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  1. Wow! Thanks a lot! That makes real sense. Informative post! Fasting them prior to shipping - good point. Yes, labelling doesn't do any good. Do you think items marked Fragile are handled with utmost care? No way! But what about oxygen depletion? Does Fedex overnight really do it overnight? I have bought plants online, which were shipped via Fedex Overnight, but they reached 2 days later.
  2. If you are purchasing from Raingarden, or other similar other online goldfish selling sites, or if someone is rehoming their fish, they are doing it through a one-day courier service at the best case scenario. Now, if they choose a normal courier service, or if the courier service fails to deliver that day, and the weekends or national holidays arrive, or if the destination can't be reached within a day, then how do the goldfish live through it; being in just a gallon of water (ammonia levels would reach 1ppm within a few hours!.) Then, during transportation, the packages are thrown around, meaning the fish inside is bumped around the container. Then, if a leak sprouts, which would be fairly common due to mishandling, it'd be fatal for the fish. Moreover, dissolved oxygen levels would plummet to fatal levels within hours! How do the goldfishes live through such extreme conditions? EDIT: Mods, please correct the heading from 'throught to through.' Sorry for the typo.
  3. I am so sorry your fish has dropsy. He is such a gorgeous fish. Sending healing vibes your way. I had a similar experience with dropsy, which ended up in a success. The best thing is your fish is still eating. All the best. An experienced person would soon chime in and help you with the treatments. We have a thread here on how we cured Damien of dropsy. You can have a look here in the meantime. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/97766-my-favourite-oranda-damien-is-battling-with-dropsy-please-help/
  4. Wow!! That was a gold mine of knowledge I just found in this thread! I feel so rich now! Thanks to you all who shared their knowledge! Helen, that's a great idea!! Why should we treat them blindly, when we can examine the poop sample for any sign of worms? Yup! My microscope has gathered dust in the meantime, and I'll be cleaning out the eyepieces tonight. Shall post with a poop update. Ah, nevermind.
  5. Is it effective against flukes? From what I can tell it's an internal wormer . . . I wouldn't use this as a replacement for prazi in new fish QT for flukes. Or am I reading the wrong info? It is effective against flukes, and it may be even better/safer. BUT, that part is not so well-settled. I do agree that unless there is good reason to replace Prazi, I would still with it. Bagho, I don't have access to the dosing schedule at the moment, and I can't devote time to looking for it. Sorry. It's alright; thanks anyway! I'm sure I'll find it somewhere in the internet, once that you have assured it is safe to be used for Goldfishes.
  6. Look who's answered!! Back with an all new Dash! Thank you! What is the dosage, Alex?
  7. As an antihelminthic, similar to Praziquantel. To get rid of parasitic worms.
  8. I tried a lot, but couldn't get a hold of only-Praziquantel medicine. All are tainted with Albendazole at the least. And we know that Albendazole is not tolerated by Goldfishes. But I got a hold of Panacur Vet suspension, which contains Fenbendazole 250 miligrams per 1 gram of powder. Can this be used to treat goldfishes without apparent symptoms of worms? (Like some people do to new fishes before adding them to the community tank.) I read in a forum that Fenbendazole is toxic to goldfishes, but since it isn't a textbook, I can't trust random sources of information. Could you please suggest me if I should return the Fenbendazole or proceed to treat my new fishes before adding them to the main tank? Thank you! Link to the medicine: http://www.msd-animal-health.co.in/products/panacur_vet_powder/020_product_details.aspx
  9. Many thanks for the compliments and wishes! Thank you, Milkybun...nevermind...cat, for your good wishes. Oxolinic acid is a powerful quinolone antibiotic and covers a wide range of bacteria. Thanks a lot for suggesting.
  10. Thanks so much. By the way, Fish of Gold, your goldfishes are really cute! So is their names. I'll name my unnamed goldfishes after your goldfishes' names! Thank you! All because of God's blessings and the healing vibes and good wishes from you wonderful people.
