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  1. Thanks for the replies, guys! He looks a lot better this morning. The broken blood vessel type things on his face have almost vanished! Just the bubble on the wen is left now.
  2. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I was syphoning my tank just a little while ago. Spilled a bit of water on the floor, turned my back to the tank to clean it up, and heard something happen to the syphon. I turned back around and poor Wendal, my oranda had decided to swim up the syphon tube! ... he's a pretty big fish, so I know he didn't just get sucked up in there; my syphon isn't THAT powerful... needless to say, I panicked, stopped the flow, and had to shake him out of there... I finished cleaning the tank... couldn't just leave it the way it was, and immediately came here to tell of this. Wendal's behaviour hasn't changed, so I don't think he's really hurt, but his wen now has a big bump in the front where he got stuck (kind of like a bubble), and what seems to be broken blood vessels in the wen part around his face. I salted the water a little bit, added a bit of melafix..... Other than that, I couldn't really think of anything else to do... I hope he's okay. Any advice?
  3. Just today, I've noticed that Wendal (my Oranda) has been bottom sitting a lot, and I also noticed a red streak in his tail! He wasn't like this yesterday. I don't know what could have caused it, the water quality is great, and nothing has changed in the tank in a while. The ONE thing I did today was move one of the plants, and removed a tiny amount of gravel (a couple of cups, and its a 38 gallon tank...). Could that have affected him this badly? I wonder what happened.....
  4. Thanks everyone!!! ashlee! I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out! wow!!
  5. I just figured I'd show you guys some pictures of my fish!! I'm not very good at getting photos of my fish, but I tried my best!! Sorry they kinda suck.... This is Cow (my Ryukin) http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/DSC01899.jpg http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/DSC01988.jpg This is Wendal (my Oranda) http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/DSC01905.jpg http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/DSC01859.jpg Do you think his wen is growing in a bit to much...? Maybe I have to do something about that in a while.... And this is Eugene (my Black Moor) http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/DSC01944.jpg http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c295/goldfishgirl89/DSC01976.jpg
  6. No idea! I don't really know much about the types of wood. I'm just charging my camera, once it's done, I'll post a picture!
  7. I have this piece of wood that I got from my work when it was closing down (i worked at pet/smart). I have no clue what kind of wood it is. We used it in the reptile tanks though. It looks super cool and would be awesome for my tank. I've cleaned it, boiled it, soaked it in vinegar water.... it's clean. But I'm not sure if I can use it in my tank, just because I don't know if it's safe for the water. Like I said, we used it with the reptiles, and it is designed to be used by animals... soooo... I'm just not sure. Thoughts anyone?
  8. Hi Lynda! I've been using vinegar to clean pretty much everything in my house for years! I wasn't too sure about using it with the fish tank though, so I never tried that. I've actually already been cleaning another piece of driftwood with vinegar in my kitchen sink, because it was too big to fit in a bucket. Glad to know that its actually a good idea! Hahah! Thanks for the input
  9. i can try, but i don't know where i'm gunna store that much gravel!! hahah. maybe i'll try to sell it or something though.....
  10. I'm just finishing up cleaning all my new gravel to use the tank, and cleaning my tank at the same time. I'm looking at my tank now, with the beautiful blue gravel with bits of black, green, and red, and thinking hmmm... do I really want to get rid of this? The tank is pretty bare, right now. Just a few plants and that gravel. I want to keep going with live plants. No more fake plants or ornaments. So now I can't decide... Do I want to replace the blue gravel with the natural/black gravel that I have? The blue gravel isn't deep enough for what I had planned.... Ahhh! Just ranting here I guess I may as well go ahead with what I had planned. After all, I've done all this work for it already....
  11. Alright. That's kind of what I was thinking too. Too bad! It was a really pretty one. Maybe I will do that 10% prime solution idea! Time to go buy some more prime haha.
  12. Well, I've been busy cleaning all my "new" stuff fo rmy tank. Boiling more gravel right now... Had all my "new" rocks out in buckets of bleach water soaking all night. Came out this morning to take care of them, and oh my gosh. I forgot my driftwood was in there with the rocks. Now it's white! Is it still going to be safe to use in my tank? I'm gunna scrub it all down. Rinsed all the rocks like crazy, added prime to neutralize some of the bleach... Does anyone know if the wood colour will return? Thanks guys!!
  13. Very nice tank!!! Ahhh, Topfin. I worked at vvvv and that is our store brand. To be honest, a lot of topfin stuff is very sub-par. Definitely try out one of those other bubble wands though!!
  14. ooooh very nice! I especially like the clown fish veggie clips hahah. I sold those at my work!
  15. Aw good point, fortunefaded!! But I've never had that problem with my goldies ever!! Guess I'm just lucky. The "new" gravel is a very fine one though, small little rocks. Should be good!!!
  16. I turn it off because the tank is in my room and the second filter is really loud. Just can't sleep with it on... The filter that stays on all the time is strong enough for the whole tank, so I just added the second one for the heck of it
  17. I've been rinsing it pretty well, gunna do a good rinse and everything at the very end too! And I'm actually going to be planting my tank. Like REALLY planting it, so I wanted to put this gravel in pretty deep so the plants will root well and I can aquascape it beautifully. It's going to take a long time though!! So I guess no bare bottom for me right now..! Maybe eventuallyyyy when I get bored of plants (or if they all end up dying or something haha)
  18. Well, I've just started boiling my "new" gravel that I got from my pet store's old tanks. WAYYYY more work than I thought it would be. And, ew, gross... there's this grey froth bubbling around on top of the boiling gravel/water. And a nasty old fishy smell. Yucky. Hahaha, just thought I'd share that with you guys. After this is all done, I get to start the very slow process of removing my old gravel from my tank bit by bit over the next few weeks!!
  19. It's a chain, they're just closing down our location because our lease is up and it's a really old store. Hopefully they'll open another one in there area soon though...
  20. Well, I have it on the timer with a few other things, so it's only on during the day. At night, there is only one filter running, as opposed to 2 filters, an air pump, and now this circulator. They seem to be getting used to it a bit more... I'll see how it is for now I guess.
  21. I grabbed a water circulation pump from my work because it was on sale and everything and I was like "ehhh why not..." but now I'm not so sure if I should use it! I bought it because I thought it might help with the live plants I'm going to be adding. Keep the water moving and stuff... I dunno. So I put it in my tank. It's super quiet and works really well. But everything is blowing EVERYWHERE. The few plants I have in there are waving around all over the place. My fish are like OMG!!!! The bubbles from my bubble wall are going in every direction. It says it circulates 700 gph. It's a 38 gallon tank. The box said it would be good for a 30-50 (ish) gallon tank. I'm thinking when I add all the rocks and driftwood and stuff, that might slow things down in the tank. But I'm not sure. Should I return it and get a less powerful one? Should I just not bother with one at all?
  22. Today I went to my favorite LFS and.... helped close the store for the very last time i've worked there for 5 and a half years, and we officially closed our doors to business tonight. next week is the tear down, gettin' rid of everything that is left. its so bittersweet!
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