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  1. Ok. Thanx, will look into a bigger one asap.
  2. Oh, it was indeed mating behaviour! I see eggs all over lol. She's still dropping them as I write lol. How long does it take for the male to fertelize them and what do i do next. I'd love to keep some. Helllpp lol
  3. Thanks for reply. They were intially fish that we bought and put in a starter bowl (which is tiny), they didnt have a filter or anything. They grew and became a bit big for the round bowl, so we got a glass tank. The tank measures 29.5Lx 32Hx 18.5D. Before we moved them I conditioned the water. Im not so clued up on the parameters. Could the big one be bullying the little one coz of the new environment? When i feed them they both eat and the big one sort of refrains from chasing the little one, once he's done he'll chase her again. He seems to nudge and 'nip' under her belly and yes, she does go and hide in the corner or behind the plant. He'll still go to her and push her out of where she's hiding. She seems ok ie fins dont seem damaged. We did seperate then yesterday for a while, and they both seemd a bit frantic. The little one seem to not settle down, kept swimming around like when they see its feeding time. The little one does seem round, right back until where the back tail starts.
  4. Hi Hoping someone can help me. I have two goldfish (not sure of variety, one is plain gold with big tail, and smaller one is white and gold with smaller tail) The white and gold one looks chubby, not thinish like big one, and the big one keeps chasing the little one. Keeps pushing and its nonstop. Is this mating behaviour? I've tried to look at vents but hard. The small one has a quite big, open looking vent, and the big one smaller but can see it ok.Should I leave them to be or take one out? Im just worried its stressing the little one out as its non stop. I tried looking on the gills for the big fish for telltale signs of spawning, but cant see anything obvious. Please help as im worried. Sheree
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