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  1. Well, I just posted in the plant forum as well, but I have some different questions for this discussion!! I'm planning on completely overhauling my tank and doing a whole new planted set up. I already have a few plants in my tank, but it just looks so bare and, to be honest, I'm tired of it. I'm going to be taking out all my old gravel and replacing it with different gravel. So here's my first question! What is the best way to do that without completely ruining my cycle? Second question! The "new" gravel is actually really really old gravel from my work. It's pretty gross and nasty. I'm planning on leaving it out in the sun for like a week or something and then boiling it all. Is there anything else I should do? Or a better way to clean it? The reason I'm replacing my gravel is becaaauuuse I have only about an inch or so of old blue stuff in there, which just wouldnt look good with what I'm planning to do. I want to aquascape the tank beautifully, with deeper gravel so I can give my tank some depth. The "new" gravel is a mix of dark grey-ish and black with bits of white-ish and natural colours in it. Its also more fine than my old gravel, so I figure the plants will root better. Anyway, is this all going to freak my goldies out too much? I don't want to do anything that could possibly harm them. What do you guys think? Lemme know!!! Thanks so much
  2. Okayyyy, so I've read through a bunch of posts on here and stuff, but I just want to make absolutely sure that I'm going to be doing this right. I'm planning on planting my goldie tank. I have some extra gravel that I'm getting from work (gotta clean it and thats a whole other story...) so I've got that covered. I have a few plants right now (3 wisteria, 1 moneywort, and 1 java fern that keeps producing little java ferns). They seem to be doing well. I have plant specific lighting and I have fertilizer tabs to put in the gravel. Currently, my few plants are the only things in the tank with my goldies. Its a 38 gallon with 3 fish. I have about an inch and a half deep gravel (its blue, mainly), and that gravel has been in there FOREVER. I assume I have tons of good bacteria and everything living in there. I'm really nervous about putting the new gravel in there and taking out the old stuff. I'm going to post in the general goldie discussion about that matter though. As for now, I'm just clarifying, once my tank is super awesomely planted, how do I clean the tank? I'm not going to be able to gravel vaccuum.... I'm nervous about not doing that! Just any advice would be appreciated! I've never really done this before, it's a complete overhaul on my tank! Yikes!!
  3. definitely a great link! thanks i tried the vinegar method, it has almost completely worked already
  4. Wow so today has been an awesome day so far. Everything that could possibly go wrong is happening. Anyway, I've discovered an ant infestation all over my fish tank..... They're tiny little ants and they're just crawling in all the little crevices in my tank, especially in the black plastic piece that goes all the way around the bottom of my tank. I've been vaccuuming up these ants like crazy but they're still everywhere. What I'm wondering is what is the best way to get rid of them that wont possibly harm my fish. Is it okay if i get a little bleach and put it between the glass and black plastic piece on the outside? Will that help? Ughh... Any ideas would be so greatly appreciated!
  5. Okay, thanks for the replies everyone! So the goldie's waste in the gravel isn't going to become a nasty toxic ammonia stew and the plants will use it up? I really don't know much at all about plants or anything, kind of just dove right into it... haha! And just to let you guys know, I have about 8 different types of plants in my tank now (I think). I have water wisteria, hornwort, moneywort, cardinal plant, red ludwigia (which is floating at the top of the tank since the goldies just uprooted it), java fern, cabomba, and my moss ball. Everything seems to be doing well, but I've noticed that the leaves on the moneywort plant seem to be collecting some kinda dark-ish goo on it. Just a little bit though, and none of my other plants are doing that.
  6. Well I have a whole bunch of plants in the tank now, they all seem to be doing well.. but my goldies aren't really interested in eating the plants. My question is how am I supposed to clean my tank now? I usually do a rather vigirous syphoning to make sure I get lots of the waste out. I know I can't really do that now because I'll damage the root systems of the plants. I don't really want to uproot the plants and move them around so I can clean because I know that's not very good either. What do I do??! I don't want to feel like I'm slacking on syphoning my tank... hmm....
