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  1. yes it is normal for a new fish to be a bit inactive. I would keep the lights off and feed very sparingly. So long as the water conditions are good and the fish is eating i would not worry about this. Just monitor him and keep him quiet. is he in quarantine or with other fish

    One other fish in the tank, not QT.


  2. nobody replied to my ad at all. my mom said there was no way she was going to buy a pool for goldfish. She said i can dig a small hole in the backyard and put the fish in there if i want to but no pools. well i guess i can just keep waiting for someone to take them.

    if no one takes them, my grandpa said he can make a small patio pond for them. he wants to grow water lilies and found a wooden barrel at a wine store for cheap. it kind of looks like the second last one from this site. he says it holds 90l of water, will that be better for my fish?

    I guess those would be better for your fish, but then we'd have to get into cycling and everything. It is a long process. :o If you are willing to give them up, then you should phone up other petstores around you and ask if they will accept your goldfish. ;)


  3. I just bought a black moor, but a closer look told me it wasn't only a black moor. It has a single tail, and it's color is more of a brown/ bronze than a black. Also, it's eyes dont extend out as far as a normal black moor. Could this be a black moor/ common goldfish mix? I know the pic isn't to good, it's from a cell phone.


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