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  1. beautiful video, i am very jealous of your fish !!!! lol !
  2. beautiful fish and really fantastic photo's..........more please !!!
  3. this thread is amazing!!! so impressive to see you all coming together to help someone, now that's what i call friendship!!
  4. also i think it was the huge skewer it was attached too !!!
  5. dont worry, i am saving fast for another tank, i had too rescue her quickly from awful conditions, i hope she grows into a big loveable monster and i know she would eat my smaller fish, i cant wait to get a bigger tank and a friend or two for her. i love her bits
  6. i have to thank this forum for saving betty's (my oranda) life TWICE. the first time was last week when i thought she was tangled in weed. i released her but she wasnt swimming right and i thought it may be swim bladder? i rushed to computer, went straight to this forum and read symptons first thing was test water, i did and it was high in nitrates i quickly did 40% water change, and very soon she was back to normal then two days ago, i put some cucumber in the tank on a scewer, the guppies and snails loved it, but guess who wouldnt go near it!!! the next day i noticed a very long thin poo gliding behind her, so back to forum, check poo guide and it said she was stressed!!! i quickly removed offending cucumber and now she is as right as rain. :thanks
  7. is it o.k. to feed a couple of tiny, crushed and soaked cat biscuits to my fish??? i have done this a couple of times now and they go mental!!! i have given them this treat when i know i am going to use my gravel cleaner, cos i dont want to upset the balance of the water if any little bits are left in there. i only feed this once a week but they do love it.
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