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  1. I'm just lying here worrying about him, but I know that isn't doing any good. I suppose I should try to get to sleep so I can be awake for work in the morning.. I'll post in the morning and let you know if he's still here. Thank you again
  2. This is not looking good. I really really tried to syringe feed him, he wouldn't take it, but I managed to get a little TINY bit down. I can barely even tell if he is alive. He is completely unresponsive. There is just the tinyest bit of gill movement, but part of me is just thinking that maybe its a water current making his gill flutter... His tummy is feeling a little soft now. I have never seen a fish decline this quickly... I wish there was something more I could do for him :'(
  3. Okay, will do. Thank you so much. I'll post again in the morning
  4. I have not tried to feed him again. I added the metro to the water earlier today. I do have a test kit, but I'm heading to bed right now (I have work early in the morning). I can test the water tomorrow after work. Should I try to directly feed him the metro (straight from the syringe)? Like I said, I only have 5 mL left, so it would be a one shot sort of thing. I could do that right now, if you think that is a good idea
  5. Since I'm going to be doing water changes, should I get back to the vet as soon as they open again and dose the water with metro after every water change? I only have 5mL of it left, which isn't enough to re-treat. New Guy has been really inactive this evening, just sitting upside down on the bottom. His breathing rate has really slowed. Before, he was looking panicked when he was breathing, non-stop. Now it looks like he is barely breathing, but I hope it is just because he is sleeping... He's really not looking good, but I have a feeling that if he makes it through the night, he'll pull through this
  6. Yes, I have one. The vet actually gave me the metro in a syringe (I have a 35mL one from last time, and a 60mL one this time). I'll add the metro to the water now. Thank you so much for helping
  7. I made the food last night, actually, and the 30mL I have now is left over. I've already added the epsom salt to the tank. Should I add the metro as well?
  8. I can't call the vet until Tuesday, they're closed for the whole long weekend And I don't think I'll be able to get the metro tablets. I tried everywhere to find them last time, but I just don't think they sell them in Canada.
  9. QT is set up, just readjusting the filter so it isn't so powerful. How do I treat with epsom? It has been a while since I've done it...
  10. Helen, I'm not sure if he is a he or a she. I've noticed the stretched vent, it has only become so big like this within the past two days. I noticed the same thing in Eugene when he went through this, but he is definitely a boy (breeding stars!), but I'm not so sure with New Guy. Thank you tithra, I'm not sure on that I asked last time I picked up some metro (for Eugene), but I forgot to ask this time. Although the lable says use 25mL for 10 gallons of water, if that helps at all?
  11. Okay, thanks for your help Helen. Hope you sleep well! I will can put one of my filters from my tank on the QT tank, although they're both pretty powerful. I can make it work though, slow down the flow a bit. My mom is around during the days so I'll be able to get her to feed New Guy his meds. The metro I get is from the vet, and he doesn't really have dosages for fish (since it is used for other animals too), and I can't get metro in any stores here. I'll keep an eye on him, see if he is eating and pooping. The QT tank is almost done being cleaned. It is just sitting in the bathtub full of water and prime. I hope I've cleaned it enough. I'll keep you updated.
  12. Working on the QT tank now, I'll let you know when it is set up!
  13. Not sure if you saw my edit on my previous post about the gel food! As for the water changes, I can do 100% every day over the weekend, but mondays and wednesdays I'm not around (I stay on campus at school those days because the buses don't run late enough for me to get home after my night lectures), I really hope that won't be too big of a problem! Also, here are the two videos: http://s29.photobucket.com/user/goldfishgirl89/media/M4H05835.mp4.html http://s29.photobucket.com/user/goldfishgirl89/media/M4H05834.mp4.html ugh, the poor wee guy is just lying upside down on the bottom now. I feel so bad for him
  14. Yes, its pretty hard, like an overinflated balloon... Whoops, just noticed you replied twice! *edit!* I will bring in the 10 gallon ASAP then. I've been feeding both of them gel food with broccolli in it for a while now. I actually started them on the (non-medicated) gel food because the pellets I was usuing (Omega One sinking pellets) were starting to cause bloating, and the gel food fixed that really quickly! So their regular diet has had broccolli in it for... hmm maybe 2 or 3 months now? He's only started floating this morning. And the metro is in liquid form. I still have about 30 cc's of it left, so I could maybe introduce that into the water of a QT tank?
  15. Here are the photos http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/DSC05831.jpg http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/DSC05830.jpg http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/DSC05823.jpg Videos are coming. And don't mind all the floaty bits of food, I had to break it up to try to hand feed.
