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  1. There also some blackish/dark grey comets: parents two regular orange comets...I have 3 who have stubbornly not changed colors in my small outdoor pond in 4 years. Other babies of two orange parents and two shubunkins have changed into a variety of orange, white, etc. But these 3 are still dark as they enter their 5th year!
  2. IF you attach the siphon to the sink's faucet, it's important to use the switch to close off the tank end (usually located about two feet from the end) when it is submersed and water has gone up to that switch; then turn on the faucet end to drain and let it run for a few minutes; then turn the switch and allow the faucet to pull the water and gunk from the tank. It can work if the tank and sink are at the same level if the hose first goes onto the floor level before going up again to the sink. On the other hand, I have found more suction and less water waste to drain the siphon out a window and onto the lawn or garden. There I just inhale at the end of the hose and drop to ground when I see the water coming!
  3. Algae scraper works as does a scrubby that is finely textured. I wouldn't use a screwdriver as that might scratch the glass. I scrape off the algae in my tanks before I do a water change/cleaning with the fish inside...
  4. It is amazing how slow some fancy goldfish colors mature. When I got my one-eyed oranda, Ridley, s/he was "chocolate." Now three years later s/he is becoming far more black and white with a wee bit of gold! Beautiful in all stages! Meanwhile in my small pond, last year baby shubukins have all changed to adult coloring while there's a good 7-8 comets of some adult color still in the "baby" coloring....
  5. Hoping it's not a crack--but if it is one can replace it with tempered glass of the same weight and then reseal as per videos. I have done this but learned a few things in the process. 1) the scraping off the old silicon is vital and razor blade knives are the best; 2) use alcohol to wipe the glass clean after scraping--and shows up leftover bits; 3) use enough but not too much silicon: too much=like decorating a cake and very messy. When you press it into seam it should overlap the glass = to the seams of the other seams: wider overlap of silicon the larger the tank; 4) go to Home Depot/hardware store and get the tool to press the silicone in and edge. Gloved fingeres don't keep it uniform; 5) plenty of ventilation--you can't believe what the order is like until one sticks one head inside the tank with the silicone gun; 6) let dry 48 hours--then test it for 24 hours Good luck!
  6. Thanks! He he is...Thomas More, age 8 http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc420/revchristinejday/Thomas%20More.jpg
  7. Even though you have made your decision, I thought I'd though my two cents in. Most the the ruykins have had, from a LFS or Petsmart, have developed swim bladder problems by age three. But I do have a healthy 8 year old black moor for a LFS.
  8. More is always better and the spray bars diffuse what might be a current. Remember the actual gph is usually less than advertised. In fact you might want to add a bit more to "equal" 750....
  9. Well...I have two who are about 8" long counting the tail. They were spawned in a neighbors pond and lived their first two-three years in the following tank sizes: 29 gal; 55 gal. and 125 gal. (with fancies). They have been in a 300 gallon pond for the past 4 years with 2 shubunkins about 6" long counting the tail who are now almost 3 years old.
  10. I used the Aqueon until it broke after a year--the plastic fitting to the faucet. And I found the tubing not very flexible. I couldn't get a Python locally, so I got a Lee. I've have the Lee now for about 5 years and it is more flexible with a sturdier plastic.
  11. Get one of the 20 or more gallon plastic tubs as a temporary space for your fish...better than a 5 gallon bucket and often quite reasonable at Home Depot. I had my 45 gallon corner tank surprize my in early spring...so I transfered the albino ACF filter, etc into my unused 29 gallon. There were two leaks on one side--and it had been perfectly fine the night before but two incles of water that morning...and at first it looked like it was leaking everywhere. I will taking off the old silicon and reasealing next week on my vacation. There are lots of Youtube videos on how to reseal a tank. I found them helpful. Good luck!
  12. It's a lovely planted tank. Plants and goldfish tanks are an interesting combination. Is it anacharis that plant that I think I see that you think is doing poorly? If so, they are salad to most goldies. Afterthe "pond season" I bring the anacharis into my tank and they are consumed by week end. Many of the others are slow growers. All I really grow in my tank are anubias since they are not salad and very sturdy if slow growers. You might try adding some of the liquid carbon products to help with the beard algae and boost growth. There's Excel and API makes one.
  13. So sorry to hear about your fish. The QT and salt and recommended meds will help. Once s/he's healed, you will be surprised at how well s/he can do. I have a chocolate/silver oranda who arrived at the LFS with only one eye--the other was just an empty socket, he was such a sweetie that I brought him home and he just thrives...Good luck!
  14. Hi! I've got my 125 tank and wood stand on hardwood floors--that's why one puts down towels on the floor for water changes. I had cut the bottom frame out of thick plywood and use those slidee-thingees (for refrigerators and other heavy furniture) on all corners and the the middle support. It has worked oyt well. When I had to get just one more inch distance in the back for a new filter...with the help of a friend I was able to nudge the whole tank, water, fish and all, that one more inch with the slindee-thingees. Good luck on your move, Chris
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