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  1. I won't be able to do daily, but probably every other day, if not more often! So when should I start the maracyn? And it says to dose for 5 days, I assume the meds would accumulate in the water, and that's what we want? Or I should do a water change (almost) every day and then add the dose of meds?
  2. I just did an 80% water change, hope that's enough! I have to head to bed soon, so there's not much more I can do on that front... No idea how much Eugene weighs, but he is a tiny bit over 3 inches from nose to peduncle The maracyn says: "Add the contents of one packet per 10 gallons of water and repeat every 24 hours for 5 days. Repeat this 5 day treatment only once if needed. Important: Treat for 5 days even if visible signs disappear. May be used concurrently with Coppersafe, Maracide, Maracyn Two or Maroxy."
  3. Yep, he's in a 10 gallon. I did a water change yesterday. I was thinking about doing one tonight too before the meds. Maybe I'll get dinner cooking, and do a water change then
  4. Alrighty, I'll wait then Just so everyone knows, Eugene is sitting upside right on the bottom, with his dorsal fin up higher than I've seen in a long time!!
  5. Hi everyone!! So happy to say that I got the package once I got home from school! Thanks for the note and all your effort (and the meds!!) Christine! You've been so wonderfully helpful. Now on to the next step! The directions on the Maracyn box say to add one packet per 10 gallons of water and repeat every day for 5 days. I suppose I should go ahead and start that right away! Also, should I be feeding Eugene the Metro Meds along with treating with Maracyn, or should I save that for after the treatment? Will be waiting to hear if there are any special instructions! Oh! Also, Maracyn is supposed to not kill the beneficial bacteria, so should I just leave the filter in there? Or should I remove it? I'd feel awfully wierd not having a filter on a tank!
  6. Hey guys! Happy to say that, although the meds haven't come yet, Eugene is looking a little better! He's actually been upside right (but still on the bottom) for most of the evening! Did a water change, and he seems to be happy Hopefully the meds get here soon so we can help speed his healing!
  7. <3 everyone here is so wonderful. Thank you all so much for your help. The meds should be here tomorrow afternoon, and I'll be treating the tank as soon as I get home from school. Eugene is such a strong little guy, I really hope he can pull through!!
  8. Hi guys, Just an update. Eugene was being a little more active this morning when I woke up. He was attempting to swim around more than he was yesterday. But now he's settled back down and it moving around very much. I've just got him transferred to the QT tank now. I'm just a little worried that the aeration is a little strong. I have a pretty powerful air pump, designed for tanks up to 60 gallons (I believe). It's causing quite the turbulence in the tank. I had a smaller air pump, I just don't know where it is. I'm going to try to look for it, but if I can't find it, I'm not sure what I should do. I put a filter on the tank for now (I'll remove it from the tank when I get the meds so I don't ruin the biological filter). I've got the output turned way down low, so that won't be causing any problems EDIT: found the air pump, got it set up now much better!
  9. Hi Christine, Eugene is about 3.5-4" long, plus his tail. I've got to head to bed for the night, but I'll post again in the morning with an update on how Eugene is doing.
  10. Hi Christine, That is so kind of you! I would appreciate that so much, and I can't thank you enough. I don't know why it is so tough to find these meds in Canada. I used to be able to find maracyn in pet stores here, but I haven't seen it in a long time. And I've never even seen MM's here before. I think I'd love to try Eugene on both of those. He's such a fighter and he's been through a lot, but I've never seen him in this state before I could PM you my address. Thank you again, so much! And Helen, I'll start working on that tomorrow then. I found my 10 gallon hidden in the basement, so I need to make sure I give it a good clean before I set him up in there. Thank you both so much!
  11. Thanks Helen It's so nice that you remember all that stuff Glad to know someone really cares. I'll definitely be doing a water change tomorrow. I removed all the river rocks from Eugene's side of the tank (still have the tank divider in since Gill is a bit of a bully), so there's less things to trap any waste. It just seems like Eugene took such a fast downhill turn. I really hope he pulls out of this. I might try to dig out my 10 gallon tank tomorrow. I just need to give it a really good wash before I use it. I also feel, though, that it might stress Eugene out if I move him to another tank. Should I give it a try? It would definitely be easier to do water changes then. As it stands, I have to pull out my Python and it gets all tangled and makes a bit of a mess by the sink. It's just kind of a pain in the butt! Smaller tank means I can use my smaller syphon and just use buckets.