  7. Well, i kind of went crazy with plants..... i bought a little of everything that we have at the store just to see what my goldies like best. i think i have 8 different types of plants in the tank now haha. and they've only managed to uproot one plant so far....!
  8. Hi all! Hope things are going well for everyone! Yesterday I decided to try some live plants in my tank. I've been eyeing the plants at work for a while now. I bought a new bulb for the tank (Flora-glo) which makes the tank look WAY different! It used to be really blue, now it looks a lot more green because of the differences in the output. I put in one cardinal plant and two water wisteria. I don't have a CO2 injector or anything, but I'm not too worried about that. I just hope my fish like to snack on these plants!! Does anyone know what plants goldies prefer to eat? I was going to put in some duckweed, but I just dont want it spreading all over my tank if my goldies don't wanna eat it. I'm just excited about this, so I figured I'd share with you guys!! Hehe!
  9. aww thats way too sad i guess a good thing to do might be to show them information from a more "trusted" source...... i work at pet*smart, and we have care guides about a bunch of different types of fish. The fancy goldfish care guide at least has SOME accurate information. i don't know if you have any pet*smart's in your area, but if you do, i would go pick up one of those guides and give it them. it has the store name on it and everything, so they might think "oh, well thats what the experts are saying, maybe they're right..." i don't know... otherwise, try to find an inexpensive tank and filter and give it to them. or cram a dog into a hamster cage and say "oh no, he's fine, he's been in there all his life!" (kidding, obviously....)
  10. We don't know :s she didn't leave a note saying what she did and we can't get in touch with her. I treated most of the tanks with a bit of salt, and a few of the fish are starting to perk up a bit but its still pretty disastrous!
  11. Hey everyone, As some of you know, I work at a pet store. We're having an emergency with our fish and I don't know what to do! Yesterday, everybody was okay. Our petcare manager did an overnight shift last night and apparently worked on all the fish tanks. We're not sure what she did, but we think she changed the foam spools in almost all of the filters. Apparently the fish have been dying non stop all day now. I started my shift an hour ago and I've scooped out probably around 50 dead fish already. All the tanks are affected; goldfish, tropical community, semi aggresives, and cichlids. I was told by the people on the morning shifts that we've been dosing the tanks with prime and bio boost hoping that it would help, but it looks like its done nothing so far. We've scooped out some of the fish that are almost dead but we can't put them in our isolatiso tanks (those weren't affected). What is going on?? Does anyone know what can be done to stop this? I feel like some of the fish should be euthanized because they're beyond any help, but some of them might be able to pull through. Help!! I tested the water, nitrAtes are slightly elevated but the rest of the params are fine. Any ideas are greatly appreciated....!!!
  12. ooooooooookay. couldn't decide on one picture to choose from, so here's 3. sorry they're not the greatest! http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/DSC00434.jpg http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/DSC00435.jpg http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/DSC00437.jpg enjoy!
  13. oh no! i owe you guys some pics! they're on my camera, gotta upload 'em!
  14. Hahaha well I went ahead and got him. He's in his qt tank now, happy as can be. As for the customer that I didn't sell the fish to...... he really didn't seem that knowledgable. He had a 70 gallon tank and already had 5 fish in it, and he bought two MORE fish on top of that. He seemed like he was just getting started and wanted to have tons of fish in the tank. So I don't feel bad about that, but I've NEVER done that before haha. I guess I just can't help it when it comes to the perfect little oranda <3 I'll keep you guys posted on the new little one. Ergg... I'm starting to have second thoughts here though! Ahh! I really hope my tank is big enough for the three of them. They're all about the same size, maybe 2 inches plus their tails. Oh and also, I bought another hermit crab at the same time. I just can't resist!!
