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  1. Hahahaha yeah i definately saw the little dance. they love their new tank!!
  2. alright, sounds good! i can do that hahah i have one big bucket that would work rather well
  3. HAHAHAHAH i so know what you mean! im petcare too but im mainly in birds and small animals. i help out in fish and reptiles all the time though. you will probably want to take home EVERY animal who is in isolation. i know that if the pets are too old or had a past illness or injury that makes them unable to be sold, they are put up for adoption. ohmygosh dont get sucked in. i almost took home a gerbil with one eye, but then he got a home, and then a budgie who flew into a window and got brain damage, but then someone adopted him, and then two canaries with broken legs...... and i already have fish, a dog, a macaw and a hermit crab. but yeah... long story short, i know what you mean. and congrats on the job! pets*mart is so awesome! the customers however...... i have been yelled at WAY too many times. I would tell a customer something that is completely true and then they would yell about how they are right and i am wrong. this one lady came and yelled at me because she kept a budgie in a cage the size of a shoe box and it lived for "FOUR YEARS AND I THINK THATS LONG ENOUGH!!!" (ummm... theyre supposed to live at least ten...) but if that ever happens, just get a manager. way easier and thats awesome about the baby fishies!!!
  4. i work at a vvvv and i must say, our fish are in very good condition. however, we were super pet before but then vvvv bought out that company. so everyone who works my vvvv has all the super pet training..... and this is true for most vvvv in canada. but vvvv that were not super pets... i dunno. never been to one hahaha. except for that time i went in to one in florida i stopped by the bird department, and once i saw the size of the cage they kept the macaw in, i was disgusted and left.
  5. Hmmm okay so i bought a new tank. Its only a little bit bigger than my current one, but the more room for the fishies the better. Now im just wondering the best way to go about switching my fish into their new tank. I have very limited room and i have to move the old tank before i can even set up the new one. Any suggestions? I dont wanna stress my fish out any more than they have to be........ thanks guys!
  6. hahaha Daryl can you send some of those cookies my way???
  7. The grossest thing i ever found in my tank... hmmm... I was on vaccation for a couple weeks. I had left my tank with an automatic feeder like i do every time i go away. When we came home, I noticed all the clocks were flashing like the power had gone out. I got to my room and I heard this awful dry noise. It was my filter running dry. When the power went out, the filter had drained completely and when it came back on, it had no suciton power to resume filtering. The automatic feeder just kept going and going with no filter. So anyway, gross part was all my dead rotting fish every single one was dead. I was especially uspet because my 8 year old common goldie Bob was in there. *sigh* but that was years ago. Another story though...... The wierdest thing I DIDNT find in my tank. I had a small tank with two cichlids in it. One was about three or four times bigger than the other. They were great for many many months but then one day, the littlest fishy was gone. I searched everywhere for him and he never turned up. I'm pretty sure the big one ate him because there is no other explanation. Unless i had a magician for a fish.......
  8. Hey guys! I haven't been around for a while because of school and work and everything but I just thought I would stop by and say I got a new little fishy. His name is Fishy (how original hahaah) and he is a white comet goldfish. Thought I would rescue him from the feeder tank at my work since he is so cute and all....!
  9. hmmm i definately agree with daryl. i use aquarisol because its very good when introducing new fish. also when you add the fish, you can maybe add a little Cycle to the tank? not sure if its recommended but it seems like a good thought
  10. so i work at vvvv. (it was super pet but vvvv just bought out the company) at superpet i was in the small animals and bird department. but at vvvv there are no departments so people get cross trained and stuff. so today i was in fish. it was fun!! i had to bag so many fish today it was so crazy. and im glad i did my part to educate people on fish care and stuff. fun!! so yeah.. just thought id say that
  11. awww... how sad they had the same kind of thing at a bank.. poor little fish in bowls under a bright flourescent light.. it was terrible! i never went back there.
  12. the 5gal wouldnt be very good because its really small. but definately consider getting a plastic tub...like a Rubbermaid or something good luck deciding what to get!!
