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  1. Did you ever figure this out? I've just discovered that my untreated tap water tested with the regular ph test (not high range) turns from blue to clear in about two minutes. I usually test it and immediatley dump it out, but I sat it aside for a minute this time. Primed water doesn't turn clear and it tests with a lower ph. And then last night I started soaking some white buckets (they'd had pickles in them) and saw that my water is blue! It looks like a chlorohexidine solution! The picture washes the color out, it's darker then this.
  2. PLEASE buy it! Buy 7960 and 7965 too! That way I CAN't!
  3. Actually..... Yes. Oh and you're welcome! lol
  4. Beautiful! I love him! He has the same coloration as one of my ryukins, right down to the spots. I've been calling it blue but it's a different color then my blue oranda.
  5. I'm very sorry your fish is sick. These folks are giving you great advice and I hope he pulls through. I just wanted to add a little info. I had that exact same bridge decoration in my bare bottom tank and it grew nasty things inside. One day during a water change, I dumped a bucket of water into the tank near the bridge and chunks of slimy stuff came out of it.
  6. Thanks everybody! Here's a video, if I can make it work...
  7. Meet Leviathan. He (I think) just arrived today, and he's HUGE! He's also incredibly slimey at the moment. I can't wait for him to be settled in so I can get him in some light and see him better. His belly looks so yellow!
  8. The last picture's AWESOME! I can't believe such beautiful healthy fish didn't get purchased for a year!
  9. That Oranda is AMAZING! Congrats!
  10. Ahhhhhh, the company of fellow "enthusiasts"! LOL Thanks!
  11. Here's the blue Ryukin I found on ebay. I almost didn't buy her because I'd just had that serious run in with flukes, but I'm an addict. UPS delayed the package overnight in Kentucky and the poor thing was laying on her back when it arrived. She perked up almost immediately after being unbagged though. Meet Potato!
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