Have been using epsom salts for the last week now and he is still bloated. I think I may give the metronidazole a go. Although he is not eating he doesn't seem to be stressed in any way although he tends to be more active when the waters warmer. Will be getting a bigger tank and heater tomorrow as I think the one I have may be a bit small and i think hes going to take a bit of time to recover from this. May as well make him comfortable. Could someone supply me with some Metronidazole please. Many thanks J.
  8. Another Video uploaded https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink Ps How do you delete posts. Last post in error.
  9. Short video of Cake https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink
  10. No not eating anything at the moment. Although he is getting a bit more lively as the days go on and his eyes aren,t popped anymore. So fingers crossed he's slowly recovering. J.
  11. I guess a trip to the vets and some Metronidazole is the way forward then. Question How do you force feed a goldfish medication?.
  12. Thanks for the reply. What I mean with regard to the infection and the bloating is that the red sores shown in the photographs above seem to have healed (infection cleared up) but he is still swollen due to what I believe is water retention caused by the infection which I hope the epsom salts will draw out of him.......or have I got this all to cock. I got the impression that dropsy was a symptom of an underlying infection. Sort the infection and the symptoms should sort them selves out with the help of Epsom salts. Please correct me if this is wrong. Cheers J.
  13. Hi guys sorry for the late reply and thanks for the advice. Have been to my local aquate center and explained the problem and some of the medications you have suggested. They hadn't heard of Metronidazole although he did prescribe me some myxazin which I have been using this past week and the infection seems to have cleared up. Cake is still swollen and therefore still looks like a pinecone however I managed to get hold of some epsom salts which I have put in now yesterday and today after a 100% water change and I am hopeing this will relive the swelling. He is still of his food and pretty much just sits at the bottom of tank with the occasional sprint to the top to propel himself across the length of the tank with his head out of the water (very strange to watch). At first i thought this was to do with not enough oxygen in the water so i have now dropped an air brick in to mazimise the aeration, he hasn't stopped doing it but it is less frequent. (Any ideas) With regard to the epsom salts do I need to carry out a 100% water change every day before adding the salts or do i need to do small water changes and add the equivalent amount of salts to the water being added? Any other advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Jasesun
  14. Looking for some advice. My goldfish has developed some small red sores underneath his scales just behind his gills. These have made him swell up and some of his scales have started to pinecone. He has been ok in him self and been eating fine until today. He has spent must of the day at the top of the tank and keeps spitting his food out. He has has something similar before that ended up as blisters and he lost a few scales as a result of it but although I initially thought this was the same i am beginning to have doubts. Have now put him in a hospital tank with a view to getting some advice from local aquatic centre tomorrow. Any help at this time would be greatly appreciated. Link to last visit. http://www.kokosgold...52#entry1226152 Questions *Ammonia Level (tank): Zero * Nitrite Level (tank): Zero * Nitrate level (Tank): 60 ppm * Ammonia Level (Tap): Zero * Nitrite Level (Tap): Zero * Nitrate level (Tap): 60 ppm * Ph Level, (Tank) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) * Ph Level, (Tap) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) Brand of test kit used: API Freshwater Test kit (Drops) Name and size of filter: Fluval U2 Water additives: Interpet Tapsafe Water Temperature: 20/21 C 68/70 F How often do you change water and how much: 20% of tank every week. So 16 litre water change Last water change: This morning Tank size: 83 Litres/ 21 US Gallons How many fish in tank and size 2x Goldy 3/4 inches long Food and how often: Tetra Goldfish flakes. Twice aday. Fish & Medications added to tank: None No unsual findings or behavior just as normal as they have always been.
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