  13. aww dont worry thats not a stupid question!! i dont think it will harm them to add a new fish or two, as long as they are similar in size, and put in QT for a while just to be careful. they should be just peachy! but watch them just in case...cause u never know if they'll get along (but they most likey will) kay im starting to ramble now...so off to bed *yawn* hehehe
  14. hmmm...this is a toughie!! id have to say....id be a nice little oranda
  15. hmmm well it certainly doesnt look like ick from what i can see. ick looks like tiny spherical white balls they actually look like theyre just stuck to the side of the fish. if its something with the whole scale, its probably just a scale thats been bumped off and grown back in a slightly lighter colour.
  16. hmmm well... one thing u could do is get a suction cup and attatch it to the bottom of the plants. works reeeally well. or u can use some sort of superglue (fish friendly though!!) and glue some rocks and stuff into the plastic plant base thingie. that also works pretty well. orrr...u can buy fake plants that are made of...some synthetic cloth stuff and theyre often wieghted down with some kind of...ornamental rock substance...
  17. awww yay! congrats!! 3 new fish! thats awesome!
  18. Fish_Fanatic

    New Fish

    hmmm. lovely name for a lovely betta!! as for the size...they remain pretty small in comparisson to other fish. mine are all about the same size..maybe 2-ish inches. the bubblenests....males will sometimes build them if theyre happy. but not always. some of them just dont. but mine...normally within a couple of days of being in a healthy new tank they make a bubble nest. and whenever i change the water they make new ones. such quirky little fish!!
  19. yay! that sounds like funnn!!! umm as far as full cleans on the tank, i wouldnt do it all at once. id take out a couple of the decorations and stuff and clean them but leave some in there to as to not completely disturb the cycle and whatnot. and do u have a gravel vaccuum? if u do, use it very well to clean the gravel, and you can get an aquarium cleaning sponge and everything to scrub the glass while theres still water in the tank...i dunno, just dont do everything at once. otherwise u might have to re-cycle the tank
  20. hmm that is really strange. what kind of test kit r u using and how long ago did u get it?
  21. although Wal Mart does tend to have...not the greatest selection..and often poorly taken care of fish, they sometimes have a few good products for slightly cheaper (such as melafix, bettaplus, aquaplus, aquarisol, etc.) unfortunately...no automatic feeders. hah. i tried though
  22. hmm...well. none of my friends could do it. so i had to go with the automatic feeders. the stores were out of the one i had before (it was pretty reliable...but my bro dropped it...) so i had to go for the really expensive programmable one. seems to be pretty good though soo im not too worried i tested the params today. they are perrrfect (as usual...tee hee) umm..i added some treatment stuff (aquaclear, waste control etc) hopefully they will be okayy.
  23. uh oh. im going on vacation all of july. cant bring my fish with me. i have two tanks. one with 4 goldies, one with 2 african cichlids. i was at my store today and went to get two automatic feeders. we had NONE. so i called the other location. they have one. ONE! one isnt enough for two tanks.. i dont know what i can do.. i cant leave them with no food. and all the stores are closed tomorrow because of canada day. and i leave sunday morning. eek. im going to ask one of my friends if it isnt a huuuge problem if he can come feed them every couple of days. i just wont be around to clean the tanks. which isnt good. *sigh* oh. im bringing my bettas and my birdie with me. soo at least they'll be okayy
  24. well... if you think about it really... they havent had experience with anything other than the bubbles..so how would they know the difference between how the bubbles feel compared to what other goldies feel. though it would hurt if one were punctured or something.. =[ but, they are just so cute!!! =]
  25. hehe. i like this thread!! okayyy ummm...when i used to have my common goldie Bob he would knock over the plant in his tank. so i would reach in and stand it up all perfect and pretty. as soon as my arm was out of the tank.. hed go and pick the rocks out that were holding it down and knock it over again! same with a little ornament in his tank. eek. he was silly. i miss bob...
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