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  1. Yeah! Thank you very much for making it clear! It's readily available in my laboratory!
  2. You're most welcome, Shellbell. The fishies in your signature are wonderful! You're very much welcome, Hidr. Thank you, Dan!
  3. Thank you, Alex! Thanks so much, Harry!
  4. Thank you very much bubbles! Thanks so much for your reply, Ashlee. But I'm afraid that Praziquantel isn't easily available here. May I use Albendazole suspension as a substitite? Thanks.
  5. I have bought some Vallisneria (Spiral), Cabomba, Lily, Swords and Cryptocorynes from the LFS. But this LFS is very famous for its persistent fungus. In the month of May, the plants from this LFS took away Damien and some other fishes through a dreaded fin-rot. Now how do I go on and sterilize these plants to be absolutely free from the bacteria and fungus?
  6. Thank you for the kind words. You're most welcome, my friend. We are always with you.
  7. I'm extremely sorry, Holley. May your Ranchu Rest In Peace.
  8. Wishing all the best for your Rico. Sending healing vibes for him. Do you have access to human antifungal 'Fluconazole'?
  9. Starve? Oh no! God bless that I don't have to starve them anyday. Oh man, you have no idea how lucky you are with that one. My orandas took a liking to my (previously beautifully planted out, too!) plants after I got them onto greens. All that has survived are two potted hairgrass, a dwarf anibus annnnd... No, thats all that lived. If their used to gel food, what Helen said will probably be even more effective. It's just getting them to realise it's food! Thank you so much for your reply, Amber!
  10. Thank you very much for the reply, Evening. :)
  11. I shall do it, sister. Thank you, Tithra. I shall rub the veggies with garlic juice! But I have searched all over the town but couldn't find a veggie clip like that of Edie's! :D So I shall try putting the veggies in the regular vacuum suckers meant for air pipes. That's great, my friend!
  12. GEE! Thank you so much Helen! Thank you so much! :)
  13. They don't eat the plants too, unless they're moss balls..
  14. Thank you very much for your reply, Sharkbait. Wonderful idea, evening. Thank you! Many many thanks for your great reply, Alex.
  15. My goldies always ignore the green things. When I give them veggies and fruits, they ignore until the veggies or fruits rot away. How do I convince them to eat those veggies?
  16. Gee! What absolutely beautiful fishies! Good luck my friend! Thank you so much for sharing!
  17. Previously I used to feed my Orandas four times daily. Now I have changed their schedule. They wake up with the rising sun at 5am. First feeding is done at 8:30am. Second feeding is done at 3:30pm. They go to sleep with the setting sun at 6pm. Is this schedule okay? Thanks.
  18. I guess I'm missing the mating behaviour in the morning, as I sleep late at night.
  19. Thank you for your reply, Shakaho. I guessed that they were males, because they have a slender body and the first fin ray of the pectoral is thicker than others and the first finray of the dorsal fin is thinner than the females. when all else fails you can try this: cool them down as in prepare for shipping put them into a plastic shipping bag , close them up in a box. then put then in car and take them for a ride . next unpack them into new water. new arrived fish always seem to get the urge and do it with in a few days after unpack If that does not work maybe try BWPG (Barry White pure gold.) ?? Thank you, Sir Michael. I shall try giving them new water and a bit of change as you suggested. :) BWPG music? Hehe! Mine get up really early in the morning to do their thing, so if you sleep late you might miss it. Several times I didn't even realize they'd done it until I was wondering why they were so interested in the gravel in one spot, only to discover they were eating eggs. Gee! I sometimes notice the same thing in the morning. I was also thinking of a close circuit camera for them. Really. Guess I need it. I wanna spy on them. :)
  20. Thank you so much for the valuable information, Helen. You're so knowledgeable. Hey Shawnee! You remembered my post! Thank you!
  21. They are a mixture of male and female Ryukins and Orandas. But, the males never get any breeding stars, and the females never get any eggs! It has been more than 8 years but none of them ever bred or exhibited a breeding behaviour (Well, 6 years ago, they chased one another for some days, but never bred.) Why is this happening?
  22. i think i almost died when i first noticed his scales standing out my boyfriend gets affected by my fish too, because he helps me with water changes and everything, and he picked steve (mr ill fish) so it's upset him too, which i find really sweet That's so nice! he's an awesome bf I bet!
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