  16. Hi Helen, thanks for the reply! I'm just uploading some photos and a video now. I tried to handfeed NewGuy, but he wouldn't take the food at all. He just spat it all out everywhere, so he's not interested. I'll be setting up a QT tank as soon as I can. (Problem is, my 10 gallon tank spent all winter outside in the snow... will it still be okay? If not, I've got a 5 gal somewhere...) I don't want to be feeding the metro food with Eugene in the tank too. There is a bit of poop in the tank, it is consistent with the food colour, but again, with Eugene in the tank... I'm not sure whose poop it is. Looking at him now, it is the first time I've seen him upside down Just got a video of that too. He is very swollen, with redness in places. He has been pointing almost straight up sometimes and just sitting there like that. The pineconing looks like it has gone down a bit since yesterday (couldn't get the best picture of it but I tried). The food I made with peas, broccolli, corn, spinach, sweet potato, carrot, and agar. Once the photos are done, I'll post them... slow computer!
  17. Hi everyone! It has been such a long time, hope everyone is doing well! I've been so busy since I went back to school, sorry I haven't been around! I noticed yesterday that my ryukin (his name is New Guy, since I was never able to choose a good name for him, and that just sort of stuck) had started pineconing. He had been looking a little off for a few days before that, I thought his eyes were starting to bulge a little more than normal. Wednesday morning I noticed a bit of red in one of his fins, and thought that was really weird, but the water is in good condition. Then when I got home from school, I saw pineconing! I immediately did a water change, picked up some metronidazol from the vet, and made a gel food with it. I haven't seen him even try to eat the food though! I'm going to try to hand feed it to him and see if that does anything. What else can I do? Last time, Eugene had dropsy, but he pulled through it because of the metro food. I'm so worried about this little guy, I've only had him for about 7 months now, and he's been extremely healthy the whole time. I will post my water params as soon as I test. Any help or advice would really be appreciated!!
  18. Thanks tithra I'll see if I can order from there. As for Eugene, here's an update: The weird red growth has either shrunk back down , or has fallen off in such tiny bits that I haven't seen it. There is almost none of it sticking out of his gill now. This is so strange. It's the second time this has happened, and it keep occurring just in his left gill, not the right one. I'll keep you updated if there are any more changes. And thanks for the help
  19. If I could find where to order it online, I would. Can you recommend any good sites that ship to Canada? And should I start to salt in the meantime? I've been keeping. An eye on the growth. Its been getting a little bigger but not that bad.,and the colour has gotten a little darker.
  20. Oh man, so I've been going everywhere trying to find this stuff. The only thing with prazi that I could find also had metronidazol as an active ingredient. Nothing that was just praziquantel. I didn't end up buying it because I wasn't sure if I should use it. I ended up getting some aquarium salt. The guy at that fish store (it's his own store, he's pretty knowledgable) kept telling me that I should always be using aquarium salt in my tank, but I disagree with that. If fish always have salt in the water, they develop a tolerance to it, and when you actually need to treat the tank with salt, it becomes ineffective, no? Anyway, should I go back and get the meds with metro and prazi in it? (Also, go figure, after my hectic search for metro when I was treating for dropsy, I finally found some in a store I had already checked. New item. Heh..)
  21. Okay, that's good to know. I'll check if I can get a waterbourne treatment when I stop by the pet store Wednesday. Is there any particular one you can recommend?
  22. I think I actually have some pelleted food with prazi, made by Jungle. Should I just feed this?
  23. I haven't salted this tank recently. I had Eugene in his QT tank when I was treating him for dropsy, and I salted with Epsom during that time, but I haven't salted since I added the new fish though. Tested the water, here's the results: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5-10 pH: about 7.5 The growth coming from his gill is looking a little bit bigger today, but again, his behaviour seems completely normal. I did notice yesterday, however, that he was "yawning" a little more than usual. I haven't seen him yawn today though. The other fish in the tank is completely normal as well. Should I start a salt treatment? I won't be alble to get any aquarium salt until maybe Wednesday (I ran out and didn't restock...). Maybe I should use some melafix in the meantime. What do you think?
  24. I have some melafix on hand, I could try that. I actually used the PimaFix to try to treat the fungus on his tail that you can see in the video, but that proved to be ineffective. That's actually another thing I wanted to ask about; he's had the fungus there since I can remember, and nothing I have done has been able to get rid of it...
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