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  1. I usually feed him Omega One sinking pellets. I'll try that! Thanks!
  2. Just got home from work, he was floating at the top, and I thought he was dead He's okay though, still alive... His poops look normal. I haven't tried fasting him. I just got him off the metro gel food, and I've been feeding him some jump start pellets for the past few days.
  3. Hey guys, I haven't been home in a couple days - just got back, and Wendal is floating at the top of the tank. I have the water lowered (there's about half left in the tank), and he's not sitting on the bottom upside down anymore, but now he's just bobbing around at the top. I thought he was stuck to the filter intake, gave me quite a scare! Poor guy, I just want to fix him
  4. Okay, well I lowered Wendal's water. I took out about 40% of it, think that is enough? I rigged up something with a new filter pad for my other filter to stop the noise of the water trickling. Hopefully this helps him!! I'll let you know how he's doing tomorrow evening too, see if anything has changed!
  5. Thanks tithra I'll have to try that out! That's exactly what I meant by it being too noisy. I wonder what has caused Wendal to sink like this? He was perfectly fine a little while ago, and then all of a sudden started having this problem. Hmmm... I'll keep you guys updated!
  6. Hi guys! Didn't have the internet for a little bit there... Wendal is doing the same as he has been for the past little while. I'm giving him his last bit of metro gel food tonight, and that's it. Water params are good. Koko, I tried to lower the water, but the tank is in my room, and it was SO loud to sleep, I couldn't take it.... Maybe I'll have to try to rig something up so the filter isn't so noisy when the water is lower. Would this be a temporary thing, or do you think I would permanently have to keep the water level low?
  7. Well, Wendal has been on the metro gel food for about 23 days now. I don't see any more improvements. Last week, he was actually sitting upside right, but I haven't seen him do that at all this week. I don't want to say his condition is getting worse, but it's not really getting any better. Poor guy sits in the corner and just tries to swim. He doesn't look to be in any pain at all, which is a relief. Think I should keep going with the metro food? I only have enough for a few more days.
  8. He is eating and he is pooping. Everything seems normal there. I guess I'm just kind of grasping at straws trying to figure out what is wrong with him, and what else I could possibly do to help him feel better... It's really stressful, for him and for me!
  9. I'm not actually sure if my fish has done this. I don't have any gravel in my tank anymore, so if he did, he would have eaten it maybe a month or so ago. I'm asking this because (for those of you who have been following my thread in the 911 forum), my oranda Wendal has really not been feeling well. He is eating metro gel food to hopefully help him, but he has kind of plateaued in his healing. He got a little bit better, better enough to not be lying on his side anymore, but since then, very little progress has been made. I'm wondering if he maybe ate a piece of gravel and it is blocking something inside of him. What kind of symptoms would this present?
  10. Just curious about this. What would happen to a fish if it actually eats a piece of gravel from the bottom of the tank? Anyone know?
  11. I've thought about getting his wen trimmed, but I don't know if it will help his situation or just make it harder for him.... plus I love his huge wen!! He's just been lying on the bottom upside down all day. I don't know what causing him to do that. He's been eating the metro gel food daily, and certainly has a huge appetite! I will update if anything changes again.
  12. Good idea Koko His poops look good to me, small pieces and the same colour as his food. Nothing out of the ordinary! And last time I felt his tummy (yesterday, I think), it didn't feel mushy, and it wasn't super hard. Felt normal to me! I'm wondering if it is mainly his wen causing most of the problems now because it is so big. Does that happen often?
  13. His wen has always been a little jiggly, but it has definitely become more jiggly lately. Is this a problem? Or is it just because of the size of the wen? And I'll keep checking the parameters every chance I get!
  14. Thanks, I think he's so adorable too!! To me, it seems that his sides are more bloated than they should be (particularly his right side). I know you can't really see it so well in the video, but I can see it. Perhaps just a little bit of epsom might be better than the full dose. And you're right, no raised scales. Although some of his scales seem to have lost their colour in small patches... They're still there, but more white than orange. I'm sure the size of his wen is contributing to the difficulty with his swimming. Would it weigh him down though and make it hard for him to swim up? As for the red streaks, they have been in his tail for quite a long time now. Some streaks also appeared in his other fins when my nitrites were up, but those have disappeared now, so yes, just isolated to his tail now.
  15. Yes, I've been using Prime. I'll check my tap water very soon! Here are a few videos of Wendal's behaviour. I have been keeping the tank light off lately, but I turned them on for the videos, and he perked up quite a bit. http://s29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/?action=view&current=M4H04753.mp4 http://s29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/?action=view&current=M4H04757.mp4 http://s29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/?action=view&current=M4H04759.mp4
  16. Just tested the water. I'm a little confused with the ammonia result... Ammonia: between 0 and 0.6 (I'd say maybe 0.4) Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5 pH: 7.5 Why would my ammonia be elevated? I have been doing more water changes now than I've ever done in the past, and my ammonia is usually 0. Is it perhaps because I removed all the gravel and lost some of my BB? Also, I haven't yet added the epsom salt. With the ammonia on the tank, should I just avoid doing that? I dissolved it in some tank water already (almost 1 tsp for 38 gallons of water, right?) Videos are still loading....
  17. I'm just working on uploading some videos now, my internet is just pretty slow. I'll go test the water while they're loading!
  18. Thanks for the reply tithra. From the way he was lying, I could actually catch a really good look at his gills, and they seem to be normal colour still. With the way my work schedule is at the moment, there's no way I can do water changes every day I've been doing 50%+ water changes every 2-3 days at this point. I will add more epsom tonight (you're right, there isn't any in the tank anymore). Should I raise the temperature a little more? I'm just using a tiny little 50 watt heater in the tank, but it seems to be doing the job. Also, he's definitely getting the 1% body weight of food, perhaps even a little more. I'm still worried about the red streaks in his tail... why won't they go away? What does this mean? Is it just from being stressed, as the water quality is perfect....
  19. Oh dear, it seems Wendal isn't doing so well again.... He's been lying on his side again today.. I don't know what is going on. The past few days, he has been upside right and swimming around, but still bloated and bottom sitting. Now he's on his side or upside down, and I haven't even seen him flip over upside right at all today. I've been changing the water regularly, I have a heater in the tank, and the water is about 25 degrees celsius. I've still been feeding him the metro-gel food. I don't know what could have happened. Any ideas? Anything I should do for him? *sigh*
  20. Okay, thanks Koko He'll still be in the QT tank for quite a while, I believe, so it'll be easy to keep an eye on him!
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