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  1. which plants are those? your tank looks sooo awesome.
  2. Best if: - Monitor the levels of toxicity daily to see yourself the answer to your questions, ie test for Amonium / Nitrate / Nitrite. - You had a LONG 20g tank, instead of a HIGH 20g tank. More swimming room and more oxygenation. - 1 Goldfish instead of 2 (unless they are baby), especially with fake plants and 1 small filter. - Real Plants instead of fake, to help filter your water. Real underwater plants would be Anubias and Java Fern. Or, Emergent Plants such as Pothos (has to have all leaves out of aquarium, only the green part which will make roots). - Aquafilters instead or in addition to marineland. Or more even. Also, try to see if you can fit any plants emergent safe plants in your aquarium. - A REAL aquarium stand that is well leveled. With what you have, your tank may eventually get cracks / leak. And yes, this means making actual room for the aquarium, and to account for splashes / water leaking when doing water changes, and thus having a cover on the floor for it.
  3. Anubias and Java Fern, ALWAYS.
  4. Why not both? When i had a 75gallon, i would use Aquafilter 110, Aquafilter 70, and Eheim 2217 on it. Worked great for me, i would clean up the HOB often (like every week or two), and the canister when i felt like it (1 to 2 months). If something fails, the others are still covered. Also, the Canister is quieter, and i can put alot of misc media, so i like using it with the HOB. I would do a sump with aquarium if it was modified with overflow taken care of, ie holes in the aquarium and proper measurements so no accidents can happen. May want to try this one day, probably an awesome option too, but probably will still have my multi filters in place. Now, i have a 30g with 1 baby standard goldfish at the moment, and i do either Aquafilter 70 + Eheim 2213, or Aquafilter 70 + HOB Fish Separator running with pump (and full of sponge / bio, with emergent plants on top), or all 3. By the way, i moded my Aquafilter 70 to have a motor / impeller of a Aquafilter 20, and much quieter and slower now, which i prefer. Oh, and i got sponge prefilters on all... All aquarium planted with low light compatible plants (anubias / Java fern) and sand substrate.
  5. It is always possible it may not have been a real BN Pleco. Not all fish act the same though, so it is always a chance unfortunately. Maybe a female BN Pleco will be gentler. Mine was anyways. Just so you know, a regular BN pleco can live 30+ years, but an albino one might be only half. I had snails in my tank too...MTS and another kind that didnt reproduce, but laid these ugly eggs everywhere that would never hatch... Just so you know, regular goldfish have less health issues then fancy ones, and live longer, in general. In the fancy kind, my fantail ones were doing better then the other kind. That said, cant mix fancy and regular. I wish i had done regular... yes, it means less fish in the tank, but, less heart pain losing them too. Another thing i would like to do next time is to provide RO / filtered water instead of tap water, and did more of the do your own veggie food most of the week, with 1 to 2 days with meat / krill, 1 day fast.
  6. Thank you Alex and Shakaho for sharing this info. I may have to experiment and add 1 single tail to my group of fantails and see.
  7. Thanks for all the post, specially from Dnalex original post. Not owning single tails at the moment, I was hoping for realistic huge improvements switching from fantails to single tails eventually in the long run. I was always under the wrong impression that I could hope for 5 years from fancies, and 15-20 years from Common Goldfish, as an average of course, and not an average of 6 - 8 for single tails... I have all fantails in order to be close to the single tails, no more of the other types for me eventhough my wife complains that they just look like normal goldfish, wanting to make my chances higher at a stronger breed and life expectancy and lesser disease due to body being too compacted because of modified genes. I cannot currently hope for a pond, I am restricted to aquariums....
  8. Hi, if I am reading this correctly, the results are more for the fancy type goldfish right? I am wandering on results for Comets / Common goldfish kept in a coldwater aquarium, such as a 75g planted one. Or how about the fancy Fantail only, again in a coldwater aquarium. What are your experiences with these 3 types?
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