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  1. I love that deep red/black tele. Ooh but all are breathtaking!
  2. They have gotten so big and pretty! Thank you for posting and sharing!
  3. I love pictures of bubble-eyes. They are my favorites!!
  4. I love the teles all sleeping together. They are adorable!
  5. I love Casper, Ghost, Pumpkin for names since I got them so close to Halloween. Its my main tank. Thanks for the advice. It's a 60 gallon tank that is usually filled to the top. I didn't want to fill it all the way until I see if any are jumpers. The bubble wall is a foot and a half long and produces tons of surface bubbles as do my really strong filters. I know with 6 of them in there it's at total max capacity. I'd ideally want only 5 in there. The tank is a cube so they have plenty of swimming room in the back of the tank and especially when they are all swimming at different levels. Of course, when I took the pictures they were all resting and as soon as I sat down at the computer they were all over the place again. Once they are done with QT and treatment, I'm moving the bubble-eyes out. Putting my fantail in and I need to figure out what to do with my super aggressive Moor. He might need his own tank. I'm looking for a taller glass thing to decorate the tank and to get them more room on the floor. Right now the little guys love the bowls and use them to hide. I change, move and clean them every few days to give them variety.
  6. I need help coming up with some fun names for my new guys! Friday I received a shipment of Goldies via UPS. I thought I was getting 3: 6.5 inch white Oranda, 4-5 inch bubble-eye, and a orange/red Oranda with a creamy wen. To my surprise there were 3 extra fish: a mini-me white Oranda, a mini-me orange & white bubble-eye, and a large orange telescope with a beautiful butterfly tail. I took pictures of the box, packaging, and of the fish. I loaded them on my Goldfish shutterfly site. I also added 2 videos. One is of them a few hours after they were put in tank. They were stressed & bottom sitting. The second one is of them today and all are doing fantastic. They are active and eating well. I LOVE watching them. I hope you enjoy!! I had to move my current goldfish over to the QT because the 6 new guys wouldn't fit in the 20 gallon. So now my Moor (Beefcake), fantail (Atari) and poor little Toro (Bubble-eye who got beat up by Beefcake & now has no eyes and no tail) are all together. Toro is isolated in a breeder tub & is doing suprisingly well. Now I can see that he is eating food right away. I'm overstocked but will be doing additional WCs on both tanks to compensate. I eventually hope to change the QT into a Bubble-eye tank. Hopefully Toro will get along better with his own kind. http://windorskigold...ly.com/pictures
  7. How do I move the post off 911? Toro is doing good. He ate an entire pea last night and pellets this morning. Instead of moving him to a rubbermaid tub without a filter. I bought a breeder tub and he's swimming round in the little tub floating at the top of the big tank. He's so little I think it will be fine. The other goldies can't get to him but he still has all the benefits of the water moving through it. I just opened a box of new fish and need to get them all set up. Goldfish are a lot of work. But they are so beautiful!
  8. I've been so busy with life and fish that I haven't been able to update. Little Toro is still wiggling around. He does eat...eventually. He perks up and tries to find it when I drop the pellets in. He floats around the tank in currents or up the bubble wall then wiggles back to where he wants to be. He isn't doing to much bottom sitting. Yippee! Sometimes he gets pushed by the current and flips. He doesn't have a tail and is missing a lower fin so he wiggles and paddles with his two side fins. I'm going to give him a pea tonight and do a big water change. The poor little guy only has one bubble and it's only half inflated. The other bubble is mush. Tomorrow, I'm going to have to move him to a rubber made container. I'm recieving new fish I ordered before this whole ordeal happened and need the tank. I think this will be good because then I can move him upstairs and keep a closer watch on him.
  9. Update: pet sitter says he's still doing ok. I get home late tonight and can check on him myself.
  10. The little guy scared me again this morning. He was sitting in the corner not moving except for his mouth. I put 2 food pellets in and he started swimming a little. I'm going out of town until Tuesday for work and will have a pet sitter & friends over to check on him. Cross your fingers for him. I wish there was a way to bring him with me...
  11. Status is the same. Left bubble is deflated. I put 2 Jump Start pellets in his tank.
  12. Little Toro is still bottom sitting but is paddling around & gives a wiggle once in awhile. He has a lump/growth on one of his bubbles. Hopefully that's a healing process from his ordeal yesterday. I will keep watching him.
  13. Yeah I think I'm only going to get larger fish from now on. I like the idea about getting a barrier. I don't think I see breeding stars but I'm not sure. I need to research that more.
  14. These fish have been together for about 3 months. The Moor might need to be re-homed if he keeps being the problem. Ugh. I hadn't changed anything in the tank in at least 2 months. Now I just put another large glass bowl in there so the little fantail and swim away from the Moor. The chasing has stopped (for now). I will have to keep an eye on them. Toro is just hanging out in the corner of the QT tank. Using his little side fins to stay in place. Poor guy.
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