  12. I haven't been able to pick up Maracyn or anything in the past few days. The only thing right now is the melafix. I changed the water 3 days ago. I was thinking of doing another water change tomorrow, but the melafix says to treat for 7 days and then do a water change. Can't let it go that long though.
  13. He has been eating the past few days, but only if the food is near him. He isn't actively looking for food. He does respond when I turn on the light in my room and stuff (so he knows things are going on around him). I picked him up yesterday to get a closer look at his fin, and he did try to back up like usual, but he didn't struggle for more than a second or two. Then he just let me look at him and he tried to swim away after I let go of him.
  14. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1l87kicdhce63e0/2014-03-15%2019.07.38.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/8vt6pzk64be4js0/2014-03-15%2019.07.28.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/xi3l190rk5nhak5/2014-03-15%2019.06.49.jpg Here are three pictures of what he's doing right now. Just lying there, not being very active. You can see his tumor and the tissue damage right at the base of one of his pelvic fins. I don't know how that happened, but it only appeared yesterday... The tumor grew quite a bit over the past month or so, you can see how big it is now
  15. Hi guys, Thanks for the kind words. Eugene is still struggling, but he seems to be more stable than he was before. I notice he's got a bit of tissue damage under one of his fins, so I'm treating with Melafix to help him speed up the healing of that. Other than that, what else should I do? He is still upside down, and unable to right himself when he is swimming
  16. I think I can get Maracyn where I am. I've had success with metro several times before, but maybe he's developed a tolerance to it now. I'll look into that, thanks Sharon! I wonder if my country flag is displaying correctly though? I have it set to the Canadian flag, and now two people have said UK! Hmmm, must look into this
  17. Hi guys. The roads were cleared up pretty fast so I decided to make the trip home. Although it took me three and a half hours. And then I got home and the power was out again! Anyway, the power came back on about 45 minutes ago. So first thing I did was a big water change. I didn't have time to dig out the old 10 gallon to set up a QT tank for Eugene (everyone is going to bed now so I can't be making noise... the joys of not having my own place!) He seems to be doing... okay. He's breathing better than he was when I left this morning. He still lying on the bottom, somewhat sideways, but mostly upside down. He's using all his fins now, not just those on one side. And my mom was able to get some food in him today (there were poops in the bowl he's been resting in). He seems to like relaxing in the bowl, but he does come out once in a while to float around the tank until he can find his way back into the bowl. I'm really worried about him being sideways though. That's not a good thing to be when you're a fish. Also not sure what I should do now. The tank was medicated since Sunday, so it has only been a few days with the medication there. I did about an 80% water change, so most of the meds are gone now. I'm not going to be able to get the QT tank up until Saturday morning. There's just no way I can since I won't be home. What should I do in the meantime? The only things I have on hand are: PraziPro, Melafix, and aquarium salt (and Prime, of course). Thanks for your help guys I'm so glad I have somewhere to turn when my little guys aren't feeling well!
  18. Okay, so my mom did the tests. Apparently ammonia is at 0.6 and nitrite is 0.2. I dont feel like these are very good at all. Should I make my way home?
  19. Oh no the weather got so bad while ive been at school. They've closed the highway and buses are running at least 90 minutes late. I dont know what I should do. I dont know if I should try to make my way home or just stay here as originally planned. I live an hour and a half from campus so its a long way on a bus in bad road conditions. The power is out at my house so the filters are down (and heat lamps for my reptiles). Its juust not a good situation ugh. How urgent is this water change? If the params are okay, should I just not risk it?
  20. Thanks for the healing thoughts guys. Ashlee, I know I can't let it go the long but I'm currently trying to get through my undergrad and applying to vet school right now... so I dont even have enough time to shower, let alone change the water more often I will start doing bigger changes though!!
  21. Thanks so much helen! I'll keep you guys posted on any changes
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