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  1. I upgraded to a TetraPond 1500 filter, and that allowed me to upgrade to 1.5 inch hoses. Wow! The rate of water flow has drastically increased. You can now hear the water bubbling through the stream, and I feel like the pond water is being cycled much more often. The new filter is larger and more difficult to hide, but it is not leaking at all and is easier to maintain. I guess just like everything else you get what you pay for.
  2. I bought a half-pallet of stone for about $115 and it covered what you see. I used larger chunks of stone under the waterline to fill up space faster and leave room for fish to hide.
  3. More pics! Everything has gone well except that the filter I bought from Lowes intermittently begins to leak. I notice the water level is low, tighten the lid, and the leak stops. I need to find a replacement filter. The pickerelweed is blooming: Pond and fish by jprime84, on Flickr One of my 2 Sarasa Pond and fish by jprime84, on Flickr The only Koi in the pond: Pond and fish by jprime84, on Flickr Shubunkin: Pond and fish by jprime84, on Flickr From above: Pond and fish by jprime84, on Flickr Stream: Pond and fish by jprime84, on Flickr
  4. A nursery nearby sells all "floating plants" like 3 for $12 and they didnt seem to care if i grabbed one large one with 3 or 4 runners coming off of it and counting that as "1 plant"
  5. Well, its not letting me edit my previous posts, so if an Admin wants to consolidate all of this feel free. Pond complete by jprime84, on Flickr Untitled by jprime84, on Flickr Untitled by jprime84, on Flickr Untitled by jprime84, on Flickr
  6. Better? I changed the flickr permissions so you should be able to see now. -- i see it isnt working, hang on ill get it going
  7. Finished the rock today! I bought a half pallet of "Mountain Mist" slate. Sometimes it really helps having an old pickup truck around. Here it is! Pond complete by jprime84, on Flickr I lined just the top of the front side of the pond. Below that is liner to the bottom. On the far side, I decided to have rock stacked up from the bottom. I did my best to make lots of little caves and such along the side, but leave the bottom of the pond bare to it would be easier to clean. Untitled by jprime84, on Flickr Here you can see the stream outlet. Untitled by jprime84, on Flickr And here is the stream itself. So far in the way of plants I have the taller grass which is Blue Dart Rush, and the shorter grass is Mondo Grass. These should fill in over time and help prevent erosion. I also have the one gala lily, and the black knight butterfly bush which I am hoping will grow up and partially obscure the filter access point. The plant growing on the metal thing in the back is a red variety of honeysuckle. I am planning on adding a japanese waterfall maple to the edge so that it is nearby the pond, but not hanging over it. Untitled by jprime84, on Flickr
  8. The smaller stuff is water lettuce. It is an inexpensive floating plant. Behind that is purple pickerelweed. Here is a photo I googled of some blooming: Thanks for the tips and the appreciation! Its fun.
  9. I decided to do something similar to Sparky. I didnt cover the bottom in rocks, but I did make 4 or 5 little stacks that were made in a way that a fish can go inside of them for cover. They seem to be more comfortable knowing they have a shelter.
  10. Progress! I found a place that sells rock, but it was closed by the time I was there. Will go back Monday. Today I trimmed up the edge of the liner, and took someones advice on dealing with the runoff of rain. I used the rocky clay that I dug up to create the pond to make a sort of levy underneath the liner edge. Untitled by jprime84, on Flickr I packed this down and it seemed to work pretty well. I also dog a trench where water can run off the hill behind the pond instead of into the pond. I also integrated an overflow pipe. The incline of it to a lower level is only slight, but it does the job just fine. I tested it by adding water and it worked great. Untitled by jprime84, on Flickr The last thing that I did today was spread some fresh pine mulch around on top of all of the fresh earth to help with erosion and to keep random weeds from coming up. I think it looks a lot better to. Untitled by jprime84, on Flickr Now, time to sit back and enjoy our fish! So far we have 1 larger sarasa comet, and 2 smaller ones. We also have 6 small shubunkin but they are hard to see in the video due to the glare. It seems like its taking the fish a while to learn how floating food works.
  11. Yeah, there were toads in it this morning. I bet they have their share of bacteria, lol.
  12. Thought I would start a thread in this section to keep more of a photo journal of the process. We bought this house at the end of March 2011. The landscaping was a major component of what brought us to this house. The previous owners lived here for 20 years, and they did a ton of work on the place. Here is a photo of the pond site when we moved in in the Spring. We took out the dogwood to open up the yard a bit, and after moving the planters I had pretty much a blank slate. So as it turns out, digging is exhausting. The first foot or so is fairly easy, but after that I was met with an even mix of rock and North Carolina red clay. This picture is me just about finished. It took the better part of a saturday, plus another 3-4 days of an hour or two of digging and rock moving after work. The pump I bought is a 2000 gph waterfall pump, on a 3/4" inch hose to a canister filter. I packed the filter with the foam it came with, plus another helping of foam and Fluval bio media from the fish store. It cost about $350 all in all for the pump, liner, filter, and media. The next day I filled the pond. I used a 13 foot by 20 foot liner, and that gave me enough to cover the pond and keep a strip for the stream. I currently have a single young Shubunkin to initiate some kind of cycle. Considering the size of the pond though, I could probably get another 4 or 5 individuals to help that get situated faster. I have a few plants including Water Lettuce, Lilly, Taro, and something else that I forget. The next step is to trim up the liner and lay rock around the edges. Stay tuned!
  13. Well, I wouldnt be against trying some, but I have not seen any around. In other news, I filled the pond last night. I still left an area of only about a foot of depth, but I left it in the middle instead of a shelf along the edge. This way I still have a place to put my plants that are only supposed to be submerged a little bit. You can see where the stream trickles down on the left, and the rock pile on the right is concealing the 2000gph pump. Where you see the water lily is about 2 feet deep. Along the wall where the stream is its 2 feet, and where the pump is its 3 feet. Here is a thought. Do I leave the bottom bare, or do I cover it with rocks similar to whats in the stream I built? I have access to a lot of those river stones. I feel like it would look nicer, but I would probably lose at least 100 gallons or more of water space to the rocks, and it might be harder to clean. What opinions do you guys have about it? Pond construction by jprime84, on Flickr
  14. Also, in the pic where they show them with the lilys, you can see plenty of nibble marks on the leaves. I just learned about sarasa comets, and I like the look of them very much.
  15. I heard about it right here! If its not true, then great because I would like to have some wakin. http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/WAKIN.html
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