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  1. Geeeee! I am coveting for all of them!! I wish I could buy from here.
  2. Thank you for your concern, Arctic Mama. This is today's update. Yesterday I increased the temperature from 28C to 32C. I had no other option but to let the fish succumb either to ich or heat stroke, and put a heater in even in the summer. Medicines: Acriflavine at 50% the recommended dose + 0.2% salt.
  3. Aww, thank you, thank you very much. That was a wonderful wish. Thank you.
  4. Introduction to freshwater fish parasites: An extremely informative booklet published by the University of Florida: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/pdffiles/FA/FA04100.pdf
  5. Thank you so much for your suggestions. I've got a cooking balance today for future measurements. A real teaspoon was hard to find, you know, they were of various shapes and sizes. So, 1 gm salt in 1 litre of water = 0.1%, right? Another fish died today. Only one remains.
  6. Indeed, indeed! Thank you! Maybe I was using way more than 0.3%? The spoon looks a lot smaller than the one I use! Oh, no, man! I feel like blaming myself now!!
  7. This X15 for 15 gallons of water = 0.1%. This X45 for 15 gallons of water = 0.3%. That's how I measure.
  8. Oh my goodness, there's so much! Those poor things! Looking at how much they have, and seeing it up around their gills, I would be concerned about ICH actually on the gills themselves...I would personally add in another airstone on the opposite side of the tank to bring up the oxygen available to them. And make sure to vacuum the bottom really well to get any cysts from the tank floor when doing your water changes. Now this is a question more for the moderators...its been 2 days since ich spots were first noticed, with temps at 26 degrees, some of the spots should start falling off soon, correct? I know bagho is using acriflavine and 0.1% salt in the QT tank, and a methylene blue bath, but I'm curious about the effectiveness of this. I thought methylene blue was mostly effective against cysts and spores that have dropped off the body and not those still attached, am I wrong here? In that case, if this is correct, adding methylene blue to a bath is minimally effective, no? Also, is acriflavine not contraindicated in sensitive and immunocompromised fish? I'm just trying to learn alongside here, so if my questions are out of place, please let me know. Thank you for your suggestion. I'll add another airstone to diffuse more oxygen. The temps are now at 28 degrees, still the life cycle of ich is slow as 20 degrees. I am wondering, since this is a tropical country, is the variety of ich that's found here mostly resistant to heat? Because I have seen petstores who have ich infected fishes, even in peak summer temps of 40C. The water would be no less than 35C. Thank you, cat. But in my experience, everytime I reached 0.3% concentration, 9 out of 10 fishes died. That's why I am in a quandary to increase the salt concentration, you know. I am not sure why this happens, even when all books, and the people worldwide say goldfishes can tolerate 0.3% salt long term. Can you guess a reason?
  9. That book!! That's the very book I've been coveting for! Chai sent me a snip from the book. I guess it's one of the best goldfish books out there.
  10. No, they were in QT directly from the petstore. The QT was disinfected. I went back to the petstore to find all goldfishes struggling with ich. Just now, the two fishes completed their hour long methylene blue bath. They look stressed. I'm scared.
  11. Yes! The whole petstore is infected I'm beginning to think!
  12. Thank you for your concern, wonderful ladies. Unfortunately enough, another fish passed today. It's kinda creepy. Exactly same modus operandi. Jumping around five minutes ago, dead the next! Posting a video of them soon.
  13. Extremely informative post! That explains why we need to take 1800 mgs of Amoxycillin daily for some infections!I've stopped administering them Amoxycillin. Acriflavine is indeed very versatile. Covers a lot of infections. But I fear if overusing it might make most bacteria resistant, juts like antibiotics. If they have ich (I'm blind as heck sorry!!! I think I could see it on their tails, though?), 27°C heat and 0.3% salt wifh daily WCs should knock it out in no time. I have a couple books with updated Ich sections that I could a look at, but I'm not sure if Acriflavine would do any better than the typical salt/heat. They look thin (obviously from prior to your purchase ), but otherwise appear responsive. They have a very lovely red colour, wow! Thank you so much, Cat! Sadly, the fish in the 0.3% salt (I removed the other one because it showed distress) passed away of stroke. He was okay five minutes ago, but died suddenly. I am treating the remaining three in Acriflavine and 0.1% salt + Methylene blue baths. Fingers crossed.
  14. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge! What it turns out is that, they have ich! Two have already succumbed to ich. I've started treating 2+2 with two different medications in two different tanks. The more affected ones with Acriflavine+0.1% salt, the less affected ones with 0.3% salt. In addition to that, 5ml methylene blue in 25 litres as anti-ich bath for 30 mins. Am I doing it right? Please have a look at the video.
  15. Extremely informative post! That explains why we need to take 1800 mgs of Amoxycillin daily for some infections! I've stopped administering them Amoxycillin. Acriflavine is indeed very versatile. Covers a lot of infections. But I fear if overusing it might make most bacteria resistant, juts like antibiotics.
  16. Thank you, wonderful lady! I've moved them as 3+3 into two (15+15) gallon tanks. That's the best I could do at this moment, because I couldn't find a suitable 40 gallon tank.
  17. Thanks so much, Helen. As always, your information is priceless. I'm quitting the antibiotics. I do not care if it becomes resistant by the microbes; there are other antibiotics that'd work if there's an infection in future. What amount of salt should I aim for right now, along with Prazi?
  18. This: http://www.medindia.net/drug-price/praziquantel/distocide.htm
  19. Thank you so much, Helen, for your ever-valuable opinion. Yes, they have an airstone, and the water temp is at ~26C. I have no quarantine tank empty, but I shall try any method to give them space. Maybe in some other container. I haven't tried Prazi, because I am not sure about the Prazi dose, as also the presence of worms in the fish. Could you please tell me the dosage (how much Praziquantel in how much litres of water,) after which I shall follow dnalex's Prazi schedule? We get Praziquantel tablets for dogs. Should I continue the antibiotic for 5-6 days, lest, I fear, any and all pathogens might become resistant to Amoxycillin? Or should I stop the antibiotics at once?
  20. A few days ago, I got six orandas from a random petstore. Since day 1, they have showed signs of tiredness and bottom sitting. Some fishes more, some less than the other. I tried giving them rest by keeping the tank in darkness after evening. I put them in Acriflavine (Mild bactericidal and fungicidal) and 0.1% salt for 2 days. Post 2 days, I removed the Acriflavin and increased the salt dosage to 0.2%. They eat, but not much enthusiastic about food. After 2 more days, when there was hardly any sign of improvement, I removed the salt and stared treating them with Amoxycillin in the tank water at 250mg per 15 gallons of water (as mentioned in the Fish Mox product.) A day passed, they are bottom sitting worse than the day before. What should I do now? Please help. I am completely clueless. Quarantine Tank: 15 gallons. Fish size: 2 inch each, with tail. Water changed: every 24 hours, 80%. No additive added. Water is free from Chlorine. Filter: 500LPH top filter. Ammonia: Detectable faintly after 24 hours. Nitrate, Nitrite: Undetected. Food: Hikari Oranda Gold, twice a day.
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