  11. Thanks so much, Stratos! Thank you very much, Mandy! By God's ample grace, Lloyd has responded positively to the antibiotic. He has regained his appetite, and other signs of infection are diminishing.
  12. Cute fish and a stunning red colour! Name him Santiago!
  13. As far as contracting dropsy, (your first concern) dropsy is NOT a disease. It is a symptom of an underlying disease. In 80% of cases, it's not contagious. For example, if you had skipped on water changes, the excessive nitrogenous toxins might have overloaded the liver of a already frail fish (internally), which failed, leading to MOF. The accumulation of water due to failure of kidneys as well as apoptosis manifest to you as dropsy. This is what happened in your case, I presume. You do not need to treat the other fish right now. In case if it were a parasitic dropsy, which we can never be certain of, I'd suggest you to keep an eye on the other fish and observe closely for any symptoms of swelling abdomen for a fortnight. If he shows no symptom, just move both your fishes in the 55Gallon tank.
  14. Today's update: Today morning, Lloyd showed some signs of secondary bacterial infection: Subtle swelling of belly and bulging eyes. By evening, the belly had turned reddish. He was also reluctant to food. I think his weakened and wounded body caused by ich, has made him prone to bacterial infections. I am giving him a Ciprofloxacin bath now. Planning to continue it for 10-14 days if he pulls through.
  15. Indeed. Ich outbreaks have always been extremely serious because of the heat resistant strains over here. Even 30C is insufficient to speed up their life-cycle, can you imagine? Thank you for your wishes, Stratos. Thank you, hun! Yup! Thanks so much! Many, many thanks for your good wishes, brother!
  16. Thanks to you, Milkybun! The shopkeeper says that the salt is simply purified sea salt. That means it contains NaCl + other salts as well, just like in the sea. The salt is naturally hygroscopic and forms lumps, so no anti-caking agent is added. It tested negative for iodine and YPS. Hehe, thanks a lot, Fish of Gold! Lloyd says thanks to you all!
  17. Thanks, Susanne! Yes, he's at 32-33C now, and with 0.2% salt.
  18. Thank you for your concern and wish, Heidi.
  19. Thank you, thank you very much, Jim, Fish of Gold, Mandy! Thank you Fish of Gold for your wonderful words. This is the best thing I like about Kokos, over all other forums (be it fish related or be it others); I feel like a part of a big family here, which spans the globe. You all are so amazing! This is Lloyd today. (How's the name?)
  20. Thank you for your wishes, hun. I guess this ich is more heat resistant than colder countries, right? I shudder to think if a mutated strain develops that can tolerate even higher temps!
  21. Thank you for your words of hope, Corinne!
  22. Yup, indeed, Milkybun! Ahahahahaha! I want some cinnamon buns with green St Patrick's day milk. To supplement the intro to parasites...Merck Veterinary Manuals provide some great basic literature. Parasitic diseases in fish http://www.merckmanuals.com/vet/exotic_and_laboratory_animals/fish/parasitic_diseases_of_fish.html Viral diseases http://www.merckmanuals.com/vet/exotic_and_laboratory_animals/fish/viral_diseases_of_fish.html Mycotic diseases http://www.merckmanuals.com/vet/exotic_and_laboratory_animals/fish/mycotic_diseases_of_fish.html Bacterial diseases http://www.merckmanuals.com/vet/exotic_and_laboratory_animals/fish/bacterial_diseases_of_fish.html Environmental diseases http://www.merckmanuals.com/vet/exotic_and_laboratory_animals/fish/environmental_diseases_of_fish.html Nutritional diseases http://www.merckmanuals.com/vet/exotic_and_laboratory_animals/fish/nutritional_diseases_of_fish.html Extremely helpful links! You win a basket of buns and a litre of St. Pádraig's day's milk garnished with Indian spices! You are most welcome, Crystal!
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