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  1. i also seem to have a lot of brown algae on my fake plants... thoughts?
  2. it's extra weird because i've used two different water sources. i'm going to the LFS today or tomorrow, so i will see what i can gather.
  3. just wanted to update... i'm still here! fishies are still alive and thriving! however, my levels are all still the same. no nitrates, high ammonia, no nitrites. i just can't get a cycle. i don't know what to do anymore.
  4. Update: I did a 50% water change last Tuesday (the 17th) because the ammonia was at 2.0. Decided to leave the tank alone for a week and just watch the fishes for distress and test ammonia only. It stayed under 2.0, so I left it alone. Today my levels are: Am: 2.0 nI: .25 nA: 0 Leave it alone because of the nitrites showing? See what happens? Fish are happy and swimmy and eating and overall look great.
  5. The problem is I leave the tank alone until the Ammonia reaches 2.0, then do a water change, but I still never see any nI or nA. This tank has been running for over 2 months now, so this is really frustrating. I stopped using the RO water and started using the tap water, which has .25 nI to begin with, but they never stick around, nor does a cycle ever start.
  6. No siphoning, just water changing. Yes, wiping, Priming, and Cycle-ing. **Crossing Fingers**
  7. OK, Ammonia is 1.0 today. Still no nI or nA. About to do the 3rd and final dose of Cycle. If what Patti says above is correct, should I not be overly concerned with the Ammonia reading? If so, I'm still concerned that I don't have any nitrAtes at all.
  8. Sorry, I don't know what "RO" or "DI" mean.
  9. Ack!!! 24hrs after the first dose and my Ammonia is at 2.0. No nI or nA still.
  10. Nutrafin Cycle came in today. Here's hoping.
  11. Sounds good. I'll order it online today so it shows up at my work Monday morning.
  12. Yup! On koko's advice I got some Nutrafin cycle to add to my tank when I had a cycle bump out of nowhere. Things got back to normal after about 4 days. unfortunately I think that's what I have to do at this point!!!
  13. AND my water is cloudy AFTER i did a 50% change.
  14. Aaaaaaaah! I came in this morning to 2.0 Ammonia and NO nitrItes or nitrAtes!!!
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