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  1. The other fish has been leaving her alone lately, but I will keep that in mind if I see him being aggressive again! Good idea No red streaking, as far as I can see. I will upload some more pictures soon, but there hasn't really been much change at all
  2. She's not looking so great today Gill's a lot less active today than she has been this whole time, and her breathing has slowed considerably. She's still lying on her back/side on the bottom of the tank, and is still interested in eating. I picked up a heater for the tank (and a thermometer) yesterday because I read that raising the temperature a bit might help her release eggs, but I'm not sure what an ideal temperature would be for that. The tank is already at 25 degrees Celsius which is definitely on the warm end (it has been an extremely warm month where I live so my house has been quite warm too). Water params: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 10 pH: 7.5 (tap) and ~8.0 (tank)
  3. Hello, Just checking in. I've been doing more regular water changes to help with Gill's condition, but she remains the same. I have not been able to get the water parameters tested yet, but will report that as soon as I can. As shakaho mentioned, Gill has some tattered fins, but I want to point out that it is due to my other fish being rather aggressive in his desire to mate. I clean the rocks on the bottom of the tank very regularly, and the rocks are actually only in the corner of the tank with the bubble wall, and in another corner with a plant. Otherwise the tank is completely bare bottom in order to not let bacteria and nasty stuff build up. Gill is still lying on her side on the bottom, but does attempt to swim up every once in a while. Her breathing is regular and she is still just as bloated as ever. Poor thing
  4. Sorry for the awful quality. Algae and bubbles make it hard to get a decent photo. If you're wondering, Gill is missing her right operculum, and her gill filaments have been picked at a bit by Fish in his more aggressive breeding behaviors. The left gill is completely normal though. Video: Gill video.mp4
  5. Hi Koko! I was just editing this to add it Will try to get some decent photos too. Test Results for the Following: I don't currently have a test kit, my old one is extremely old * Ammonia Level(Tank) * Nitrite Level(Tank) * Nitrate level(Tank) * Ammonia Level(Tap) * Nitrite Level(Tap) * Nitrate level(Tap) * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) Other Required Info: * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? * Water temperature? about 23C * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 38 gallons, running for many years * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Aquaclear 50 and Tetra Whisper EX45 (totaling about 440 gph) * How often do you change the water and how much? Every few weeks, about 50% (I know its not ideal but its all I can do with my schedule...) * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? About 7 days, about 70% (my girlfriend did the water change while I was away) * How many fish in the tank and their size? 2 fish, female about 5 inches excluding tail, and male about 4 inches excluding tail * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Prime * What do you feed your fish and how often? Omega One sinking pellets daily, peas every few days * Any new fish added to the tank? No * Any medications added to the tank? No * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank.Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. No treatment in the past 3 years or so * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? No * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? Gill is bloated, staying at the bottom, often upside down, and today sideways on the bottom. Eating fine. Difficulty swimming.
  6. Hi folks! I have two goldfish in a 38 gallon tank, one male (Fish) and one female (Gill). Gill has been spawning on and off several times this year without problem (this is the second year she's produced eggs since I got her). However, lately she's been looking very bloated (no pineconing) and has been having a difficult time swimming. She spends a lot of time on the bottom of the tank, and lately she's been upside down quite a bit too. Just today I've noticed her lying sideways on the bottom and now I'm very concerned. I've been doing regular water changes, and I've been feeding peas every few days in hopes of helping with the bloating. Gill looks very distressed now and I'm really not sure what to do. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thank you!!
  7. Hi all! My fish have been in breeding mode for months, and I'm starting to get a bit worried. I have two fish, a female (Gill) and a male (Fishfishfish .... I didn't name him lol). They've been engaging in breeding behaviour for a long time now. Gill has laid eggs upwards of 10 times by now, and Fishfishfish won't cut it out with the aggressive chasing and stuff. Is this normal? How long should this last for? And is there anything I can do for them?
  8. Sure, will do as soon as I get a chance! So probably by tomorrow evening I've got air in the tank already, biomedia in both filters. I'll get back to you guys when I do the tests!
  9. Thanks so much! I've actually got an exam for school today, so I'll be super busy, but I'll try to pour some water through a cloth as soon as I can. I'd really be interested to see if that catches some of it! Gill is pretty big, but I'd say almost half her tail (she has an amazing tail!). I'll start doing some big, more frequent water changes until I get this sorted out!
  10. Thanks for the replies Unfortunately, my test kit has expired and I haven't picked up a new one yet, so I can't get the water params. Nothing seems to have changed in the tank except for the algae. Also, not sure if this is related in any way, but I started to notice this problem a little while after I had fed my guys some frozen spirulina brine shrimp. Do you think this might have anything to do with the spirulina in that food? Test Results for the Following: * Ammonia Level(Tank) * Nitrite Level(Tank) * Nitrate level(Tank) * Water temperature? - Room temperature, ~20 degrees C * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? - 38 gallons, running for maybe 7 years or so (aside from when I had to move, but I kept all the filter media in tank water and brought a little of the water with me as well, so I didn't lose all my beneficial bacteria!) * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? - Aquaclear 50 and Whisper EX45 * How often do you change the water and how much? - Usually every two weeks, and about 40-50 % * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? - maybe 6 days ago, and I did about 60% to try to deal with some of this algae * How many fish in the tank and their size? - 2, one is about 7 inches from nose to tip of tail, and the other one is pretty little, maybe 3 inches in length * What kind of water additives or conditioners? - Prime * What do you feed your fish and how often? - Omega One sinking pellets, with occasional treats (frozen bring shrimp, bloodworms, etc.) I should also make mention, my fish have been in breeding mode lately. Gill (my large ryukin) has laid eggs numerous times. She laid them maybe 3 or 4 separate times within a week, and then a couple weeks went by with no eggs, and then one more bout of egg laying about a week ago. Fish (the little fantail) was super aggressive towards Gill before and during this time, but now he's relaxed and their behaviour seems back to normal.
  11. Hey folks, Not sure if this is the right section to post in, but my tank is neon green right now. Like I can't see my fish, and I can see clouds of algae moving in the water currents. I don't know what to do, since doing a regular water change didn't solve the problem (comes back in full force a day or two after the clean). I'm not 100% sure of the cause, but I think the sunrise shines through our glass doors at just the right angle and hits the tank, providing lots of energy for primary producers (algae). I just moved in September, and the sun wasn't shining right in like that in the fall and winter, but now that spring time is here, the sun is in just the right spot in the morning. Anyway, regardless of the cause, I need to fix this! Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions for getting rid of all this green algae? The tank looks like a disaster, even though I keep it nice and clean on a regular basis. Help!
  12. Good to know! Thanks everyone Is it a good idea then to just keep the two separated until this behaviour has passed? It'd be so cool to breed these guys, but I'm in no position to care for and rehome a whole bunch of adorable fry!
  13. That makes sense. So breeding could occur at any time of the year then, is what you're saying? Is there anything that would trigger this mating behaviour in one fish, but not in the other? Thank you!
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