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  1. Great pics of some lovely fish
  2. Great gang, Cricket is my fav! was he being fed in the last pic?
  3. Like the simple look and nice fishie's
  4. Firstly Moe: Larry: And lastly Curly;
  5. Thats one awesome looking fishie :5: and great tank
  6. Great fish room, may I ask what cichlids you kept?
  7. orca


    180g with Black Shark: 60g with Red Devil: 40g with juvenile Red Tiger Motaguense : 60g with Blue Acaras and Green Terror:
  8. Very nice pair of Green Terrors (Aequidens rivulatus),
  9. Bagheera is a very nice fish, Hatter really catches my eye, With regards to the voice in Jungle Book its Sebastian Cabot. In Jungle Book 2 and Jungle Book Groove party its Bob Joles and as a matter of interest Bagh (बाघ) means Tiger in Hindi
  10. They are really nice fish and can be very aggressive, especially when looking after their fry. Originating from Central America (Guatemala,Honduras and also present along the Pacific slope of El Salvador).
  11. A couple of old pics of my breeding pair I had way back.
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