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  1. i have two of these running in it. i am not totally ignorarant, most people know undergravel is out of date. if i had meant undergravel or power filter o hang on back filter i would have said so. i said underwater. i am very discouraged, the water looks unhealthy.
  2. does anyone know if underwater filters are actually effective..? would underwater fluval work for a indoor rubber maid 100 gallon? is there a way to rig a power filter onto a rubbermaid? if underwater filters aren't effective for goldfish would you recommend something else?
  3. so red/ yellow/ and orange variety could be considered orange, i only buy fancy tails.
  4. when you say gold.. do you mean.. or more orange or more bronze?
  5. sounds like a lot of fish for 100 gallons but maybe
  6. how to set up feng shui 100 gallon tank.. how many fish? what would be a feng shui number? which colors? gold/ black?
  7. well i have done a lot of research and it sounds like the canister fluval would be able to support two fish i have also been reading about underwater fans for water movement, it is like a treadmill for the fish
  8. i would like to open up a debate about a 20 gallon long aquarium. does this make it a good size for 2? filtration would be a 205 gph fluval canister filter. the fish would be ranchu/ lionhead. this is a theoretical discussion for future tank plans.
  9. i will post some updated pictures soon with more fish, these are from a month ago.
  10. oh i apalogize to everyone, that is not the same fish i forgot to label it. that is my lionhead veiltail. the first fish is my sarassa ranchu. sorry about the confusion.. thanks for the compliments. i never saw a lionhead veiltail before so i was really excited to get him.
  11. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3456/5764674280_3d828d4707.jpg this is my ranchu the day she came home, have had her about a month, she is already fatter
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