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  1. Thanks! I am so glad I found Koko's I can't believe I was sold that tiny thing for him, I'm looking to upgrade his 20 gallon as well so he can have a friend.
  2. I joined Koko's the first day I got him and found that his home was waaaay too small for him, within the first month I upgraded and I think he is doing well!! He has grown quite a bit and has changed colour, I have picked up many tips from here! During my last water change I put him in his old home to see the difference. Old photos New Photos
  3. They're all such beautiful fish!! I love Blondie
  4. WOW! they are getting big!! how old are the fry now?? Finny's butt wiggle is adorable! Banana is so cute as well
  5. They are both beautiful!! I love their chubby faces
  6. WOW! She is absolutely stunning
  7. She's lovely! I love how white looks on goldfish
  8. Gorgeous fish and tank!!! I love the calico oranda
  9. Lovely tank and fish!! looks like they're having fun in their new home
  10. Lovely tank and fish! I would love a tank that size
  11. WOW, that fish is so gorgeous!! I get what you mean from the video about her looking like liquid metal!! So vibrant!!
  12. Your tank and fish look great!! I love the variety of plants!
  13. Love the change! the black looks lovely
  14. They're both beautiful! makes me want angelfish... oh dear I may end up with more tanks!!
  15. They're all gorgeous! love the tails!!
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