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  1. I will try my best. He didn't want to take the food from me, it just ended up falling to the bottom of the tank, but hopefully he picks at it and eats it. On a side note, I just fed Eugene his gel food and he swam at it like it is his favorite thing in the world! Gobbled it all up and is now swimming around picking up every single little bit that went floating around! I hope Wendal starts to eat with that kind of vigor! He was lying on his side in the back corner of the tank, so I had to scoop him up in my hand to try to feed him. He didn't take much of the food, but once I released him, he started wiggling around the bottom of the tank upside right! As I said that, he just swam up to the surface really fast, and immediately sunk back down to the bottom, twice. Now he is sitting in the back corner again. I don't know if that is a good sign or not, but hopefully I get this all sorted out for him ASAP.
  2. Alright. Salt is in, and I will go grab some of the gel food right now. I'm going to have to hand feed it to him, I hope he takes it!
  3. Okay, will do! Should I feed him the metro gel food now as well? I really hope I made enough. I was only expecting to treat Eugene with it, not Wendal too! Oh well, if I run out, I'll just have to buy more metronidazole and make some more!
  4. He's by himself in the tank. You think I should do epsom instead of the aquarium salt? I haven't added anything yet because I just want to make sure I make the best choice for Wendal!
  5. Okay, I'll start him on the metro gel food. I have not yet added the salt to the tank; I just finished dissolving it all in a bowl of tank water. Should I go ahead and add it now or will it interfere with the metronidazole?
  6. tithra, he's currently sitting in the back corner of the tank, and I can't for the life of me get a look at him. I'll reach in and move him around a bit to see if I can take a look. In the meantime, here's a different picture (this time with the flash), this one doesn't look so dark to me, it may have just been the image, not sure. http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/DSC04698.jpg dnalex, will the metro gel food help with pop eye? I thought it was just for dropsy, but I'm pretty new to all this medication stuff! Also, I mentioned the bloody patch earlier, there's a much better photo of it earlier in the thread if you would like to take a better look at it. Poor guy, he's trying to swim, but it's just not happening for him..
  7. Which part of his gills? I don't see any redness or anything like that anywhere on his gills. The covers (although transparent seeming) look to be the same colour as the rest of him.
  8. Yes, the swelling is down, but not completely. How should I remove the salt, a series of water changes in one day? Or over a few days. It's too late for me to do anymore tank cleaning tonight (ugh), but I'll be able to do it all tomorrow after work. Will one more day be bad for him?
  9. The pH is pretty stable, sits around 7.5. I got almost all of the gunk out of the tank on my first cleaning. I don't actually think I can do another one right now (people are going to bed soon at my house....). Should I just salt now and do another big change tomorrow once I get home from work? Would that be okay? Or do you think Wendal might not make it through the night if I don't? He's really going downhill He's breathing incredibly fast and bouncing up and down with each breath. I wish I could get a video of what he is doing right now, but my camera just died so I've got the camera charging now. dnalex, this is the only photo I had of his eye, and I can't get more until the camera is charged: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/DSC04704.jpg Also, I'm a little concerned about his gill cover - it seems a lot more transparent than it used to be. Here is a shot of that: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/DSC04706.jpg
  10. koko, I just finished doing the 50% change about 20 minutes ago. Haven't yet added the salt. I just want to make sure I add the right dosage. I have a 38 gallon tank, so I should be adding 38 teaspoons of salt, if I'm correct? And you suggest doing ANOTHER 50% water change now?
  11. He becomes more active when I enter the room. Food doesn't seem to phase him, but when it floats by, or when I put it near his mouth, he eats it. I've been sitting in the room with him for the past while and now he doesn't react to my presence. I will try to take a photo of his eyes, but I don't know if I can get different perspectives unless I hold him, which I really want to limit doing. Will post pictures ASAP.
  12. Thank you! : Oh yes, one more question: how long should Eugene be in Epsom salt solution? It's been 8 days now.
  13. dnalex, just got your reply too. I just did a very good cleaning on the filter, scrubbed EVERYTHING down, and I've taken out the driftwood. I can't put Wendal in a QT tank because Eugene is currently in it so Wendal has been in the big tank by himself for a little while now. Should I refrain from feeding Wendal in the big tank? I'm worried about this because he has been having a hard time eating lately, so anything he manages to eat makes me feel a little more optimistic about his health.
