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  1. This is going to sound a little rude, but I don't like that picture of the lady sticking out of the goldfish! I would change that to another picture, but by all means, do whatever you want to do!


    umm, I think she is sitting on top the goldfish, lol.

    Looks like a mermaid sitting on top of a goldie!

  2. It's not necessarily better than a longer tank. A longer tank will be better because it could have more aeration than a narrow tank. Mine are in a narrow tank because it fits in the place I put it in. Long tanks are better because fish prefer to swim long ways instead of up and down. My fish have gotten used to it but if you change the water pressure then you might, might upset the fish.

  3. You also asked good fruits and veggies, here's a list of fruits and veggies from a while ago. :)http://www.kokosgold...my-orandas-r253

    Thanks, I saw this list before, but I don't quite get what the post means. Are the foods higher on the list safer (less sugar) and the lower the food is, the less of it you feed it?

    The higher ones have more sugar I think. ( someone please correct me if I'm wrong) The ones on top you feed less or none at all. :)

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