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  1. Great news. The cotton woolish stuff has fallen off Desdemona - how terrific is that! I have changed the water/cleaned gravel and she and Othello are swimming around happily (as always). Must admit that I was getting really worried and was studying her constantly but all ends well. Thanks to everyone for their help - I didn't add medication or anything so no stressed fish...
  2. I have some aquarium salt but I only used it when I set up the tank a long time ago. Should I put some in? If so, do I just place it in during a water change? Many thanks
  3. No. She appears perfectly healthy - happy to eat and swim with Othello. I will see if a friend can help me put a photo on but she may not be available tonight. I don't know about the filter output - it came with the tank. I'll try and find the box to see what it says. I will do larger water changes but I am really careful to ensure that the water is kept clean. I'm very fond my fishes so I do the best I can. Do you think I should buy any medication?
  4. I've just tested the PH level and tisl just under 8. Ammonia/nitrate are at trace levels. Both fish are around 5 months old and live in a 120litre tank. Is this helpful?
  5. Evening My Black Moor has what looks like a piece of 'fluff' coming out of his gill. It looks like a tiny piece of cotten wool. He has no other specks of white or anything on him at all. He has been swimming around with it for around 1 day - some of it seems to have come off. He appears healthy and happy but I am terrified he has an illness. My other black moor had something similar a few weeks ago but it came off after a few hours and all is well. What is happening? Please can anyone help?
  6. I am desperate for advice on getting a new filter. I have just bought a 450litre juwel vision and will likely keep the internal filter. I have 5 gorgeous goldfish and I want them to be well-filtered and cared for. I have looked at the Fluval X5 and G6 but think the X5 is probably fine. However, the Epheim Pro seem to be equally good and probably quieter. The tank wil be going into my living room so I need the filter to be as quiet as possible. Does anyone have any advice? I've never had an external filter b4 so am really clueless. I don't mind paying as long as it will do an excellent job. Much appreciated in advance.
  7. Can I ask if your tank is a fluval? I like the idea of the external filter being built into the tank. I have heard that the fluvals are an excellent filter so might consider having the two running together.
  8. After much consideration, I've decided to purchase the largest tank so I don't have to upgrade again. The only one that I can find is the Jewel 450 but am slightly concerned about the internal filter. I have read that the Fluval filters are excellent and also Marineland Emperors / Penguins. Could anyone please advise on the best filter suitable for this size of tank.
  9. Many thanks. I shall look into purchasing another filter to ensure my fish remain healthy.
  10. Just been given a 120l tank with a P4 interpet filter? I will put my 2 lionheads in the tank and am slightly concerned that this P4 will not be up to the job. is the P4 fine or any recommendations for filters?
  11. I want to upgrade my 150 litre to a larger tank. I am considering going 240L or more (I want this to be my last tank). I currently have 3 goldfish. Friends have suggested either a Fluval or Jewel - can anyone give me any recommendations?
  12. My lovely fantail is changing colour from orange to silver/white. Is this normal? I feed him a range of food to ensure a varied diet and he appears to be healthy and happy. I have had him and his lionhead brother and sister for around 8 months. They are all around 3 inches head-tail - can anyone give me a rough estimate on their age?
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