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  1. I would just like to add that I have fed my GF the Omega One shrimp pellets and he LOVES them! He loves the Omega One goldfish pellets, but he really loves the shrimp pellets. As soon as I put them in the water (I handfeed him), he darts right after them
  2. What lovely fish! Martini and Bob both have incredible wens! And I love the coloration on both of them as well Don't be surprised if 1 of them goes missing.....lol
  3. @ashlee18- ahhh, well I guess you learn something new everyday right? and I'm glad I could help naming your lionhead at least @Lola_Granola/Fishy Owner- We both thank you for the compliments! (he sits right by my desk, so he always adds his input. Its nice until he tries to type and I have to wipe down the keyboard )
  4. Thanks you all for the compliments! I would like to update all of you and let you know that after discussing it with my girlfriend, we have named my beautiful Ryukin Spike due to his dog-like personality
  5. Sounds like you did an excellent job on savings for the tank! Good luck with it and I can't wait to see pics!
  6. I apologize for the ignorance in my response, I was unaware they called the filter an underwater filter. If I am correct, it appears to be the same thing as an internal power filter. According to the box, it says that the filter has a gph rating of 105. For 100 gallons of water, you should have no less than 1,000 gph. Therefore, even having 2 of the filters you have on there now would not be enough for the rubbermaid.
  7. I'm assuming that when you say underwater filters, your talking about internal power filters or undergravel filters. Regardless, I would not recommend either one of these for a 100 gallon. I would recommend that you get at least 2 filters for a rubbermaid of that size. I would recommend 2 canisters or a canister and a HOB filter.
  8. If you want to give it a try, I would start with ghost/grass shrimp and see how it works. Since they are much cheaper (I bought 4 for $1 for my little brother's tank yesterday) you won't lose as much money on them as you would a red cherry shrimp if the goldfish did decide to eat them. If you don't already, put some caves in the tank for the shrimp to hide in when they molt or simply as a place to hide.
  9. And thank you for all of the replies! It's only been 5 days and he's already eating out of my hand! I'm so excited!
  10. I think you can find room for a ryukin! There a personal favorite of mine may I suggest the name Mimsy?
  11. I personally prefer pellets because they are not as messy as flakes and they can be bought in a sinking form, so they don't have to be pre-soaked.
  12. Here is my new Ryukin, which is in my 15 gallon tank. For now, I only have pictures, but I will try to get a video soon I still don't have a name for him/her, so if anyone has any ideas, please feel free to share Thanks for viewing!
  13. For a 15 gallon tank, a Betta would be a great choice. If not bettas, take a look at dwarf puffers or a school of tetras. If you don't want to do tropical though, go with 1 fancy goldfish or a school of about 12 white clouds. You could even look into aquatic frogs if you didn't want to go with fish or look into freshwater shrimp and other inverts such as crayfish or snails.
  14. You might be able to get 3 for a 5 gallon tank, but you're probably better off getting a 10 gallon tank for about 8 of them
  15. I just started the Omega One goldfish small pellets and love them! I also have a small goldfish, and he has no problem eating them whatsoever. They sink wonderfully and seem to use much more natural ingredients than other fish food. I also bought Omega One small kelp pellets (which are floating, but I'll soak them) and Omega One shrinking shrimp pellets which I still have to try, but overall, I am very happy with my experiences using Omega One so far
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