  14. Tithra, that sounds like exaclty what they are! Looking into them, I'm glad to see that they are practically harmless. Koko, the only thing in the tank now is my air curtain. And the filter, of course. I just took out my 3 pieces of driftwood. Other than that, I recently removed the last remaining amount of gravel (I had taken out about 70% of it over the last 6 months... super slow, but just to be safe!). I took the rest out maybe two weeks ago now. I'm so very concerned about Wendal still. I've been keeping the tank light off lately in case it was stressing him out even more. I've been monitoring him very closely over the past couple hours, here is what else I've seen: - I'm worried that he may be experiencing some kind of pop eye. I say this because for a little while, I was worrying that I was going to have to trim back his wen a little because it was covering his eyes. The past week, however, his eyes were more noticable; I just assumed maybe his wen had done something on its own... I don't know - I can't tell 100%, but it seems like he is passing solid pieces of the peas he has been eating. I can post a photo if that helps. - The red streaks in his tail are now in ALL of his fins even his dorsal fin. Do you think that there is a possibility he ingested a piece of gravel before I could remove it all, and this is what is causing his distress? Or can you think of other reasons he has been acting this way? He has been pretty floaty the whole time I've had him, but he is a deep bodied goldfish, so I would just treat with peas once in a while, and it seemed to straighten things out a bit. He started bottom sitting a lot instead of floating, and now it has progressed even worse to what it is now. Thank you guys for your help, it means a lot to me!
  15. Here's a video of the creepy-crawlies... http://s29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/?action=view&current=M4H04694.mp4 Anyone know what they are and if they're hurting Wendal? I would assume there's a bunch in the tank and I don't think I'll be able to get them all in one cleaning...
  16. Okay, I will do that. I have java ferns growing on the driftwood though, what can I do to keep them alive while they're out of the tank?
  17. Okay, I've just been working on cleaning the tank now. My water was crystal clear the other day before I left, now it is green-ish, and there is sludgy stuff growing all over my driftwood in there. I took out the driftwood so I could clean the gunk off, put it in one of my buckets and brought it to the sink. I took out the wood, and then I saw all these creepy-crawlie little slug like things left in the bucket! Eek! I don't know what they are, and I don't know if they're attributing to Wendal's illness. I'll post the video I took of it as soon as it finishes uploading. When I move the water around, they kind of ball up, and when the water settles down, they start crawling around again (I show this in the video).
  18. Just got home a little while ago, I've been dealing with poor Wendal now with his unexplained illness.... Eugene seems to be doing very well! Most of the swelling in his body is down now (although one side is slightly swollen still). He is very active and alert. He is swimming well, and his colour is beautiful once again. His fins are not in the greatest condition, but I suppose that will just take some time. Just wondering, how long should I be feeding him the metro-gel food for? Thanks everyone!
  19. Okay, so just tested the water..... I have NO idea what happened in my tank over the last few days, but my nitrites and nitrates have skyrocketed. Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0.6 Nitrates: 50 Everything was zero (except nitrates were at about 10) when I left my house a few days ago. Tithra, as for answers to your questions: Is there any pineconing? (difficult to tell from the pic) - I do not see any pineconing Is he able to get himself up to swim around? - He is able to move around a bit. Very occasionally, he sits upside right (instead of sideways) and swims around the container I have him in. My mom mentioned that this morning he had swam quickly up to the top of the tank, and sank back down right after. Is he lying in a c-shape? - no, he's lying flat Has he been able to eat anything? - my mom hand fed him some peas yesterday, he ate a bunch. He also picked up some peas from the bottom of the tank this morning too, instead of having to be handfed. Since I've put him in the container, he's pooped some short, fat, green pea coloured poops.
  20. Here is a photo of the redness on his side: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/DSC04684.jpg I will test the water now. It's due for a cleaning, I've been away, and this is stressing me out so much! I'll post once I have the results. I googled the redness on his side, and came up with tuberculosis??!?!?! I'm so worried!
  21. A bit more information - upon putting him in the smaller container, I've noticed that he has a bit of black alone the edge of one of his pectoral fins. He also has a red sore on the side of his body that he has been lying on. Its all red around the scales and looks sore. I managed to try to get a look down his throat, see if anything was caught in there, but I couldn't see anything. Any ideas guys?? What could be wrong?? I'll try to get a picture of the redness on his side.
  22. Okay guys, I am home now, and Wendal is not in a good state. He is lying on his right side, barely breathing. I thought he was dead when I came to check on him He's a bit more active now that I am around, breathing more and such. I spoke with someone who knows animals VERY very well, and I highly value her thoughts and opinions when it comes to things like this. She suggested that he has perhaps swallowed a piece of gravel (before I removed it all), and that he also may have some sort of mucus type stuff that may be making it very difficult for him to eat. I have scooped Wendal out of the tank into a smaller rubbermaid container so that I can take a closer look at him. If I do see something lodged in his throat, what would be the best way to get it out? Just use some tweezers? Or would that possibly hurt him? The poor guy is really struggling. I haven't seen him in this bad of shape before he's had health issues for the past while, but this is definitely the worst I've seen him. Help!
  23. Okay, sounds good. I'll ask her to prepare him some. What do you think could be causing him to lie on his side?
  24. He's actually just been eating the plain gel food that I made (I made two separate ones). Should I start him on the metro gel food? Thanks for your help. I really hope he's not doing as bad as my mom says he is....
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