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  1. Get some pics if you get him! Perhaps a lionchu?? Are Petsmart is selling lionheads. None of them have really any wens or barely any and dented backs. I say get him!
  2. Yup that's a great plan! Try just getting to fancies that you really like and 1-2 snails. Can't wait to see them!
  3. Love them! In NYC they have a bunch there and they're so pretty! They're just like regular fish but pom-poms!
  4. Wow, just beautiful! I just have a question, how big is your pond ( it looks huge in the pics to me) and how many beautiful fish do you have in there? I love them.
  5. Beautiful fish! I love them. They must be very happy since you rescued them.
  6. It should work but you should replace the intake as soon as possible.
  7. It's most likely what Alex said, overcrowded conditions can cause that sort of behavior. I think that happened to tithra's fish.
  8. umm, I think she is sitting on top the goldfish, lol. Looks like a mermaid sitting on top of a goldie!
  9. It's not necessarily better than a longer tank. A longer tank will be better because it could have more aeration than a narrow tank. Mine are in a narrow tank because it fits in the place I put it in. Long tanks are better because fish prefer to swim long ways instead of up and down. My fish have gotten used to it but if you change the water pressure then you might, might upset the fish.
  10. While in long and narrow tanks there is not as much space to go up and down. Also the water pressure is different, but that's just my theory.
  11. Thanks, I saw this list before, but I don't quite get what the post means. Are the foods higher on the list safer (less sugar) and the lower the food is, the less of it you feed it? The higher ones have more sugar I think. ( someone please correct me if I'm wrong) The ones on top you feed less or none at all.
  12. Thanks! Any opinion on what you think Antoinne is? xD I may have to make a post in the 'what breed am I' area.. Looks like a long bodied fantail, maybe a little comet in it!
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