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  1. I just came down to do the salt bath and found that he had passed away. I want to thank you so much dnalex for everything you did for him, all your help, and the time you took to help me. He wouldn't have lived as long if you hadn't been here to help and impart your wisdom. RIP little one.
  2. Ok will do, thank you so much! I will let you know how it goes.
  3. Thank you! So can the holding tank be a bucket or can I put him back in the quarantine at the end of the time?
  4. Ok great, I'm ordering right now! Ugh I just wish there was something else I could do.. there are a couple more purple dots (smaller than the first) that appeared today. Do you think the melafix will do anything? Do you think a salt dip would be beneficial at all?
  5. I know! Someone I called told me they didn't think kanaplex was even sold here.. Do you think I should order it online? The seller I found was in Austin, Texas, so that would probably take a while, but is it something good to have on hand either way?
  6. Okay! thank you so much for all your help dnalex.. I'm really sorry i've been relying on you so much. I hate to make my fish issues your fish issues but thank you soo much anyways for all your help over the last day or two
  7. I also have Maracyn by Mardel if that might work?
  8. will either work? I have melafix right now
  9. Okay the only two actual answers I got are Melafix and Malicon that are in stock
  10. Oh jeez. I called around to a bunch of different places, no one knows what a bacterial ulcer is they are literally no help!
  11. He has also lost a bit of interest in food.. He hasn't been eating pellets, he has been putting them in his mouth and spitting them back out. I don't think I can get kanaplex very soon because the store I called about it last night said he won't be getting it in for a while, and I called all 6 stores in my area and none have it. Now I'm looking it at purchasing it off ebay, but I worry it'll take way too long..
  12. Okay, right now I just got home and he is bottom sitting.. not really swimming much. If I am unsure how much salt is currently in the tank (due to water changes etc) should I do a 100% water change and add 30 tsp of salt? edit: he just keeps getting worse and worse. it seems the white cotton dots have multiplied over night.. there are now a lot more all over his wen.
  13. Here it is: Hopefully it works. He is pretty lively at the moment
  14. I am uploading a video now! He likes to swim around when I'm near, however sometimes I come into my room and he's looking a tad lethargic
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