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  1. No problem I'm doing an 80% water change tomarro (the water is sitting overnight) and i might even make a video on it! I'm going to post on Youtube and Koko's :D
  2. I know but so many things have been going on, we just havn't found the time. And besides, our tank is still cycling so it get's foggy much easier then tanks that have been kept for longer periods of time. I already knew what you ststed above, but thanks anyway!
  3. Ok so my goldfish tank is REALLY dirty and me and my grandma (i'm only 11 years old so i need help getting the water out and things like that)wanted to clean the tank today sense it's been a few months sense we did our 25% water change. I told my grandma to check on Koko's sense she didn't know much about this stuff (i do, but she likes to make sure)but instead, she goes on google and looks on there and looks on pet store sites and i told her "People on Koko's OWN goldfish. They know more about this stuff" but she continued looking on THAT site, and they said to not do a full water change (which we were planning on doing sense it's been MONTHS and that tank looks DISGUSTING)but i told her "Doing a full water change would be the best option right now. This tank looks gross" but we're not sure WHAT to do now! So guys, should we go on with the full water change or only a half-water change? Thanks a bunch!
  4. So, i was on google and came across a shocking picture. It was of a little, freckle-faced girl holding a bowl full of water and not 1...not 2...not 3...not 4.....not 5 BUT 6 common goldfish in the bowl! The girl seemed fairly happy (because she didn't know her fish basics!) Common goldfish need at least 20 gallons per fish so 6 fish, 80-85 gallon tank. Not a skimpy, teeny, cramped up bowl! So, fellow fish lovers at Koko's, lend me your ear, and tell me, how do you, my friend, feel about this picture. Picture Description: Red haired, Freckle face little girl (possibly 6-7 years old) holding a tiny bowl full of 6 common goldfish who obviously need 20 gallons per fish. Putting goldfish in bowls should be outlawed!!!!A happy hello from Eric, Kenny, Butters and me, Angelina!
  5. It is a tumour. It is natural, as all tumours are but they are not supposed to have it. Goldfish like orandas and lionheads are supposed to have that growth. On another goldfish like a common or a ryukin it would be considered a deformity but on an oranda, it's just a simple head growth that they are supposed to have.
  6. This is not quite correct. For some orandas, their wen can grow so much that it blocks their vision and can cause them to become inactive. This happened recently to a member of this forum, iwebe10. She ended up having to trim his wen. Orandas can have their wen trimmed O.O OMG that sounds painful...I hope i never have to get my oranda's wen trimmed...
  7. Is the cat in your profile picture yours LOL tooooo cuteee! I love cats! And dogs! I am a huge animal lover.
  8. The comments didn't hurt me, it did worry me though because i thought in my head "oh jeez...now my fish are gonna die and it's all my fault...STUPID ME!!!!" but know i know that people might say nasty things in the future, so i just wanted to say "Yes, yes, i know! I'm getting a bigger tank ASAP" I'm taking REALLY good care of them and they seem really active and healthy. They are all babies now and they have alot of space to swim but i know that they grow pretty big. I'm making big water changes 5 days a week! They seem healthy (not to mention fat) and happy for now I'll even be posting pics of them soon OMG i went to my friends house and she had an oranda in a bowl GOLDFISH DON'T BELONG IN BOWLS It's makes me sad every time i see a goldfish in a bowl. They don't belong there! At least mine are in a tank. Bowls are just cruel.
  9. I didn't mean you guys, i just said that so nobody would say nasty things in the future. They seem alright now, even with foggy water, and i'm using you're routine later today, so thanks And now that i know, i'm a so taking advice from you guys over the fish store people. Like i said, i love my goldfish A-LOT and i really want them to live for a while. Now that you bring it up, maybe i will buy a used tank instead. Will a 45 gallon be good for my 3 goldies? How much would the average used 45 gallon tank cost? Thanks a bunch
  10. It's not a tumor. It's a simple growth that orandas have. It's all natural. Although, it can interfeire a bit with their vision, but nothing too serious, really. It's all nat-u-ral.
  11. People of Koks's, Hey I just wanted to tell all of you guys that I found the problem and me and my family are trying our best to afford a bigger tank. Much more sooner then later. But for now, my guys are fine. PLEASE no nasty comments on tank size, i know it's a bit too small and we are trying to upgrade. Thanks -Goldfish-Lover
  12. We're trying to afford the money. It isn't our fault. We didn't know. But know that we do, we're trying our best. I understand. Thanks so much.
  13. We're trying our best to upgrade. But unfortunatly, we're not the richest family. We're trying though, more sooner then later is always best. I hope we can afford it soon, hopefully.
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