  15. Yeahh.. I think I'll go for it. I just really hope it doesn't mess everything up or something....
  16. Okay, I haven't been around too much lately, so HI EVERYONE!! I'm glad to report that my fish are doing excellent. But I can't decide wether I want to get them a new friend. I have a 38 gallon with one ryukin and one moor. They are always together, swimming around in each others' tails, very happy healthy fish. I have two filters running on the tank, with about 440 gph filtration. And a huge bubble wall. I have a very good thing going on with this tank. I work at a petstore, and we recently got the most adorable oranda I've ever seen. He's been at the store for almost a month, and seems to be in good health. I've set up a quarentine tank already. But I just can't decide if I should bring him home or not, because I don't want to potentially ruin what I have going on with my 38 gal. I have terrible luck whenever I bring home a new fish... A customer wanted to buy this oranda yesterday, and I told him that he is sick and that if he brought home the fish, he'd be bringing a bunch of fungus and stuff too! (He's not sick, I just really didn't want to sell him) So I told the customer to come back in a week or so and the fish should be healthy again. Yikes! So I don't have much time to decide here. Help!!!
  17. well, the white spots seem to have cleared up! yay!
  18. Well, I just did a good water change, and doesed with pimafix. jpond, I don't know the water params right now... my test kit expired, and I can't quite afford a new one right now (those liquid tests are expensive!!), but the water should be in ideal conditions.. I'll take a sample into work and test it there, but that won't be for another few days. Hopefully this just clears up really quick.
  19. This morning I woke up and took a look at my fish. I noticed a couple small, slightly fuzzy white spots on both of them. It doesn't look like ick, I've dealt with that a few times. I'm thinking it could be fungal. I'm really not sure where they could have picked this up though. I haven't introduced anything new into the tank. The last thing I put in there is a marimo moss ball, but that was at least 4 months ago. Where does something like this start? Just to give you a rough idea of my setup, it's a 38 gallon, running 440 gph filtration, a bubble wall that just runs during the day, and 2 goldfish (one ryukin, one moor). I'm going to go do a water change now, and then probably treat with pimafix, but I'd still like to know why they got this, if anyone has any input?? Thanks!
  20. Okay i'll switch him onto sinking pellets ASAP then. Thanks!!
  21. Well, my ryukin Cow just keeps gobbling up air from the surface. I'm pretty sure it's because his food is a floating pellet, and I'm buying some sinking food as soon as I run out of this one, but is there a way to stop him from doing this all the time? He's starting to just float at the surface of the water, and I'm getting worried it's going to progress into something worse. I'm going to feed him some peas, but is there a way to stop this behaviour? My other fish doesn't do this at all!
  22. Hey everyone!! So I've noticed some discussions about UV lighting for tanks. Can anyone tell me more about this? Like what are the benefits of having it, how much does it cost, etc.? Thanks!! ^__^
  23. we still sell them at my store but they actually say "Betta Bowl" on them..... so its not as bad... but then we have these stupid little 2 gallon tanks that say "Goldfish Starter Kit!" on them and theres a picture with like 3 goldfish in the tank >__< ugh.
  24. Well I work at this certain *pet* store that claims to be *smart* As tough as it is to crush children's dreams of having a goldfish, I do everything I can to convince them to get a betta or something else that would be better suited to a smaller environment. It's technically our policy to not refuse a sale of a fish.... but.... well i've gotta say i've broken that policy far too many times haha. it's gotten to the point before where customers start getting really pissed off at me because i wont send them home with a fish that they're just going to kill, that i've had to bring the manager over so he could tell them no as well. I HATE people who are so ignorant... the one's that are like "Oh, whatever, its only 27 cents, if it dies, I'll just get another one" and I'm like.... oh... are you serious?? way to teach your children the value of life. ughhh...... SOOOO frustrating.
  25. I'm sad to say the little guy didn't make it.... -sigh- thanks for your help guys.
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