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  1. I just bought a lionhead yesterday, and it has been bottom sitting from time to time. Is this normal for a new fish due to stress? If wondering, the tank is 20 gallons, cycled. Ammonia is 0, Nitrite 0, nitrate 20. -James
  2. I may upgrade my current 20 gallon tank to around 30 soon, and was wondering what size filter would be good for it w/ 2 fancy goldfish. Thanks. -James
  3. Very cute fish, loving the Black Moor. -James
  4. It's worth it. A large fancy goldfish is a very beautiful site. -James
  5. It has those popping eyes, just not very big. -James
  6. I've also heard that most Black Moors change from black to orange as they age. Maybe that will happen to mine. -James
  7. I really won't go over 2 in that tank. -James
  8. Did you check out the before and after pics thread? Over time, you may be surprised. -James
  9. I'm with Stakos on this one. A five gallon is not suitable for goldfish, they are very messy and have the potential to get up to a foot long in some cases. -James
  10. Nice goldies, keep us updated as they grow and possibly change color. -James
  11. Is there any way you can get a picture? Maybe quickly take it out of water? -James
  12. I agree with the others. Goldfish are very messy fish and grow very big, so an upgrade in size is a must. At the very least each fish should have atleast ten gallons of space. -James
  13. I guess those would be better for your fish, but then we'd have to get into cycling and everything. It is a long process. If you are willing to give them up, then you should phone up other petstores around you and ask if they will accept your goldfish. -James.
  14. I have one Black moor and one Lionhead in a 20 gallon tank (has been running for about 2 years with tropicals but gave them away), so is this a big enough home for my current goldfish? Will i need to upgrade?
  15. I just bought a black moor, but a closer look told me it wasn't only a black moor. It has a single tail, and it's color is more of a brown/ bronze than a black. Also, it's eyes dont extend out as far as a normal black moor. Could this be a black moor/ common goldfish mix? I know the pic isn't to good, it's from a cell phone.
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